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Elliot Ackerman Nails Afghanistan's Endless War
Nathan S. Webster, The Daily Beast | Green On Blue | March 2, 2015

Most of the fiction and nonfiction inspired by the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan concentrates on U.S. protagonists. Elliot Ackerman takes a far more illuminating approach...

The Girl Who Gets Gifts From Birds
Katy Sewall, BBC Magazine | Crow Gifts | March 1, 2015

Lot of people love the birds in their gardens, but it's rare for that affection to be reciprocated. One young girl from Seattle is luckier than most. She fees the crows in her garden -- and they bring her gifts in return...

Welcome To SubTropolis: The Massive Business Complex Buried Under Kansas City
Patrick Clark, BloombergBusiness | Welcome to SubTropolis | February 27, 2015

More than 1,000 people spend their workdays in SubTropolis, an industrial park housed in an excavated mine the size of 140 football fields...

Mary Norris, The New Yorker | Holy Writ | February 26, 2015

I didn't set out to be a comma queen...

My Saga, Part 1
Karl Ove Knausgaard, The New York Times | My Saga | February 25, 2015

Karl Ove Knausgaard travels through America...

What's It Like For Women Soldiers In Ranger Training? A Glimpse Inside.
Anna Muirine, The Christian Science Monitor | Women In Ranger Training | February 25, 2015

The Army is opening its elite Ranger School to women, and six women have now qualified...

How Stephen Hawking, Diagnosed With ALS Decades Ago, Is Still Alive
Terrence McCoy, The Washington Post | Stephen Hawking's Longevity | February 24, 2015

Hawking shouldn't be able to do the things he now does...

The New Ganjapreneurs: Welcome to Oregon's Hip Marijuana Dispensaries
Jason Wilson, The Guardian | Oregon's Hip Dispensaries | February 24, 2015

In keeping with the rest of the city's 'artisanal' economy, a new dispensary in Portland is not just selling pot -- it's selling an experience...

A Game Of Monopoly With The Woman Who Wrote The Book On It
Betsy Morais, The New Yorker | Playing Monopoly | February 24, 2015

Playing Monopoly—which so often begins with cheerful ambition and devolves, after weary hours, into a sighing slog toward a lonely end—seems not entirely unlike writing a book...

Inside The Islamic State 'Capital': No End In Sight To Its Grim Rule
Abu Ibrahim al-Raqqawi, The Guardian | Inside The Islamic State 'Capital' | February 23, 2015

U.S. air strikes have damaged morale in Raqqa, Syria, but a local anti-ISIS activist says no one is expecting the group to be driven out...