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Anatomy Of A Lynching
Aatish Taseer, New York Times Opinion | Anatomy Of A Lynching | April 20, 2017

The lynching of Pehlu Khan attraced a live audience of dozens and a virtual one in the millions...

Torching The Modern-Day Library Of Alexandria
James Somers, The Atlantic | Torching The Modern-Day Library Of Alexandria | April 20, 2017

"Somewhere at Google there is a database containing 25-million books and nobody is allowed to read them..."

The Sad, Beautiful Fact That We're All Going To Miss Almost Everything
Linda Holmes, Monkey See | Missing Everything | April 20, 2017

The vast majority of the world's books, music, films, television and art, you will never see...

75 Years Ago, The Doolittle Raid Changed History
Richard Roth, CNN | Richard Cole: The Last Doolittle Raider | April 19, 2017

One of the United States military's greatest achievements...

Worried About The U.S. Being Led By A Tyrant Who May Destroy The Earth? Blame Alex Jones.
Lindy West, The Guardian | Blame Alex Jones | April 18, 2017

Trump's delusional cheerleader...

Banksy Hotel In the West Bank
Ian Fisher: The New York Times | Banksy Hotel In The West Bank | April 18, 2017

Small, but plenty of wall space...

Trump And The Pathology Of Narcissism
Alex Morris, Rolling Stone | Trump And The Pathology Of Narcissism | April 17, 2017

Diagnosing the president was off-limits to experts -- until a textbook case entered the White House...

New Power Center In Trumpland: The 'Axis Of Adults'
Kimberly Dozier, The Daily Beast | New Power Center: "Axis of Adults" | April 17, 2017

Trump administration "adults" are meeting in private to hash out policy...

Bruce Langhorne, Guitarist Who Inspired 'Mr. Tambourine Man' Dies At 78
Bill Friskics-Warren, The New York Times | Bruce Langhorne, R.I.P. | April 16, 2017

Mr. Langhorne was best known for his playing on Mr. Dylan's landmark 1965 album "Bringing It All Back Home"...

Tragedy, Suicide and New York's "King of the Red Carpet"
Chris Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter | Jeffrey Slonim: King of the Red Carpet | April 15, 2017

Family and friends struggle to understand what went wrong...