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September 16, 2015

"Yeah, she's really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren't legally married and, ya know, her father..."

– Trump on his daughter Ivanka

September 15, 2015

"Everybody who attacks me is doomed."

– Donald Trump

September 14, 2015

"So up there in Alaska, across the way Russia. You know, there is a name for this taking advantage of America. There is a Russian name for that. And it is called 'fortushka.' And that means Obama's window of opportunity. So as Obama leads from behind the skirt of his right-hand man, Valerie Jarrett, then it's up to Congress to close that window. He may propose. You dispose, Congress. You gotta be in it to win it, because we want peace. With unapologetic red, white, and blue, we'll have peace."

– Sarah Palin on the Iran treaty

September 13, 2015

"It's bigger than Air Force One, which is a step down from this in every way."

– Donald Trump, on his airplane

September 12, 2015

"We'll have so much winning if I get elected that you may get bored with winning. Believe me."

– Donald Trump

September 10, 2015

"Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? I mean, she's a woman and I'm not supposed to say bad things, but really, folks, come on.""

– Donald Trump on Carly Fiorina

September 09, 2015

"So the difference between Hezbollah and Hamas does not matter to you yet, but it will?"-- Hugh Hewitt "It will when it's appropriate. I will know more about it than you know, and believe me, it won't take long."-- Trump"

September 08, 2015

"I think that it's a benefit of Jeb Bush to be able to be so fluent in Spanish, because we have a large and wonderful Hispanic population that, you know, is helping to build America. And that's good. And that's a great relationship...and connection that he has with them through his wife and through his family connections. On the other hand, you know, I think we can send a message and say, you want to be in America, a) you'd better be here legally or you're out of here, and b) when you're here, let's speak American."

– Sarah Palin

September 07, 2015

"I will be so good at the military, your head will spin."

– Donald Trump to radio host Hugh Hewitt

September 05, 2015

"I'm looking for the next commander-in-chief to know who Hassan Nasrallah is, and Zawahiri, and al-Julani, and al-Baghdadi. Do you know the players without a scorecard yet?"-- radio host Hugh Hewitt to Donald Trump"By the time we get to office, they'll all be changed. They'll all be gone...First day in office, or before then, the day after the election, I'll know more about it than you will ever know... I will know far more than you know within 24 hours after I get the job."-- Trump"