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September 22, 2011
Fred Karger on Rick Santorum: “Truly nuts.”….Rick Perry ad on Obama: “President Zero.”….Rep. Joe Walsh on Obama admnistration: “Playing class warfare and race warfare games.”….Netanyehu on UN: "House of lies."....Michelle Malkin on Alec Baldwin: “Hollyweirdo.”….Baldwin on Malkin: “A world class, crypto fascist hater.”….Pat Boone on President Obama: “Growing up in Indonesia, he used to read the Koran in Arabic. He hasn’t celebrated any Christian holidays in the White House, but he does Ramadan."....

September 19, 2011
Greta Van Susteren on Tucker Carlson: “A pig.”….Sen. Lindsey Graham on Obama: “Everything is worse.”….Joe McGinniss on MSM Palin coverage: “Willing to gamble the nation’s future in exchange for the cheap thrill of watching a clown in high heels on a flying trapeze.”….Mark Morford on GOP: “The most shamelessly weird, unscrupulous right wing in modern history.”….Dan Savage: “Religious conservatives loved the HPV virus because it killed women."....

September 15, 2011
Todd Palin on McGinniss book: “Full of disgusting lies, innuendo, and smears.”….Janet Maslin on McGinniss: “Too busy being nasty to be lucid.”….McGinniss on Sarah Palin: “At best, she’s a hypocrite. At worst, she’s a vindictive hypocrite."....

September 12, 2011
Paul Krugman on 9/11: “It has become an occasion for shame, and in its heart the nation knows it.”….James Taranto on Krugman: “For him, it is never time to be silent and always time to hate.”….Glenn Reynolds on Krugman: “A sad and irrelevant little man.”….Michelle Malkin on Krugman: "A lazy intellectual slob."....Fox’s Greg Gutfeld: “Go to hell Paul Krugman, you bitter bearded buffoon.”….Donald Rumsfeld on Krugman column: “Repugnant…Beyond the pale.”….Krugman on Rumsfeld: “The poster child for 9/11 exploitation.”….Glenn Beck: "Al Jazeera and the New York Times are one and the same."....

September 8, 2011
Jon Huntsman on the U.S.: “Our core is broken. We are weak.”….Huntsman strategist John Weaver on GOP: “A bunch of cranks.”….Rick Perry on Social Security: “A monstrous lie.”….Michele Bachmann on Obama: “Has weakened us militarily and put us more at risk than any time.”….Mitt Romney on Obama: “Doesn’t have a clue.”….Rick Santorum on Obama: “Indecisive and confused.”….Newt Gingrich on Ben Bernanke: “I would fire him tomorrow.”….Sarah Palin on Hoffa: “Thuggery.”….Kim Kardashian on her family: “Like the Brady Bunch on crack.”….