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October 06, 2015

"There is no overwhelming science that the things that are going on are man-caused and not naturally caused. Gimme a break."

– Ben Carson

October 05, 2015

"Okay, so there's water flowing on Mars. Yip yip yip yahoo. Hey, you know me, I'm Science 101, big-time guy, tech advance it, you know it, I'm all in. But NASA has been corrupted by the current regime. Don't know how long it's going to take, but this news that there is water flowing on Mars is somehow going to find its way into a technique to advance the leftist agenda."

– Rush Limbaugh

October 04, 2015

"This could be one of the great tactical ploys of all time. A 200,000-man army, maybe...I don't know that it is, but it could be possible."

– Trump on Syrian refugees

October 01, 2015

"Please bear in mind that I was seeking the hash. It wasn't as if he was a dealer."-- classmate Peter Tibbets, on Jeb Bush selling him hashish at boarding school"This was kind of his family high school. There wasn't anything he could do to be kicked out so he was relaxed about rules."-- Bush roommate Phil Sylvester"I was a cynical little turd at a cynical school."-- Jeb Bush"

September 30, 2015

"Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi Special Committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today?"

– Republican House majority leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, candidate for House Speaker

September 29, 2015

"The Bible says beware of false prophets...We got groups here in town, members of the House and Senate here in town, who whip people into a frenzy believing they can accomplish things they know -- they know! -- are never going to happen."

– House Speaker John Boehner

September 28, 2015

"We will be submitting a bill to the next legislative session asking that a website be created containing the names, addresses, length of time on assistance and the benefits being collected by every individual on the dole...I hope this makes people think twice about applying for welfare...Some people are going to get harmed, but if it's for the good of everybody, that's the way it is."

– Robert MacDonald, mayor of Lewiston, Maine

September 26, 2015

"He never really talks about issues and can't have more than a ten-second soundbite on any key issue...He's a very touchy and insecure guy."-- Sen. Marco Rubio on Donald Trump"He doesn't think about Marco Rubio. Marco Rubio doesn't mean anything to him."-- Trump spokesman Michael Cohen"

September 25, 2015

"The same people who gave us Obama gave us this pope...He is a wolf in pope's clothing...A danger to the world."-- radio host Michael Savage"He wants to be a modern pope. All he needs is  dreadlocks and a dog with a bandana and he could be on Occupy Wall Street."-- Fox News' Greg Gutfeld"Part of the globalist plan to destroy the world and usher in a one-world government."-- radio host Alex Jones"

September 24, 2015

"Obama has been horrible. I will be great."

– Donald Trump