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Preserving An Accident, The Salton Sea In California, For The Good Of Nature
Felicity Barringer, The New York Times | The Salton Sea | November 14, 2014

The area around this town of date palms attracts two kinds of migrants — hundreds of humans who work the land, and millions of birds that stop to rest and gorge at the nearby Salton Sea. The sea is a 110-year-old, increasingly briny, shallow lake that covers 350 square miles but is dwindling fast...

Rosetta Mission Lands Philae Spacecraft On Comet -- In Pictures
The Guardian | Rosetta Mission -- In Pictures | November 12, 2014

Rosetta mission -- in pictures...

Hollywood On The Tiber
Christine Smallwood, The New York Times | Cinecitta World | November 12, 2014

What could be more melancholic, extravagant, alienated, operatic and deeply strange than Italian film? Try turning Italian film into a theme park...

Pregnant, And No Civil Rights
Lynn M. Paltrow and Jeanne Flavin, Op Ed, The New York Times | Pregnant, And No Civil Rights | November 11, 2014

...It is not just those who support abortion rights who have reason to worry. Anti-abortion measures pose a risk to all pregnant women, including those who want to be pregnant...

Garry Trudeau On Bringing His Political Satire To TV
Interview with Jim Rutenberg, The New York Times Magazine | GBT Interview Re 'Alpha House' | November 9, 2014

The creator of Doonesbury and “Alpha House” talks with Jim Rutenberg about his change of heart on Reagan and what’s inside Obama’s brain...

Flannery O'Connor's Manhattan Memorial
Andrea Denhoed, The New Yorker | Flannery O'Connor Enshrined | November 9, 2014

This week, Flannery O’Connor was inducted into the American Poets Corner at St. John the Divine, the “only shrine to American literature in the country”...

"The Giving Tree" At Fifty: Sadder Than I Remembered
Ruth Margalit, The New Yorker | "The Giving Tree" At Fifty | November 7, 2014

A strange thing happens when we encounter a book we used to love and suddenly find it charmless; the feeling is one of puzzled dissociation. Was it really me who once cherished this book?...

Sober In Stockholm
Nathalie Rothschild, Slate | Sober in Stockholm | November 7, 2014

Booze-free clubbing is Sweden's latest party craze...

The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase's Worst Nightmare
Matt Taibi, Rolling Stone | The $9Billion Witness | November 7, 2014

Fleischmann is the central witness in one of the biggest cases of white-collar crime in American history, possessing secrets that JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon late last year paid $9 billion (not $13 billion as regularly reported – more on that later) to keep the public from hearing...

Garfield Television: The Cat Who Saved Primetime Cartoons
Rich Goldstein, The Daily Beast | How Garfield Saved Primetime Cartoons | November 5, 2014

Garfield the cat occupies an understated and often overlooked position critical to the history of televised animation...