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MSNBC Anchor Lives Every Famale Journalist's Nightmare
Goldie Taylor, The Daily Beast | Every Female Journalist's Nightmare | February 4, 2016

A total stranger sidled up to MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry in Iowa and threatened to harm her...

Why Glenn Beck's Media Empire Is Burning Down
Lloyd Grove, The Daily Beast | Glenn Beck's Empire | February 3, 2016

For all his 'mad genius,' the right-wing media firebrand's media company has become an abyss of backbiting and paranoia...

Matt Gallagher & Phil Klay Discuss The War In Iraq And Finding Purpose At Home
Phil Klay, Electric Literature | Matt Gallagher & Phil Klay: War Talk | February 2, 2016

If you'd like to understand the modern American way of war, there aren't many books that rise to the level of Matt Gallagher's Youngblood...

Cartoonists Take On The Iowa Caucuses
Matt Wuerker, Politico | Wuerker's Favorite Caucus Cartoons | February 1, 2016

Wuerker's favorite Iowa-Caucus-themed cartoons...

Islamicide: How The Mullah Mafia Is Destroying Pakistan
Maajid Nawaz, The Daily Beast | Islamicide: How The Mullah Mafia Is Destroying Pakistan | February 1, 2016

Welcome to a nation in thrall to suicidal fanaticism...

Diane Rehm On Living - And Dying - With Dignity
William O'Connor, The Daily Beast | Diane Rehm On Living And Dying | January 31, 2016

The longtime radio hose opens up about her anger over how her husband died, living alone, and what's next...

The Invention Of Ambient Music
Alex Abramovich, The New Yorker | Inventing Ambient Music | January 29, 2016

"Harmonia?" Bowie says. No one there knows what he's talking about...

Jefferson Airplane Guitarist Paul Kantner Dead At 74
Kory Grow, Rolling Stone | Remembering Paul Kantner | January 29, 2016

Kantner helped pioneer the oft-imitated psychedelic sound...

Donald Trump Is Giving America Permission To Hate Women
Emma Gray, The Huffington Post | Trump's Mysogyny | January 29, 2016

When misogyny is amplified at the highest levels of our political system, it becomes legitimized...

Save Kesey Square Asks Council To Listen
Alex V. Cipolle, Eugene Weekly | Save Kesey Square | January 28, 2016

More than 60 citizens signed up to speak in favor of saving Kesey Square...