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  • July 11, 2016

    | July 11, 2016
    Gretchen Carlson on Roger Ailes: "The Bill Cosby of media."....Newt Gingrich on Hillary Clinton: "Has total guilt."....Donald Trump on America: "We have a dishonest press. I love talking about how dishonest they are."....Trump on America: "We've become so politically correct that we're totally impotent."....Trump on America: "We have a crooked system. We have a rigged system."....Trump on reporters: "Bad people."....Trump on CNN: "Dishonest as hell."....Trump on Sen. Elizabeth Warren: "She's the worst."....Trump on Chuck Todd: "This really stupid guy."....Trump: "There's nothing as dishonest as the media, that I can tell you."....Nick Gillespie on Trump: "Lurches from embarrassment to embarrassment like a drunk stumbling through a restaurant knocking over every table in his path to the bathroom."....
  • June 29, 2016

    | June 29, 2016
    Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Donald Trump: "A small, insecure, money-grubber who fights for no one but himself...A nasty man who will never become president of the United States."....Trump on Warren: "A total fraud...I think she's a racist."....Clinton foreign policy adviser Jake Sullivan on Trump: "The American people need a steady hand at times of uncertainty, not a reckless egomaniac."....Trump on George Will: "One of the most overrated pundits...Lost his way long ago."....Will on Trump: "Can say everything he knows about any subject in 140 characters."....Trump on Clinton: "Her judgment has killed thousands, unleashed ISIS, and wrecked the economy."....Mark Cuban on Trump: "It's rare that you see someone get stupider before your eyes, but he's really working at it...You look at him and say, 'What the hell are you talking about?'"....Trump on Clinton: "May be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency."....Arianna Huffington on Trump: "The most dangerous and unstable nominee in modern history."....Trump on Clinton: "Defrauded America as Secretary of State...Has perfected the politics of personal profit and even theft. She gets rich making you poor."....Clinton on Trump: "The Clinton Foundation helps poor people around the world get access to life-saving AIDS medicine...Donald Trump uses poor people around the world to produce his line of suits and ties."....Trump on Clinton: "Corrupt, dangerous, dishonest."....Samantha Bee on Boris Johnson: "Trump with his hair on backwards."....
  • June 21, 2016

    | June 21, 2016
    GOP consultant Rick Wilson on Trump: "Cheeto Jesus."....Jonathan Chait on Trump campaign: "A garbage fire."....FL Assistant District Attorney Kenneth Lewis on Orlando: "The entire city should be leveled. It is void of a single redeeming quality. It is a melting pot of Third World miscreants and ghetto thugs."....Sarah Palin on President Obama: "A special kind of stupid."....Scott Baio on Obama: "He's a Muslim or he's a Muslim sympathizer."....Former U.S. District Court judge Stephen Larson on Trump: "Racist...Foolish...Embarrassing."....Former NY Court of Appeals associate judge Robert Smith on Trump: "He's a totally irresponsible egomaniac, and it should be no surprise he pays no attention to the law and other basic social norms."....University of Chicago law professor Richard Epstein: "If you open up the libel laws, the first person who would be sued is Donald Trump...I regard him as semi-hysterical and self-righteous [and] utterly unfit to be president of the United States."....Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Trump: "Every day there's another piece of evidence that exposes this small, insecure money-grubber...Exactly what you would expect from a thin-skinned racist bully."....GOP consultant Rick Wilson on Republican Party and Trump: "He's insane. He's doomed...A vile stain on the Republic...You're covered in his stench...Your resumes will always read 'Worked for crazy crypto-fascist who destroyed the GOP.'"....Historian Patricia Limerick on Trump: "The standard bearer for the currently booming Jerk Pride Movement."....Seth Meyers: "I wouldn't want to put myself in Donald Trump's head, mostly for lack of synonyms."....
  • June 11, 2016

    | June 11, 2016
    Elizabeth Warren on Donald Trump: "A loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud who has never risked anything for anyone and who serves no one but himself."....Trump on Warren: "A big mouth...One of the least effective Senators in the entire U.S. Senate."....Deepak Chopra on Trump: "He pouts, he's belligerent, he's emotionally retarded...Maybe mentally retarded too."....Jack Schafer on Trump: "The emotional equivalent of a toddler."....Trump on biographer Harry Hurt III: "A dummy dope...Failed writer."....Erick Erickson on GOP: "The party of Lincoln intends to circle the wagons around a racist."....Former DNC communications director Mo Elleithee: "Donald Trump is his own worst nightmare, and [Democrats] should not get in the way of him screwing himself up."....Trump on reporters: "Scum...Slime...Losers."....
  • June 3, 2016

    | June 03, 2016
    Philippine president-elect Rodrigo Duterte on Pope Francis: "A son of a whore."....Trump on Bill Kristol: "A loser."....Kristol on Trump: "A roaring jackass."....Rick Perry on Hillary Clinton: "Donald Trump will peel her skin off in a debate setting."....Trump on Clinton: "Has to go to jail."....Trump on George will: "A nasty guy...A major loser."....Clinton on Trump: "It's not hard to imagine him leading us into a war just because someone got under his very thin skin."....Trump on Clinton: "Reading poorly from the teleprompter! She doesn't even look presidential!"....Clinton on Trump: "I will leave it to the psychiatrists to explain his affection for tyrants."....Trump on ABC News reporter Tom Llamas: "A sleaze."....Brad Thor on Trump: "A boorish orange raccoon...A potential tyrant...Will demonize anybody that stands in his way."....Clinton on Trump: "A fraud. He is trying to scam America the way he scammed all those people at Trump U."....David Plouffe on Trump: "Ignorance and lack of virtue."....Stephen Hawking on Trump: "A demagogue."....Ben Fountain on Trump: "The bog monster of the American id."....