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The Horrific Sand Creek Massacre Will Be Forgotten No More
Tony Horwitz, Smithsonian Magazine | Sand Creek Remembered | November 24, 2014

The opening of a national historic site in Colorado helps restore to public memory one of the worst atrocities ever perpetuated on Native Americans...

The Lyndon Johnson Tapes: Richard Nixon's 'Treason'
David Taylor, BBC News | Nixon's Treason | November 24, 2014

Declassified tapes of President Lyndon Johnson's telephone calls provide a fresh insight into his world. Among the revelations - he planned a dramatic entry into the 1968 Democratic Convention to re-join the presidential race. And he caught Richard Nixon sabotaging the Vietnam peace talks... but said nothing...

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Garry Trudeau On Bringing His Political
Interview with Jim Rutenberg, The New York Times | GBT Interview Re 'Alpha House' | November 12, 2014

The creator of Doonesbury and “Alpha House” talks with Jim Rutenberg about his change of heart on Reagan and what’s inside Obama’s brain...

Even On Political Sitcoms, Entertainment, Not Politics, Comes First
Alyssa Kleven, MyNorthwest / Dave Ross | GBT Radio Interview | November 1, 2014

Trudeau credits the show's cast with providing the heart of the comedy. "These actors are unbelievable. They're getting three laughs for every one that's on the page."

Listen to interview here...

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