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A Lost-And-Found Nomad Helps Solve The Mystery Of A Swimming Dinosaur
Kenneth Chang, The New York Times | Spinosaurus | September 11, 2014

The first bones came in a cardboard box. Nizar Ibrahim, a paleontologist, was in the Moroccan oasis town of Erfoud at the edge of the Sahara, returning from a dinosaur dig in the sands. Inside the box, brought to him by a nomad, were sediment-encrusted pieces more intriguing than anything he had found himself, including a blade-shaped bone with a reddish streak running through the cross section...

An Ex-Radical's Open Letter To ISIS Fighters: Quit Now While You Can!
Maajid Nawaz, The Daily Beast | Letter To ISIS Fighters | September 10, 2014

I address these words directly to you Muslims from Western nations who went to Syria to fight that brutal dictator Assad, and now may be feeling like you joined the wrong war. I reach out to you...

We Could Have Stopped This
Laurie Garrett, Foreign Policy | Stopping Ebola | September 9, 2014

Public health officials knew Ebola was coming. They know how to defeat it. But they're blowing it anyway.

World, you still just don't get it. The Ebola epidemic that is raging across West Africa, killing more than half its victims, will not be conquered with principles of global solidarity and earnest appeals. It will not be stopped with dribbling funds, dozens of volunteer health workers, and barriers across national borders. And the current laboratory-confirmed tolls (3,944 cases, with 2,097 deahts) will soon rise exponentially...

Male Birth Control, Without Condoms, Will Be Here By 2017
Samantha Allen, The Daily Beast | Male Birth Control | September 9, 2014

Vasalgel, a reversible, non-hormonal polymer that blocks the vas deferens, is about to enter human trials. How will rhetoric change when male bodies become responsible for birth control?...

Seven Steps To Living A Bill Murray Life, by Bill Murray
Jada Yuan, Vulture via Slate | Being Bill Murray | September 9, 2014

Step one to being more like Bill Murray: Sing. And really be into it.
Murray is not his ironic Saturday Night Live lounge singer and he is not his Lost in Translation actor abroad, singing a half-asleep version of “More Than This.” He sings when the mood strikes him, and when it does, he means it...

My First Burning Man: Confessions Of A Conservative From Washington
Grover Norquist, The Guardian | Norquist At Burning Man | September 7, 2014

What is Burning Man? It is a larger version of... what? Woodstock? That was a bunch of teenagers coming to watch artists perform. At Burning Man, everyone is expected to be a participant...

The Origin Of The "Freshman 15" Myth
Olga Khazan, The Atlantic | 'Freshman 15' Myth | September 7, 2014

Most young adults only gain about three pounds during their first year, about the same as those who don't attend college. So why is there such a strong misconception to the contrary?
Freshmen across the country are moving into their dorms this week, hanging up their Target Room Essentials™ curtains and sizing up their roommate's hygiene habits. They might also, on the advice of their forebears, stop to Google articles such as, "15 Ways to Fight the Freshman 15."...

Mean Girl
Hanna Rosin, Slate | Joan Rivers: Relentless, Filthy, Honest | September 5, 2014

Joan Rivers was relentless and filthy. She was also brutally honest about being a woman...

The Masked Avengers
David Kushner, The New Yorker | Inside Anonymous | September 5, 2014

How Anonymous incited online vigilantism from Tunisia to Ferguson...

Tehran Unfetters Cellphones, And The Pictures Start Flowing
Thomas Erdbrink, The New York Times | Iran Cellphones Unleashed | September 2, 2014

Some days ago, Mahdi Taghizadeh did something he never thought he would — at least, not in Iran. He took a screen shot and shared the image with his followers on Twitter. “They were all excited,” Mr. Taghizadeh, an Internet entrepreneur, said. “Finally." Mr. Taghizadeh’s small triumph on the sidewalk of a Tehran street was among the first tangible results of a rare victory for Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani...