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How Author Photos Change The Way We Read
Dustin Illingworth, Lithub | Reading Author Photos | November 1, 2015

On making eye contact with iconic writers...

The Real Story Of The Secret Space Station
David Axe, The Daily Beast | Secret Space Station | October 31, 2015

At the height of the Cold War and the Space Race, the Pentagon began a risky plan to put spies in orbit...

The Nation's Cartoonists On The Week In Politics
Politico | The Week In Political Cartoons | October 30, 2015

The best of this week's crop, picked fresh off the Toonosphere...

My Dark California Dream
Daniel Duane, The International New York Times | My Dark California Dream | October 26, 2015

California's over, everything I love about this place is going to hell...

The Darknet: Is The Government Destroying The Wild West Of The Internet?
David Kushner, Rolling Stone | The Darknet: The Web's Secret Space | October 25, 2015

Inside the Web's secret space for drug dealers, arms traffickers, hackers and political dissidents...

'Art Brut In America' Highlights Outsider Artists, No Longer Looking In
Roberta Smith, The New York Times | Art Brut In America | October 25, 2015

In 1951, Jean Dubuffet decided it was time to introcue his Art Brut collection in the United States...

Japan's Yakuza Cancel's Halloween
Jakek Adelstein, The Daily Beast | Yakuza Halloween Canceled | October 25, 2015

On Halloween, Japan's largest organized crime group used to allow children to extort mobsters...


Kanye West's Songwriter Wants His Due
Marlow Stern | Rhymefest's due | October 23, 2015

Kanye's longtime songwriter Rhymefest opens up about his new documentary, being snubbed, and whether Yeezy writes his own rap lyrics or not...

Beast Waste Sculptures
Christabel Benoit, Boredpanda | Beach Waste Sculpture | October 21, 2015

Thirteen giant sculptures made entirely of beach waste to make you reconsider plastic use...

Drone Warrior
Lt. Col. T. Mark McCurley, Politico | Drone Warrior | October 20, 2015

I was a drone warrior for 11 years. I regret nothing...