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June 11, 2018

"This is history. Regardless of what happens in that meeting between the two dictators, what we are seeing right now -- this is history."

– Fox and Friends co-host Abby Huntsman on Singapore summit

June 10, 2018

"As Canadians, we are polite, we're reasonable, but also we will not be pushed around." -- Justin Trudeau   "Very dishonest and weak." -- Trump"

June 09, 2018

"Oh, f*** yeah! Absolutely!"

– Sean Spicer, asked if there is anything he regrets having said from the White House podium

June 08, 2018

"I have been Russia's worst nightmare...Putin is probably going, 'Man, I wish Hillary had won.'...Russia should be at this meeting. [The G7] threw Russia out. They should let Russia back in."

– Trump

June 07, 2018

"Kim Jong Un got back on his hands and knees and begged for it, which is exactly the position you want to put him in."'"

– Rudy Giuliani on the result of Trump canceling the June 12th summit

June 06, 2018

"The Russian Witch Hunt Hoax continues, all because Jeff Sessions didn't tell me he was going to recuse himself." -- Trump   "Tyrant... He is trying to turn this country into a dictatorship... Allies himself with strongmen around the world... In the end this will all come to a conclusion, and it won't be a good ending for him." -- Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney on Trump"

June 05, 2018

"The other side is really, really angry. And they stoop to no lengths."

– Trump

June 04, 2018

"By September first the public should have an explanation of what Mueller has. I really want that, because I don't think he has much."

– Rudy Giuliani

June 02, 2018

"Why aren't they firing no talent Samantha Bee for the horrible language used on her low ratings show?" -- Trump   "Such a c***." -- Trump on acting AG Sally Yates   "That c***." -- Trump on Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Jennifer Lin   "That was the wrong word for Samantha Bee to have used...Ivanka has neither the warmth nor the depth." -- Minnie Driver   "C***s are powerful, beautiful, nurturing and honest." -- Sally Field"

June 01, 2018

"Not that it matters, but I never fired James Comey because of Russia! The Corrupt Mainstream Media love to keep pushing that narrative, but they know it is not true!" -- Trump   "This is to me the peyote presidency, because I'm always tripping on what the president has to say." -- Bret Stephens"