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A Jordan Bookseller's 24-Hour 'Emergency Room for the Mind'
Shira Telushkin, Atlas Obscura | Hamzeh AlMaaytah's 24-Hour Bookstore | April 13, 2017

At his bookstore in Amman, Hamzeh AlMaaytah adminsters life-affirming literature...

Is It Last Call For Craft Beer?
Jim Koch, New York Times Opinion | Craft Beer: The End Begins | April 11, 2017

In 1981, there were only 82 breweries in the United States. Today there are 5,300...

"People Just Flat-Out Lie"
Susan B. Glasser, Politico | Andrea Mitchell Interview | April 11, 2017

Andrea Mitchell interview....

The New Age Of Ayn Rand: How She Won Over Trump And Silicon Valley
Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian | The New Age Of Ayn Rand | April 11, 2017

The Fountainhead is one of the few works of fiction that Donald Trump likes...

Beyond White Men: The Forgotten Heroes Of WWI
Richard Rubin, The Daily Beast | The Great War | April 10, 2017

A three-night series that begins tonight on PBS...


The Nation's Cartoonists On The Week In Politics
Edited by Matt Wuerker, Politico | The Week In Editorial Toons | April 10, 2017

The best of this week's editorial toons, picked fresh off the Toonosphere...

Behind The Scenes Of Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel
Seth Harp, Rolling stone | Sinaloa: Behind The Scenes | April 10, 2017

Working for the world's largest drug syndicate...


For A Small State, Vermont Sure Has A Lot
Cecilia Mazanec, NPR | Vermont's Cartoonist Laureates | April 7, 2017

Vermont is the only state to consistently name cartoonist laureates...

Eager Crowds Are Flattening Southern California's Vibrant 'Super Bloom'
Joseph Serna, The Los Angeles Times | California 'Super Bloom' | April 7, 2017

If it's not drought that's keeping the flowers down, it's the visitors...

All Mapped Out: How China's Charting Its Course As A Superpower
Brendan Hong, The Daily Beast | Charting China's Course | April 6, 2017

To grasp Xi Jinping's worldview, Trump should look at his maps...