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Calvin & Hobbes & Trump
Andy McDonald, The Huffington Post | Calvin & Hobbes & Trump | July 12, 2016

Yes, there is a subreddit dedicated to injecting Trump into "Calvin and Hobbes" comic strips...

Pokémon Go Brings Augmented Reality To A Mass Audience
Nick Wingfield and Mike Isaac, The New York Times | The Pokémon Go Phenomenon | July 12, 2016

The game has sent people into the streets, onto beaches, and even out to sea in a kayak...

Osama Bin Laden's Son Vows To Avenge al-Qaida Leader's Death
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian | Bin Laden Son Threatens Revenge | July 12, 2016

In a speech entitled "We Are All Osama"...

Donald Trump's God Whisperer
Katie Glueck, Politico | God Whisperer | July 11, 2016

The woman who led the candidate to Christ...

A Saudi Morals Enforcer Called For A More Liberal Islam
Ben Hubbard, The New York Times | A Call For A More Liberal Islam | July 11, 2016

Then the death threats began...

Who Are All These Trump Supporters?
George Saunders, The New Yorker | Who Are All These Trump Supporters? | July 8, 2016

At the candidate's rallies, a new understanding of America emerges...

What White America Fails To See
Michael Eric Dyson, The New York Times Op-Ed | What White America Fails To See | July 8, 2016

There's one thing most of us agree on; We don't want the cops to kill us...

A Trip To The Moon
Story Corps, NPR's Morning Edition | A Trip To The Moon | July 8, 2016

A fitting tribute for a stargazing love...

Elie Wiesel, 1928-2016
Bernard Avishai, The New Yorker | Elie Wiesel, R.I.P. | July 5, 2016

His moral authority derived from his experience...

NASA's Juno Spacecraft Tnters Juper's Orbit
Kenneth Chang, The New York Times | Juno Enters Jupiter's Orbit | July 5, 2016

It took five years for Juno to travel this far...