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Garish Tastes, Awful Hair: Donald Trump Is America
P.J. O'Rourke, The Daily Beast | O'Rourke On Trump | June 16, 2015

He's the king of bad taste in a country that loves bad taste. And all the candidates (him included) are pygmies anyway. Go, Donald!

Why Startups Love Moleskines
David Sax, The New Yorker | Moleskines Ascendant | June 15, 2015

The majority of the people in the room, whether clad in hoodies or golf shirts, were balancing on their laps not iPhones or laptops, as I might have expected, but Moleskine journals...

Tim Hunt, Hung Out To Dry
Robin McKie, The Observer | Interview With Tim Hunt And Mary Collins | June 14, 2015

In an exclusive interview Tim Hunt and his wife Professor Mary Collins tell how their lives fell apart after his quip about women in science went viral on Twitter...

The Square
Tatyana Tolstaya, The New Yorker | The Square | June 14, 2015

The most famous, the most enigmatic, and most frightening painting known to man...

Hitler, The Ben & Jerry's Of India
Jay Michaelson, The Daily Beast | Hitler Ice Cream | June 13, 2015

No, that Indian dessert named after the Fuhrer isn't an homage to his genocidal ways. Many Indians see the Nazi leader as a fool -- and the reasons why are historically complex...

Lost Brother In Yosemite
John Branch, The New York Times | Lost Brother In Yosemite | June 11, 2015

Dean Potter jumped. Graham Hunt followed. Potter's longtime girlfriend snapped photographs. Then came confusion, hope and despair...

Separated At Birth
Nisid Hajari, Slate | Midnight's Furies | June 9, 2015

How a few days in 1947 turned India and Pakistan into sworn enemies...

Is Reading The New Therapy?
Ceridwen Dovey, The New Yorker | Bibliotherapy | June 9, 2015

Several years ago, I was given as a gift a remote session with a bibliotherapist...

Reading Ginsberg Poem In Class Was No Mistake
David Freedlander, The Hartford Courant | Fired For Ginsberg Poem | June 8, 2015

Defenders of Connecticut teacher David Olio say one mistake shouldn't have cost him his job...

Language Mystery Redux
James Fallows | Language Mystery | June 8, 2015

Who was the last American to speak this way?...