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"I Have Power" : Is Steve Bannon Running For President?
Gabriel Sherman, Vanity Fair | Steve Bannon Profile | December 29, 2017

Trump's former aide and alter ego reveals what really went down in the White House...

Liz Smith: The Grande Dame Of Dish
Joan Juliet Buck, Politico | Grande Dame Of Dish | December 29, 2017

The queen outlived most of her subjects...

Another Vision Of Black Elk
Ian Frazier, The New Yorker | Visions Of Black Elk | December 27, 2017

Now he is being considered for Catholic sainthood..l.

From The Loyalty Pledge To Mueller As A 'Savior':2017's Most Popular Russia Stories
Miles Parks, NPR | 2017's Top Russia Stories | December 27, 2017

And it's not over yet...

The End Of Trump And The End Of Days
Frank Bruni, The New York Times Op-Ed | Trump-Induced Delirium | December 27, 2017

Our overreach is everywhere...

Handel's "Messiah," On Skid Row
Alex Ross, The New Yorker | "Messiah" On Skid Row | December 22, 2017

A visionary Los Angeles violinist makes music with the homeless...

Trump, Putin And The New Cold War
Susan B. Glasser, Politico Magazine | The New Cold War | December 22, 2017

Putin is 'back to fighting the cold war,' even if we in the West are not...

Stellar 'Hamilton' Blows London's Skeptical Theater Critics Away
Nico Hines, The Guardian | Hamilton In London | December 22, 2017

They were too busy being blown away to cock a snook...

Speaker Ryan Calls To Celebrate The Tax Cut
Rushlimbaugh.com | Limbaugh And Ryan Discuss Tax Cut | December 20, 2017

Rush Limbaugh and Sen. Paul Ryan discuss the tax cut...

The Year In Pictures: 2017
The New York Times | The Year In Pictures | December 20, 2017

To pause and look back is a revelation...