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  • March 28, 2017

    | March 27, 2017
    Rep. Rosa DeLauro on AHCA: "What does the GOP stand for? 'Get Old People.' That's what this bill does."....Rep. Jamie Raskin: "It's Lord of the Flies day here in the House of Representatives. They wanted to make us vote on a bill that no-one's even read...If a foreign power, like the Russians, proposed to do this to America, we would consider it an act of aggression and war."....Gov. Jerry Brown on AHCA: "This is not about health care reform. This is about disease, death, and suffering...It's written by people who don't know what the hell they're talking about."....Rep. Austin Scott on Freedom Caucus chairman: "Mark Meadows betrayed Trump and America."....Heritage Action CEO Michael Needham on AHCA: "House leadership drafted an awful bill and is now lying to itself that a deal wasn't possible."....Rep. Ted Lieu on Trump: "You are truly an evil man...Subverting Obamacare violates your oath."....Maureen Dowd on AHCA and Trump: "A cruel flimflam...You got played."....Dan Rather on AHCA fail: "A loser president."....Keith Obermann on Trump administration: "These people are idiots."....WH budget director Mick Mulvaney on Washington: "This place was a lot more rotten than we thought that it was."....Ted Koppel on Sean Hannity: "Bad for America."....Michelle Malkin on Koppel and CBS: "This ancient gatekeeper...These walking dead liberal media decrepit elitists...These people are enemies of true transparency...Conservative journalists like James O'Keefe...He can't be trusted, but they can?"....Ruth Marcus on Trump: "The pre-truth presidency."....Will Oremus: "Trump's reliance on dishonesty is not incidental to his character, or his appeal, or his approach to politics. It is his defining feature."....Fareed Zakaria on Trump: "He has spent this whole life bullshitting. He has succeeded by bullshitting. he has gotten the presidency by bullshitting."....Former WH spokesman Josh Earnest: "There is one page in the Trump White House crisis-management playbook. And that is simply to tweet or say something outrageous to distract from a scandal."....Rep. Maxine Waters: "Trump is a liar."....NY Daily News on Trump: "Dr. Evil."....
  • March 21, 2017

    | March 21, 2017
    Trevor Noah: "If Trump's lies are the virus, Fox News is the sex monkey that started it all...Fox News is the real president."....Ralph Nader on GOP budget: "Reflects corporatism, militarism, and racism. The mask is off. The fangs are out...The most vicious, ignorant Republican Party in its history, since 1854."....Gov. Andrew Cuomo on AHCA deal by NY congressmen Collins and Faso: "Cheap politics...They've declared war on New York."....Rep. Collins on Cuomo: "Running around all Chicken Little...Get a life, governor."....Sen. John McCain on Sen. Rand Paul: "The senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin."....Paul on McCain: "Makes a really, really strong case for term limits...A little unhinged."....Kremlin spokesman on U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee: "The hearing participants are confused about the situation. They are trying to find confirmation of their own conclusions but can't find either proof or confirmation and are going round in circles."....Tim Allen on Hollywood: "You can get beat up if you don't believe what everybody believes. This is like '30s Germany!"....Charles M. Blow: "Trump's life story is a pyramid scheme of ambitions...A false prophet."....Joe Scarborough on Trump: "He cherry picked the one return from over a decade ago and had it leaked to the press."....Trump lawyer Michael Cohen on Scarborough: "You better have proof to back up your claim and big mouth!"....Jake Tapper on Trump: "I've never seen this level of falsehood."....Erin Gloria Ryan on Trump: "Does not care about women, or the environment, or anybody or anything that does not make Donald Trump feel more manly...He is fat yet does not tolerate fatness in women...Maybe Donald Trump's masculinity is both the most fragile and dangerous thing in the world."....
  • March 14, 2017

    | March 14, 2017
    Mark Cuban on Trump: "He's the Zoolander president...Trolls himself and doesn't know it."....Trump on Cuban: "Not smart enough to understand what we are doing...He's a mixed-up guy."....Robert Reich on Trump: "Is actively destroying the truth-telling institutions our democracy depends on."....WH press secretary Sean Spicer: "If you're looking at the CBO for accuracy, you're looking in the wrong place."....WaPo editorial board on Trump's attacks on the media: "A gift to tyrants everywhere...signaling that the United States will no longer champion freedom of the press and expression. This will inevitably lead to more repression."....David Letterman on Trump: "How do you build a dictatorship? First, you undermine the press."....Mika Brzezinski on Trump: "Possibly unfit, mentally."....Charles Blow on Trump: "Has sold his supporters -- and by extension, this country -- a ticket to hell."....Jason Linkins on Sen. Ted Cruz: "Mostly a bundle of shtick, wrapped in a suit."....Trump on Dems: "They lost the election, and now they have lost their grip on reality."....Diane Feinstein on Trump's China trademarks: "Appears eager to leverage his office for personal gain."....Roger Sollenberger on Steve Bannon: "His plans are, for lack of a better word, stupid...A destroyer. A wannabe Shiva."....Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Commerce Dept. nominee Wilbur Ross: "Practically a cartoon stereotype of a Wall Street fat cat with no interest in anyone but himself."....Alec Baldwin: "Trump's speech to Congress prompted the press to act like a parent rewarding a toddler for not throwing up at the dinner table. It set the bar rather low."....Trump on media: "Be nice, you will do much better."....Rachel Maddow: "This is what abusers say when you stand up for yourself. 'Do much better' means 'be treated less cruelly by me,' which is never true."....
  • March 8, 2017

    | March 08, 2017
    Former Trump executive VP Louise Sunshine: "Just listen to Kellyanne Conway. Just listen to her. You want to put a grapefruit in her mouth."...Joe Scarborough on Trump: "One lie on top of another lie on top of another lie."....Mika Brzezinski: "It's a fake presidency."....David Letterman on Trump: "I'm tired of people being bewildered about everything he says. 'I can't believe he said that!' We gotta stop that and instead figure out ways to protect ourselves from him. We know he's crazy."....Joe Conason on Trump: "Can mimic presidential behavior. This is a dangerous illusion."....Trump biographer Tim O'Brien: "He's not a great manager. He's a performance artist pretending to be a great manager."....House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Trump: "It's the tool of an authoritarian, to just have you always be talking about what you want them to be talking about."....GOP strategist Rick Wilson on Trump: "The beets-and-vodka reek [covers] his business dealings, his senior advisers, and the pro-Putin claque that surrounds him in his Kremlin outpost on the Potomac."....DNC chair Tom Perez: "Donald Trump is anathema to America."....Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne: "Republicans don't like music."....
  • February 27, 2017

    | February 27, 2017
    DNC chairman Tom Perez: "What Donald Trump and Putin have in common is that they have no moral compass. Their whole being is about themselves."....Eliot Cohen, senior State Department official under Bush: "I cannot believe a word that comes out of the president's mouth, the spokesman's mouth -- the vice president's mouth, because, frankly, he's morally compromised now too."....Joe Scarborough on Trump Administration: "Scary as hell."....Mika Brzezinski on Trump adviser Stephen Miller: "The Little Dictator."....Trump: "Paris is no longer Paris."....French President Francois Hollande in response: "People don't have access to guns. Here, you don't have people with guns opening fire on the crowd simply for the satisfaction of causing drama and tragedy."....Sen. John McCain on Trump: "An administration in disarray...The growing inability, and even unwillingness, to separate truth from lies."....Seth Meyers on Trump's frequent golfing, after criticizing Obama for same: "When it comes to being a hypocrite, Donald Trump has a zero handicap. He's the Tiger Woods of hypocrisy."....