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December 27, 2010

"We're becoming a nation of wussies...This was in no way, shape or form a blizzard!"

– PA governor Ed Rendell on postponement of Eagles-Vikings game

December 24, 2010

"Brutal consequences beyond imagination."

– North Korean threat over planned South Korean military exercise

"Not worth reacting."

– North Korean response following the exercise

December 23, 2010

"I was in the right wing...and I know what they're doing now. It's a phony wedge cultural war issue. They exploit gay people and they exploit the fear of gay people to gin up their base...It's a totally cynical thing. Half of them don't even believe it...So that's what's going on here."

– David Brock, Media Matters CEO and formerly closeted gay Republican

December 21, 2010

"The armies of other nations...could allow homosexuals to serve in their military because we didn't allow them to serve in ours...We will no longer able to bail out these other emasculated armies because ours will now be feminized and neutered beyond repair, and there is no one left to bail us out."

– American Family Association's Bryan Fischer

December 19, 2010

"The one thing I've never been accused of is not being straight. We are making progress. Are we making sufficient progress fast enough? The answer remains to be seen."

– Joe Biden, on Afghanistan

December 17, 2010

"If we were a woman, and the Congress were a man, we're in the middle of being raped."

– Rush Limbaugh

December 16, 2010

"It's okay for homosexuals to do whatever they want in their own home. How is this so different?"

– attorney Matthew Galluzzo, defending client David Epstein's alleged three-year consensual sexual relationship with his 24-year-old daughter

December 15, 2010

"You've got to stop this war in Afghanistan."

– Richard Holbrooke's last words

December 14, 2010

"I reject the word."

– John Boehner, on "compromise"

December 12, 2010

"Off with their heads!"

– protestors in London, assaulting a car bearing Prince Charles and Camilla