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Language Mystery Redux
James Fallows | Language Mystery | June 8, 2015

Who was the last American to speak this way?...

Life And Death In Brownback's Kansas
Kai Wright, The Nation | Life And Death In Brownback's Kansas | June 6, 2015

Twenty-one states have refused to expand Medicaid, leaving millions of sick Americans without decent healthcare...

A Hunter S. Thompson Museum Is Planned For His Owl Farm Near Aspen
Katie Shapiro, The Cannabist via The Daily Beast | Hunter S. Thompson Museum Planned | June 3, 2015

"I'm working to make it a museum," Anita Thompson, Hunter S. Thompson's widow, told us in Owl Farm's kitchen. "That's why these rooms have remained the way Hunter left them."...

Inside Brian Wilson's Room
Peter Gilstrap, Salon | Brian Wilson: Love and Mercy | June 3, 2015

The famed Beach Boy opens up about mental illness, medication, manipulation and the movie about his life...

Grateful Dead Archivist Details Massive, New 80-Disc Box Set
David Fricke, Rolling Stone | Dead Go Big For 50th | June 3, 2015

The new compilation featuring 30 unreleased shows...


Killing The Colorado
Abraham Lustgarten and Naveena Sadasivan, Photographs by Jake Stangel | Killing The Colorado | June 2, 2015

How federal dollars are financing the water crisis in the West...

Secrets Of Charles Darwin's Breakthrough
Susan Wise Bauer, Salon | Secrets Of Darwin's Breakthrough | May 31, 2015

The real story of how we got to evolution...

Bernie Sanders' 'Radical' Ideas Entered The Political Mainstream
Ben Schreckinger, Politico | The Sanders Effect | May 31, 2015

On March 4, 1981, red dawn broke over the Green Mountains...

Were You There?
Vanessa Wamsley, Slate | I Was A Creationist Student | May 29, 2015

As a creationist kid, I was determined not to learn about evolution...

Rebecca Onion, Slate | The Nelson Brothers' Library | May 29, 2015

An astounding, one-of-a-kind trove of stories and drawings reveals what life was like for young men growing up in rural 19th-century America...