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Across Nepal's Countryside, Desperate Journeys To Ruined Homes After Quake
Thomas Fuller, The New York Times | Desperate Journeys | April 29, 2015

Madhu Badu had been on the road for the better part of three days, trying to get back to his native village...

Bayocean: The American City That Disappeared Because Man Ignored Nature
Jason Wilson, The Guardian | Bayocean | April 28, 2015

The Oregon resort was established in 1906, but by 1960 the last house had fallen into the ocean, destroyed by meddling with the natural systems that allowed the town to exist...

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The Abuse Of Satire
Garry Trudeau, The Atlantic | The Abuse Of Satire | April 12, 2015

Garry Trudeau on Charlie Hebdo, free-speech fanaticism, and the problem with "punching downward"...

'Doonesbury' Creator Becomes First Cartoonist Ever To Receive George Polk Career Award
Michael Cavna, The Washington Post | Polk Award | February 16, 2015

The 33rd person to garner the honor, but the first cartoonist to do so...

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