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July 18, 2017
Steve Bannon on House Speaker Paul Ryan: "A limp-dick motherf***er who was born in a Petri dish at the Heritage Foundation."....WSJ on Trump: "Believes his outsize personality and social-media following make him larger than the presidency. He's wrong."....Ross Douthat on Trump: "Everyone who gives him the benefit of the doubt eventually regrets it."....Joe Scarborough on GOP: "How much of this country and our values are they willing to sell out?"....Michael Gerson on Trump: "If you make losing a sin you make cheating a sacrament."....Carl P. Leubsdorf on Trump: "Hired foxes to watch the chicken coops."....Erin Gloria Ryan on Trump: "In the business of putting his name on things he did not make."....Mark Shields on WH denials of Russia story: "They stand naked and they stand exposed as shams."....Indivisible co-founder Ezra Levin: "The president's maliciousness is only outdone by his incompetence."....Charles Blow on Trump: "It's as if he puts the language through a meat grinder."....Al Gore on Trump: "I thought there was a chance he would come to his senses. But I was wrong."....Ann Coulter on Delta Airlines: "Fascist."....

July 11, 2017
Sean Hannity on collusion coverage: "Media psychosis."....Tucker Carlson on collusion coverage: "Hysteria."....Donald Trump, Jr. on collusion allegations: "Disgusting...So phony."....Trump deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka on Trump Jr. Russia email story: "A massive nothing burger."....Former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti on Trump Jr. comments re Russia emails: "He's stupid for saying what he did."....NY Post editorial board: "Donald Trump Jr. is an idiot."....Senior White House official on Trump Jr.: "An idiot."....Defense attorney Brian Wice on Trump Jr.: "Didn't they teach this kid anything about optics?"....Australian journalist Chris Uhlmann on Trump at G20: "Isolated and friendless...No desire and no capacity to lead the world...Pressed fast-forward on the decline of the United States."....WH director of social media Dan Scavino: "Dumb as a rock Mika and lover Jealous Joe are lost, confused and saddened since POTUS stopped returning their calls. Unhinged!"....Sen. John McCain on his developing sense of Trump: "First shock, then surprise, then Whiskey Tango Foxtrot."....Mark Leibovich on Washington, D.C.: "The swamp feels anything but drained; more like remodeled into a gold-plated hot tub."....Gov. Chris Christie: "I'm enormously relieved that we don't have a criminal in the White House like Hillary Clinton."....NBCUniversal News Group VP Mark Kornblau: "Never imagined a day when I would think to myself, 'It is beneath my dignity to respond to the President of the United States.'"....NY Post critic Kyle Smith: "Don Jr. is why Nigerian e-mail scammers keep trying their luck."....

July 5, 2017
Trump on Mika Brzezinski: "Dumb as a rock."…. Sen. Lisa Murkowski on Trump tweets: "Stop it! The presidential platform should be used for more than bringing people down."….Brzezinski on Trump: "A fragile, childlike ego."….Arwa Mahdawi on Trump tweets: "Increasingly outlandish brain farts…It is the hobgoblin of the littlest mind to live-tweet your response to a television show."….Rep. Jamie Raskin on Trump: "A barbarian…Something is deeply wrong at the White House."….Donny Deutsch on Trump: "A vulgar pig."….Maureen Dowd: "Trump's fatal flaw is that he cannot drag himself away from the mirror."….Trump on New York Times: "A fake news joke."….Joe Scarborough to Trump: "Why do you keep lying about things that are so easily disproven? What is wrong with you?"….Stephen Colbert: "Let's stop pretending that Trump is a symptom of something. He is the disease. And the only cure is three-and-a-half years of liquor and bed rest."….

June 24, 2017
Trump on Justice Department investigation into Russian election meddling: "The single greatest witch hunt in American political history."....Tim Wise on Trump: "A walking, talking opioid...Comes along and says...'I can take away your pain.'"....Newt Gingrich on James Comey: "Part of the sickness."....Michael Tomasky on Gingrich: "A vending machine of hate and hypocrisy."....Trump on Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein: "Some very bad and conflicted people."....Roland Hedley: "Ross Perot's 'giant sucking sound' (of jobs going to Mexico) nothing compared to POTUS's first Cabinet meeting."....David Axelrod on Trump Cabinet meeting: "They all looked so servile...It felt very North Korean."....Trump on the actions of his Justice Department: "Phony...Sad."....Chelsea Handler: "Ivanka was supposed to be our Wonder Woman, but now we're just wondering where the f*** that woman is."....Alex Jones on mainstream media: "Tyrants."....Erin Gloria Ryan on Ivanka Trump softball interviews: "Treated like she's a precocious middle schooler on a permanent Take Your Daughter To Work Day."....Tomi Lahren on LA Resist march: "A crock of crap...A crybaby fest of bulls***."....Sen. Brian Schatz on Senate health bill: "No hearings, no women, no Democrats involved. No expert testimony, no listening to healthcare providers. This is legislative malpractice."....Nick Schager on 'Transformers: The Last Knight': "Two-and-a-half hours of racist robot torture."....

June 12, 2017
Eric Trump on those who oppose his father: "To me, they're not even people. It's so, so sad."....Donald Trump Jr. on London Mayor Sadiq Khan: "Maybe he should do something about [terrorism]. Maybe he should do something to fix the problem rather than just sit there and pretend there isn't one."....Trump on Comey: "Very cowardly."....Gail Collins on Trump: "Wanders around in an ego-filled cloud, saying whatever the heck pops into his head...Has a minimal ongoing relationship with reality, let alone truth."....Corey Lewandowski on Comey: "He gave his notes to a Columbia law professor because he wasn't man enough to give the notes directly to the media."....former Kasich campaign manager John Weaver: "Trump is like a parasite that invaded the body politic."....Simon Malloy: "It's Comey's word against Trump's, and Trump's word is beyond worthless."....Mike Huckabee on executive branch: "Has emasculated itself by surrendering constantly to the idea that once the court says something, that's it."....Charles B. Pierce on Trump: "He doesn't know how to be president and he doesn't care to learn. The pivot is never coming."....Sen. Kristen Gillibrand on Trump: "Has he kept his promises? No. F*** no."....Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Trump: "I'm concerned about his fitness for office."....Keith Obermann: "Donald Trump is not of sound mind...The meaninglessness. The lack of focus, the carelessness, the self-pity, the irresponsible redefinition of the language itself..."....Trump on Comey: "False statements and lies."....Jesse Berney on Trump: "He's a toddler, but with less empathy and self-control."....Rep. Maxine Waters on Trump: "How much more reckless can he be with the power that he wields? More importantly, how long will so-called 'patriotic' Republicans participate in this charade and moral race to the bottom?"....Sean Hannity on media: "Journalism is dead and buried."....Rush Limbaugh: "The anti-Trump voting public is insane...[The media and the Democrats] have been lying to them and stoking them and fueling them up ever since the war in Iraq. They've been systematically turning people into unhinged hysterical lunatics."....Fox News' Neil Cavuto: "Mr. President, it is not the fake new media that's your problem. It's you."....Eric Trump on DNC head Tom Perez: "A total whack job."....former U.S. Ambassador to NATO Ivo Daalder on Trump: "Has demonstrated that he doesn't understand or doesn't care how America has engaged the world for the last 70 years."....Naomi Klein on Trump: "He is undoubtedly an idiot, but do not underestimate how good he is at that."....