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A Gorgeous Look At Some Of The Oldest Trees On Earth
David Rosenberg | Some Of The Oldest Trees On Earth | January 30, 2015

Beth Moon's father made an impression on her when he told stories about his childhood learning the names of birds, trees, and flowers...

A Note To My Readers
Andrew Sullivan, The Dish | Andrew Sullivan Stops Blog | January 28, 2015

I want to let you know I've decided to stop blogging in the near future...

The Mormon Church's Gay Rights Charade
Samantha Allen, The Daily Beast | Gay Rights Charade | January 28, 2015

Here’s a simple algebra equation to describe what it’s like to grow up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Take the year, subtract 20, and that’s the year it really is inside the Mormon gerontocracy...

Tumbling Into The Screen
Dana Stevens, Slate | Tumbling Into The Screen | January 27, 2015

How watching movies with my daughter changed the way I thought about film...

Learning From Animal Friendships
Erica Goode, The New York Times | Animal Friendships | January 27, 2015

A goat frolics with a baby rhinoceros. A pig nestles up to a house cat. A rat snake makes nice with the dwarf hamster originally intended as its lunch...

End Of An Era For PDI As DreamWorks Animation Closes Studio
Marc Graser, Variety | PDI/DreamWorks, R.I.P. | January 26, 2015

Facility could have used a hit...

How Europe Won The '70s War On Terror
Barbie Latza Nadeau, The Daily Beast | Winning The 70s War On Terror | January 25, 2015

From the Red Brigaes to ISIS, Aldo Moro to Charlie Hebdo, lessons learned an unlearned...

The Day Carlos Santana Met Miles Davis
Carlos Santana | Carlos Santana on Miles Davis | January 25, 2015

In an excerpt from his autobiography, The Universal Tone, Carlos Santana describes how he met and befriended Miles Davis and the stages and music they shared...

Guantanamo Prisoner Diary
Britta Sandberg, Spiegel | Gitmo Diary Published Worldwide | January 21, 2015

Mauritanian national

Mohamedou Ould Slahi has been held at Guantanamo for 12 years now without trial and despite a dearth of evidence. A diary he kept of his torture is now being published around the world. Spiegel presents some excerpts...

A Tiny Press Printed Only 15,000 Copies Of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Autobiography. Big Mistake.
Laura Putre, Browbeat, Slate's Culture Blog | A Dearth Of Wilder | January 20, 2015

“Everyone keeps saying, ‘Where’s my copy, where’s my copy?’ ” says Sandra Hume, writer for the Beyond Little House blog and co-founder of the biennial “LauraPalooza,” a festival of all things Ingalls...