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Japan's Interpreters Struggle To Make Sense Of 'Trumpese'
Tomohiro Osaki, Japan Times | Interpreting 'Trumpese' | February 17, 2017

Interpreters have had a nightmarish experience interpreting Donald Trump's disjointed speeches...

The White House Mole
Andrew Sullivan, New York Magazine | The White House Mole | February 17, 2017

The question that remains, of course, is the motive...

The Nation's Cartoonists On The Week In Politics
Edited by Matt Wuerker, Politico | The Week In Editorial Cartoons | February 17, 2017

Picked fresh off the Toonosphere...

NYT Celebrates 75 Years Of Crosswords
Deb Amien, The New York Times | 75 Years Of Crosswords | February 16, 2017

A satisfying diversion that anyone can learn and solve...

Donald Trump Versus The World
John Cassidy, The New Yorker | Trump Versus The World | February 16, 2017

Just when you think things can't get crazier...

Divided Media On Michael Flynn: Patriotic Leaks Or Political Espionage
Sydney Ember, The New York Times | Divided Media On Michael Flynn | February 15, 2017

Two narratives have emerged...

Jared Kushner's Mission Impossible
Annie Karni, Politico | Jared Kushner's Mission Impossible | February 13, 2017

Trump has given his son-in-law the hardestjob in the world...


President Trump's Tweets, Annotated
Meg Kelly, NPR | Trump Tweets, Annotated | February 12, 2017

Providing context for key Trump tweets since he took office...

Our Boy President
Garrison Keillor, The Oregonian | Our Boy President | February 12, 2017

The Constitution does not allow 13-year-olds to become president and after last week we can see why...

How Sean Spicer Is Shaking Up The White House Press Briefing
Larry Buchanan and Karen Yourish, The New York Times | WH Press Briefing Shake-up | February 11, 2017

Spicer has upended some of the longstanding traditions surrounding the nearly daily press conference...