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The Universal Phenomenon Of Men Interrupting Women
Susan Chira, The New York Times | The Universal Phenomenon | June 15, 2017

It was an I-told-you-so day...

Rosalie Sorrels, A Folk Singer Who Transported Her Audience, Is Dead At 83
William Grimes, The New York Times | Rosalie Sorrels Obit | June 15, 2017

Inspired a generation of rising folk musicians...

A Chicken Sandwich Hitches A Balloon Ride To The Stratosphere
Kenneth Chang, The New York Times | Sandwich Rising | June 15, 2017

It's initial passenger...

Where Trump Learned To Love Ritualized Flattery
David Margolick, The New Yorker | Ritualized Flattery | June 14, 2017

He's memorized the Roy Cohn playbook...

Trump Wants To Cut EPA's Scientific Research In Half
Rebecca Leber, Mother Jones | Slashing EPA Research | June 14, 2017

Pruitt to testify on Thursday...

When 'What Do You Do?' Is Taboo
Henry Alford, The New York Times | Misfiring Politesse | June 14, 2017

Talking to unemployed friends and colleagues...

Colorful Clouds To Dot East Coast Skies After NASA Rocket Launch On Tuesday
Jillian MacMath, AccuWeather | NASA's Colorful Clouds | June 13, 2017

Red, blue, and green clouds will dot skies across the East Coast on Tuesday evening...

Why Trump Is Like This
Isaac Chotiner, Slate | Why Trump Is Like This | June 12, 2017

The president's biographer explains...

The Countess And The Schoolboy
Daniel Mendelsohn, The New Yorker | A Writer's Muse | June 12, 2017

She made me a writer...

Trump's Coming Constitutional Crisis
Jonathan Alter, The Daily Beast | Trump's Coming Constitutional Crisis | June 11, 2017

We're in deep and brackish waters now...