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"Hi Donald, How Are You Doing?"
Eva Mantell, Slate | Trump Tape | April 10, 2018

Years before he died, my husband interviewed Trump...

The Fall Of Gondolin, "New" JRR Tolkien Book, To Be Published In 2018
Alison Flood, The Guardian | The Fall Of Gondolin | April 10, 2018

Written while the author was in hospital after the Battle of the Somme...

Confessions Of A Houseplant Addict
Charlotte Mendelson, The New Yorker | Houseplant Addict | April 10, 2018

I claimed that I had no time for houseplants...

The Silence: The Legacy Of Childhood Trauma
Junot Diaz, The New Yorker | The Silence | April 9, 2018

"I never got any help, any kind of therapy. I never told anyone."...

Is The Next Nobel Laureate In Literature Tending Bar In A Dusty Australian Town?
Mark Binelli, The New York Times Magazine | Meeting Murnane | April 7, 2018

Gerald Murnane might finally find an American audience...

Macron's Been Working On The Railroad
Robert Zaretsky, Foreign Policy | Les Cheminots | April 7, 2018

At play is not just France's future, but also a certain idea of the past...

How Trump Is Shaking Up The Book Industry
Lakshmi Varanasi, Politico | Trump & Fiction | April 7, 2018

America's literary bubble is rethinking its identity...

How The Art Of Burning Man Ignited A Cultural Movement Beyond The Desert
Jessica Klingelfuss, Wallpaper.com | The Art Of Burning Man | April 6, 2018

Burning Man has taken on a life of its own...

Trump's Most Influential White Nationalist Troll Is A Middlebury Grad Who Lives In Manhattan
Luke O'Brien, The Huffington Post | Influential White Nationalist Troll | April 6, 2018

Twitter troll 'Ricky Vaughn' had a bigger influence on the 2016 election than NBC News and the Drudge Report...

The NFL's Plan To Protect America From Witches
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, The Guardian | Protection From Witches | April 6, 2018

America's mythological vision of itself...