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The Baltimore Bottle Cap Factory That Became A Haven For Musicians And Artists
Joradn G. Teicher, Slate | Bottle Cap Factory | August 21, 2014

In 2011, Alex Wein took a year off from college in San Fransisco, and when he moved back to Baltimore, he immediately got an apartment in the Copycat. “I soon realized what a machine it was; all these people cranking out these projects in all kinds of mediums: music, art, performance. So you start meeting your neighbors and they invite you into their places. It was a creative explosion,” he said...

Gateway Bug: How Crickets Could Hook America On Eating Insects
Matt McFarland, The Washington Post | Gateway Bug | August 20, 2014

When you’re on the frontier of food — a land full of experimentation — sometimes you have to sleep with the lights on.

Jakub Dzamba, a Ph.D. candidate at McGill’s architecture school, was experimenting with farming crickets in his Montreal apartment about a year and a half ago. He’d glued together plastic bottles into a contraption capable of storing the insects...

The Terror Behind Our Grief: What We Talk About When We Talk About Robin Williams
Peter Finocchiaro, Salon | The Terror Behind Our Grief | August 20, 2014

Our sadness about the deaths of celebrities is about a lot more than just mourning their loss...

Courageous Filmmakers Are Fighting Ebola On Screen
Abby Haglage, The Daily Beast | Fighting Ebola On Screen | August 20, 2014

The people of Sierra Leone have little faith in the government or foreign doctors, so courageous local filmmakers are showing people how to do battle with Ebola...

The Most Wanted Man In The World
James Bamford, Wired | Most Wanted Man | August 18, 2014

The message arrives on my “clean machine,” a MacBook Air loaded only with a sophisticated encryption package. “Change in plans,” my contact says. “Be in the lobby of the Hotel ______ by 1 pm. Bring a book and wait for ES to find you.” 

ES is Edward Snowden, the most wanted man in the world...



Seeds Of Doubt
Michael Specter, The New Yorker | Seeds Of Doubt | August 18, 2014

...Shiva’s fiery opposition to globalization and to the use of genetically modified crops has made her a hero to anti-G.M.O. activists everywhere. The purpose of the trip through Europe, she had told me a few weeks earlier, was to focus attention there on “the voices of those who want their agriculture to be free of poison and G.M.O.s.”

Amazon's Russell Grandinetti: Kindle Champ Takes On The Books Trade
Edward Helmore, The Observer | Grandinetti vs. Publishers | August 18, 2014

Why are some of the world's most widely read authors now at daggers drawn with Amazon? The answer lies in Jeff Bezos's chief lieutenant, now the most powerful man in publishing...

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