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October 17, 2016

"The whole thing is one big fix. One big, ugly lie."-- Donald Trump on the election"Pitchforks and torches time."-- Trump supporter WI County Sheriff David Clarke"

October 16, 2016

"Our president -- quote 'president.' "

– Donald Trump on Barack Obama

October 15, 2016

"Take a look. Look at her... I don't think so, I don't think so."-- Donald Trump on People writer Natasha Stoynoff's claim that he pushed her up against a wall and forced his tongue down her throat"Yeah [sarcastically]. I'm gonna go after her. Believe me, she would not be my first choice."-- Trump on Jessie Leeds, who says he groped her on an airplane in the early '80s"

October 14, 2016

"This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization... Hillary Clinton meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty... Anyone who challenges their control is deemed a sexist, racist, and morally deformed... They will lie, lie, lie and then again they will do worse than that. They will do whatever is necessary. The Clintons are criminals, remember that... I never knew it would be this vile... Nevertheless, I take all of these slings and arrows gladly for you."

– Donald Trump

October 13, 2016

"We need a Donald Trump to show some authoritarian power in our country and bring back the rule of law. Because we've had eight years of a president -- he's an autocrat, he just does it on his own. He ignores Congress, and every single day we're slipping into anarchy."-- Maine Gov. Paul LePage"I believe that Hillary Clinton will set a standard in this country that will lead to more sexual assaults against women because she will be setting an anti-biblical agenda."-- former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann"

October 12, 2016

"The election is going to be rigged...The only way we can if cheating goes on."-- Donald Trump, 2016"This election is a total sham and travesty. We are not a democracy."-- Donald Trump, on the night of Obama's re-election in 2012"

October 10, 2016

"I am very embarrassed by it and I hate it. But it's locker room talk and it's one of those things... Frankly, you hear these things. They are said... And certainly I am not proud of it, but that was something that happened... But I have great respect for women. Nobody has more respect for women than I do... And they have respect for me."-- Donald Trump on 2005 Access Hollywood tape"He's apologized for it, and it seems to me we should move on."-- Rudy Giuliani"Every woman knows a version of Donald Trump."-- Lindy West"

October 10, 2016

"She has tremendous hate in her heart."

– Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton

October 09, 2016

""We're not choosing a Sunday school teacher... I think the American people know exactly who Donald Trump is... He speaks from the heart."-- former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski on 2005 Trump comments on women"I'm automatically attracted to beautiful. I just start kissing them. It's like a magnet. I don't even wait... And when you're a star, they let you do it -- you can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything."-- Donald Trump, 2005"

October 08, 2016

"The deplorables are starting to wonder if government has been lying to them about Hurricane Matthew's intensity to make an exaggerated point on climate... Hurricane Center has monopoly on data. No way of verifying claims."-- Matt Drudge tweets"It's hit Haiti, so it's an opportunity for the Clinton Foundation, once again, to enrich themselves by another trip down there."-- Rush Limbaugh on Hurricane Matthew"