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Inside Robert Mueller's Army
Betsy Woodruff, The Daily Beast | Mueller's Army | August 24, 2017

The special counsel has essentially built his own miniature Justice Department...

Angry Trump Grilled His Generals About Troop Increase, Then Gave In
Mark Landler and Maggie Haberman, The New York Times | How Trump Decided | August 22, 2017

His decision, several officials said, was less a change of heart than a weary acceptance...

Why Trump Can't Quit The Alt-Right
Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone | Trump & The Alt-Right | August 21, 2017

Trump clings to the only constituency he has left...

North Korea's Bold Wave Of Propaganda Art
Arnel Hecimovic, The Guardian | NK Propaganda Art | August 21, 2017

The searing propaganda is aimed to embolden the country and urge its people to resist US imperialism...

How Steve Bannon Became The Face Of A Political Movement With Roots In Los Angeles
Chris Keller and Thomas Suh Lauder, The Los Angeles Times | Bannon's Roots | August 21, 2017

A movement raised in West L.A....

Comedian, Civil Rights Activist Dick Gregory Dies
Associated Press | Dick Gregory Obituary | August 20, 2017

Comedian and activist Dick Gregory broke racial barriers in the 1960s and used his humor to spread messages of social justice and nutritional health...

When Jack Daniel's Failed To Honor A Slave, An Author Rewrote History
Clay Risen, The New York Times | The Nearest Story | August 19, 2017

The Tennessee slave sho taught Jack Daniel how to make whiskey...

How To Make Fun Of Nazis
Moises Velasquez-Manoff, The New York Times Opinion | The Right Against The Right | August 18, 2017

In 2014 the town tried a different tactic...

Duke Ellington, Bill Evans, And One Night In New York City
Ethan Iverson, The New Yorker | Ellington And Evans | August 18, 2017

How did the jazz train go off the tracks?...

Steve Bannon, Unrepentant
Robert Kuttner, The American Prospect | Unrepentant Bannon | August 17, 2017

Trump's embattled strategist phones me, unbidden, to opine...