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The Unstoppable Rise of Jesse Watters, 'Golden Boy' of Trump's Favorite Network
Maxwell Strachan, The Huffington post | Jesse Watters Profile | October 4, 2017

Bill O'Reilly's protege...

After Las Vegas Shooting, Fake News Regains Its Megaphone
Kevin Roose, The New York Times | Fake News News | October 3, 2017

False revelations spread by Google and Facebook...

Free Falling With Tom Petty
Amanda Petrusich, The New Yorker | Appreciating Petty | October 3, 2017

I'm fairly certain Petty knew how it felt to be us...

The Storyteller
Janet Malcolm, The New Yorker | Rachel Maddow Profile | October 2, 2017

Rachel Maddow: Trump's TV nemesis...


Through The Lens Of The Obama Years, Ta-Nehisi Coates Reckons With Race, Identiy And Trump
Jennifer Senior, The New York Times | Te-Nehisi Coates Book | October 2, 2017

America couldn't have a black president without boomeranging back to its ugliest self...

Restoring Those Old Liner Notes In Music's Digital Era
Ben Sisario, The New York Times | Digital Liner Notes | October 2, 2017

What happened to liner notes?...

One Day In The Life Of Battered Puerto Rico
Frances Robles, Luis Ferré-Sadurni, Ricahrd Fausset and Ivelisse Rivera, The New York Times | One Day In The Life | October 1, 2017

After Hurrican Maria...

Philly Company Digitizes 25,000 Old Records And They're Free To Download
Peter Crimmins, Newsworks | The Great 78 Project | September 30, 2017

Twenty-five thousand songs recorded onto 78 RPM discs in the early 20th century...

Elon Musk Unveils Ambitious Plan To Build A City On Mars
Ed Mazza, The Huffington Post | To Build A City On Mars | September 30, 2017

First flights to Mars are scheduled to begin in just five years...

Corporations Have Rights. Why Shouldn't Rives?
Julie Turkewitz, The New York Times | Colorado River Lawsuit | September 28, 2017

Asking a judge to recognize the Colorado River as a person...