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The Assad Files
Ben Taub, The New Yorker | The Assad Files | April 11, 2016

Capturing the top-secret documents that tie the Syrian regime to mass torture and killings...

Stanford Students Want Western Civilization Studies Back As The PC Backlash Begins
Lizzie Crocker, The Daily Beast | Stanford Rises Up Against PC Overlords | April 7, 2016

A plan to reinstate the controversial Western Civilization curriculum...

Bernie Sanders Meets With Daily New Editorial Board
New York Daily News | Bernie Sanders: NY Daily News Interview | April 6, 2016


The C.E.O. Of 'Hamilton' Inc.
Michael Sokolove, The New York Times Magazine | The C.E.O. Of 'Hamilton' | April 5, 2016

Managing a runaway success...

Inside Operation Trump, The Most Unorthodox Campaign In Political History
Gabriel Sherman, New York | Operation Trump | April 4, 2016

"I'm the strategist," Trump told me...

The Day The News Died
Kristin Hanes, KGO Radio reporter | Drink. Dance. Report. | April 2, 2016

The day the news died...


Sanders And Trump Have One Thing In Common
Jeremy Stahl, Slate | Hating The Media | April 1, 2016

They hate the media...

Drugs You Don't Need For Disorders You Don't Have
Jonathan Cohn, The Huffington Post | Drugs You Don't Need | March 31, 2016

Inside the pharmaceutical industry's campaign to put us all to sleep...

Donald Trump Made Up Stuff 71 Times An Hour
Dana Liebelson, Jennifer Bendery, Sam Stein, The Huffington Post | Trump: 71 Falsehoods Per Hour | March 31, 2016

And that's counting the commercial breaks...

Patty Duke: The Original Survivor Of Dysfuncional Child Stardom
Emily Yahr, The Washington Post | Patty Duke, Actress And Child-Star Survivor | March 29, 2016

One of the first public figures to speak out about her mental illness...