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June 19, 2017

"Now is the time to stop provoking our nation to conflict. The unrelenting demonization of our legitimately elected political leaders could lead to tragedy, and I refer particularly to the mainstream media, our universities, and to Hollywood."-- Dallas-based pastor Robert Jeffress, responding to last week's baseball practice shooting"What I am saying is this: the course he is choosing to lead our nation is paving the way for the future reign of the Antichrist."-- Jeffress on Obama, 2012"

June 18, 2017

"Mr. Cosby's power is back. It's back."

– spokesman Andrew Wyatt, on Bill Cosby's sexual assault case ending in mistrial

June 17, 2017

"I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt."-- Trump tweet"It's clear that this tweet has not been vetted by his attorney."-- former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti"Has anyone read him his Miranda rights?"-- senior Trump Administration official, joking"

June 16, 2017

"Incredibly well crafted."-- Trump on House health care bill, a month ago"Mean, mean, mean. We need to be more generous, more kind."-- Trump on House health care bill, this week"

June 15, 2017

"They made up a phony collusion with the Russians story, found zero proof, so now they go for obstruction of justice on the phony story. Nice. You are witnessing the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history -- led by some very bad and conflicted people."

– Trump

June 14, 2017

"I'm calling for an end to the investigation about President Trump's campaign colluding with Russians. There's been no evidence of it. I don't think that should continue."

– RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel

June 13, 2017

"On behalf of the entire senior staff around you, Mr. President, we thank you for the opportunity and the blessing that you've given us to serve your agenda and the American people."

– WH Chief of Staff Reince Priebus at Monday's cabinet meeting

June 12, 2017

"You may be the first president in history to go down because you can't stop inappropriately talking about an investigation that if you were just quiet, would clear you."-- Sen. Lindsey Graham"

June 11, 2017

"James Comey better hope that there are no 'tapes' of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!"-- Trump tweet, May 12th"The president surely knows if there are tapes. If there are, my feelings aren't hurt -- release the tapes...Lordy, I hope there are tapes."-- Comey to Senate Intelligence Committee, June 8th"

June 10, 2017

"I hope you can see your way to letting this go, to letting Flynn go."-- Trump, according to Comey"I will tell you I didn't say that. And there'd be nothing wrong if I did, according to everybody that i've read today."-- Trump"The president is new at this."-- House Speaker Paul Ryan"