Duke's Video Vault

The D2K Presidential Campaign Revisited

With the country perpetually ginned up for the next presidential smackdown, Doonesbury.com presents for your viewing pleasure an exclusive look back at the campaign videos of Duke2000 -- Ambassador Duke’s “Absolutely Nothing To Lose” run for the White House as a maverick Reform Party candidate. E-campaigning from his headquarters at the E-Z Rest Motor Lodge in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, Duke set out to prove that an average citizen, with nothing more than a laptop, a few spam speeches, and a sackful of soft money, could make political history.

Larry King Live

The former Ambassador announces his candidacy and lays out his education policy: "One teacher for each subject, and give 'em a cable channel. Let the kids watch from home."

Duke 4 Sale

The Reform Party candidate takes campaign financing to a new low, while high: "I'm upfront about the company I keep, and the companies that keep me. That's reform, Jack."

The Today Show

A rare early-morning appearance by the candidate, described by co-host Katie Couric as "the most interesting political interview I've done in months."

Debate 2000

In this memorable three-way faceoff, moderated by Jim Lehrer, Ambassador Duke engages his opponents with unrelenting forthrightness: "Look no further, cupcake. You want to deal with me? You really want a piece of me? Bring it on."

Pillow Talk - Parts 1 & 2

An up-close-and-personal campaign interview at Bunnyland: "If you've ever doubted that life isn't remotely fair, come to the Playboy Mansion. It'll straighten you out in a hurry."