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Barb | Bend, OR | November 08, 2013

Regarding today's strip: Does Toggle know that Alex's birth was shown live, on cable, all over the country? May we have that flashback?

Editor's Note:

 That memorable episode resides in the FAQ archive. You can view the "Welcome to the world, Alex!" strip-set here.



Farrokh Mirbaha | Augusta, GA | November 08, 2013

Some of Mr. GBT's strips truly deserve several reprints, because they are infinitely profound and awesome. Case in point, yesterday's: "Dating you is like free cable!" resonates with so much of our functioning as humans, on so many levels, that it is just wonderful!...

David Kastrup | Waltrop, GERMANY | November 08, 2013

Edward Snowden chose the worst time for his extended revelations: a Doonesbury hiatus. It's a bit sad that the nation's highest hope for opinion-building critical reporting lies with Mark Slackmeyer. I hope he remembers his zeal back in the Nixon era. Things have gotten worse since then.

Neal Byles | Concord, NH | November 06, 2013

The 25-years-ago-today Flashback strip of Duke shooting at John Denver in the Soviet orbiter is one of my all-time favorites. I remember reading that as a kid and laughing until it hurt, and it's every bit as funny today. (I do a strip called With the Band.)

David Greig | London, UK | November 05, 2013

Readers of The Guardian throughout the world have been missing our daily Doonesbury fix for too long. Roll on, 18 November.

Caitliin Sullivan | Seattle, WA | November 05, 2013

GBT can take as long as he likes to resume the strip. My god, he's been keeping us sane, single-handedly, for decades. If he's working on a new TV show, that should raise all boats on the Internet, too. Whatever he wants to do, including rest for about a year, is fine with me. I had missed Alex and Toggle's whole courtship, so I'm thrilled to see that Flashback series. That said, I am so excited new strips are coming. 

Maryhelen Posey | Calgary, CANADA | November 05, 2013

There's nothing more destructive of the morale necessary to maintain sobriety than a sense of purposelessness. B.D. will have felt this hiatus more than any of the other characters.

Rosie Edelson | New York, NY | November 04, 2013

B.D. drinking again? I thought he was better than that now. The other characters can fall apart all they want, but to see B.D. relapse just as a stupid joke, without treating it with the dignity a serious and tragic development like this deserves? I'm disappointed.

Matt Mettelsteadt | Bismarck ND | November 03, 2013

I can't help but think that Zipper and Duke were discussing Breaking Bad...

L.J. | Brooklyn, NY | November 03, 2013

I just read today's strip. Does this mean the hiatus is over??? Will there be a new strip tomorrow? Yippee!!!!

Editor's Note:

 Almost. New Sunday strips began on September 8th. New dailies resume on Monday, November 18th.

Ina Clausen | Oakland, CA | October 31, 2013

I'm getting old(er). It would help sooo much if everyone in the strip would wear name tags. Thank you for your attention. I think I'll remember this.

Editor's Note:

 You might find it helpful to consult the four-page centerfold in 40: A Doonesbury Retrospective, a map which traces the complex web of relationships amongst the strip's 90-some characters.

Sue | Oakland, CA | October 31, 2013

The current Mudline reminded me a something I heard recently from my son. He's long had a fascination with the group-names for various animals -- a herd of cows, a pod of whales, a flock of chickens. Well, the name for a group of baboons is a "congress." Explains a lot about our House of Representatives, doesn't it.

Ray | Bountiful, UT | October 31, 2013

Yesterday and today's strips are one of the many reasons I have been a fan of Doonesbury for years. Leo and Alex's relationship is perfect for this generation's Warriors.

Schuyler | Ames, IA | October 29, 2013

Seeing B.D. working hard to convince his newly minted Walden paid athletes that schoolwork is contrary to their established purpose really shows that no matter what the years have brought to his life, we are never that far from the author of "Our Friend, The Beaver". Thanks so much!

Tony Phillips | Chicago, IL | October 29, 2013

Alex's IQ may soar over that of her husband, but he is out ahead of her with regard to that other sort of smarts: EQ - emotional intelligence. If humanity can save itself from destruction, it will be owing to a significant rise in collective EQ.

Nermal | San Juan, PUERTO RICO | October 29, 2013

If original weekday strips ever reappear, and if Mr. Trudeau keeps at his trade long enough, I strongly suspect that Drew is going to contract breast cancer. She's too perfect and GBT is too clever: a deadly combo. It will all be very sad....

Mike Strickland | El Dorado, AR | October 28, 2013

B.D. is just being honest, as Walden is being honest. How many graduates of big college football programs are any thing other than participants in an unpaid NFL farm system? The NCAA rules make fraudsters of players, coaches, boosters, and everybody associated with college sports.

John Brennand | Langley, CANADA | October 27, 2013

Had the Daily Briefing story "Some Iranians Want to Renew an Old Chant" run on a different date and/or media source, one might have been tempted to think it was a gag column. With Iran the truth can seem as absurd as the fictional.

Jimmy Chadwick | Aushland, OR | October 27, 2013

This is B.D. in character for Halloween, right? I hope so.

Bruce Love | Langhorne, PA | October 27, 2013

I'm a bit disappointed in today's Doonesbury. Somehow I thought B.D. had evolved more generally, with a more sensitive side.