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  • F.B.I. and Police Arrest More Than 100 in Mob Sweep

    William K. Rashbaum, The New York Times | January 20, 2011

    In a blanket assault against seven mob families in New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island, the F.B.I. and local authorities began arresting close to 130 people on Thursday on charges including murder, racketeering and extortion, federal law enforcement officials said...

  • Don't Look Back

    Ryan Lizza, The New Yorker | January 22, 2011

    Darrell Issa, the congressman about to make life more difficult for President Obama, has had some troubles of his own...

  • Job Candidates Who Made a Strong Impression, But the Wrong Impression

    Michelle Singletary, The Washington Post | January 23, 2011

    One would think that in an economy where unemployment is high, applicants for the precious few job openings would be on their best behavior. But many people just can't help but show their true selves, even when so much is at stake, according to a new nationwide CareerBuilder survey of more than 2,400 hiring managers. The managers reported some of the really outrageous actions of job candidates. Can we just take this opportunity to shake off our economic blues to have a laugh at the way some job applicants behave? They won't know...

  • The Understudy Takes the Stage at Apple

    Miquel Helft, The New York Times | January 24, 2011

    On an 18-hour flight from California to Singapore a few years ago, Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief operating officer, had little time for small talk with a colleague. Glued to his business class seat, Mr. Cook had his nose in spreadsheets, preparing for a thorough review of Apple’s Asian operations. The two landed at 6 a.m., took time to shower and headed into a meeting with Apple’s local executives. Twelve hours later, and well past dinnertime, the local executives were ready to call it quits. “They were absolutely exhausted,” said Michael Janes, the Apple executive who accompanied Mr. Cook. “Tim was not. He was ready to jump to the next slide and the next slide after that. He is absolutely relentless.”...

  • The Palestine Papers

    Seumas Milne and Ian Black, The Guardian | January 24, 2011

    The biggest leak of confidential documents in the history of the Middle East conflict has revealed that Palestinian negotiators secretly agreed to accept Israel's annexation of all but one of the settlements built illegally in occupied East Jerusalem. This unprecedented proposal was one of a string of concessions that will cause shockwaves among Palestinians and in the wider Arab world...

  • Ryan Is Republican Point Man

    Janet Hook, The Wall Street Journal | January 25, 2011

    When Rep. Paul Ryan delivers the Republican response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday, many viewers will get their first look at a man whom GOP leaders are trusting to manage a central policy issue—how to cut the federal budget—that could shape the party's image for years. While unknown to most Americans, Mr. Ryan, 40 years old, has established himself as a leading conservative thinker on federal spending, shaped in part by his early work for supply-side icon Jack Kemp...

  • Fitness Guru Jack LaLanne's 7 Best Moments

    The Daily Beast Video | January 25, 2011

    Workout icon Jack LaLanne, namesake of the "Jumping Jack," passed away Sunday at 96. From his amazing birthday feats to his Power Juicer informercials, watch video of his best moments...

  • Violent Clashes Mark Protests Against Mubarek's Rule

    Kareen Fahim and Mona El-Naggar, The New York Times | January 26, 2011

    Tens of thousands of people demanding an end to the nearly 30-year rule of President Hosni Mubarak filled the streets of several Egyptian cities on Tuesday, in an unusually large and sometimes violent burst of civil unrest that appeared to threaten the stability of one of the United States’ closest Arab allies...

  • Seizing a Moment, Al Jazeera Taps Arab Anger

    Robert F. Worth and David D. Kirkpatrick | January 28, 2011

    The protests rocking the Arab world this week have one thread uniting them: Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based satellite channel whose aggressive coverage has helped propel insurgent emotions from one capital to the next...

  • A Nobel Peace Prize Winner Finds Spiritual Values in Planting Trees

    Gregory M. Lamb, The Christian Science Monitor | January 28, 2011

    On a visit to Japan, Wangari Maathai learned the story of the hummingbird and the forest fire. While the other animals run in fear or hang their heads in despair, the hummingbird flies above the fire time and again, releasing a few drops of water from its tiny beak. "Why do you bother?" the other animals shout at the hummingbird. "I'm doing the best that I can," the hummingbird replies...