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November 20, 2017

"More women are sexual predators than men. Women are chasing young boys up and down the road."

– Pastor Franklin Raddish, defending Roy Moore

November 19, 2017

"...I believe it is time to speak up on behalf of all heterosexual males. As a candidate for Governor let me save my opponents some research time. In the last fifty years I was sexually intimate with approximately 50 very attractive females."

– Ohio Supreme Court justice Bill O'Neill, shortly before his campaign spokesman resigned

November 18, 2017

"Sen. Franken has admitted wrongdoing, and the president hasn't."

– WH Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, on how accusations of sexual assault against Franken and Trump differ

November 17, 2017

"I think Mr. Putin is very clever in terms of playing to Mr. Trump's interest in being flattered. And, also, I think Mr. Trump is, for whatever reason, either intimidated by Mr. Putin, afraid of what he could do, or what might come out as a result of these investigations...And I think it sends a worrisom, very disturbing signal to our allies and partners who are concerned about Russian interference in their democratic processes as well. So it's either naiveté, ignorance, or fear, in terms of what Mr. Trump is doing vis-à-vis the Russians."

– former CIA director John Brennan

November 16, 2017

"It is actually hard to believe how naive (or dumb) the Failing New York Times is when it comes to foreign policy...weak and ineffective!"

– Trump

November 15, 2017

"Fox and Friends will be showing much of our successful trip to Asia, and the friendships and benefits that will endure for years to come!... While in the Philippines I was forced to watch CNN, which I have not done in months, and again realized how bad, and fake, it is. Loser!"

– Trump tweets

November 14, 2017

"Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me 'old,' when I would never call him 'short and fat'? Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend..."

– Trump

November 13, 2017

"He's clean as a hound's tooth. Zachariah and Elizabeth for instance. Zachariah was extremely old to marry Elizabeth and they became the parents of John the Baptist. Also take Joseph and Mary. Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter. They became parents of Jesus."

– Alabama State Auditor Jim Ziegler, defending Roy Moore

November 11, 2017

"He said he didn't meddle. I asked him again. You can only ask so many times... He said he absolutely didn't meddle in the elections... Every time he sees me, he says, 'I didn't do that.' And I believe, I really believe, that when he tells me that, he means it."

– Trump on Putin

November 10, 2017

"We can't continue to let China rape our country, and that's what they're doing."-- Trump on trade deficit, May 2016"I don't blame China...How can you blame China for taking advantage of people who had no clue? I would have done the same."-- Trump yesterday"