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July 08, 2011

"We raised the debt ceiling seven times during the Bush Administration...We had debt at 120 percent of the GDP, far higher than this, after World War II and no one went around threatening that we're going to ruin the credit of the United States..."

– Warren Buffett

July 07, 2011

"I often think there should exist a special typographical sign for a smile -- some sort of concave mark, a supine round bracket..."

– Vladimir Nabokov, imagining the emoticon in 1969

July 06, 2011

"At the heart of liberalism, really, is a hatred for God and a belief that government should replace God."

– Missouri Rep. Todd Akin, running for the U.S. Senate

July 04, 2011

"He hit the brakes, lost control, was ejected and struck his head on the road. He suffered a skull fracture."

– New York State Trooper Robert Jureller, on motorcyclist Philip Contos, killed while driving bare-headed in an organized ride protesting helmet laws

July 03, 2011

"He did not cause this recession, but he made it worse."

– Mitt Romney on Obama, 6/27/11

"I did not say that things are worse."

– Romney, when asked about the statement, 6/30/11

July 01, 2011

"You will pray for the time when I was only on the air for one hour every day."

– Glenn Beck, on the future

June 30, 2011

"She can raise enough money to burn a wet mule."

– Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour on Sarah Palin

June 29, 2011

"I don't think the current minimum wage is necessary because most companies are paying higher than the minimum wage."

– Herman Cain

June 26, 2011

"There is no such thing as global warming."

– Rick Santorum

June 24, 2011

"The people on this commission are going to be people who know something about coal, oil, shale oil, natural gas, and they will be people whose businesses or individuals who have been abused by the Shell Oil. I'm going to ask the CEO of Shell Oil would he like to be on this commission, and give me some recommendations."

– Herman Cain on who he would appoint to a "regulatory reduction commission" which would figure out which EPA regulations should be eliminated