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Pam Bishop | FLORIDA | June 05, 2013

I think that trying to separate the Doonsbury story lines into separate skeins would be like trying to impose a neat filing system on a trunkful of family photos with ancestors branching out and back to the dawn of photography. I tried it several times and have less hair as a result. On another angle, our dear author can think himself as Ben Hur trying to race a chariot, except that each of his three horses has its own idea about which direction to run.

Dan Duffy | Durham, NC | June 05, 2013

Oh wow. Hooding. Terms of address. As one of the company of men and women advancing knowledge, I try to remember the example of the British and French university traditions which do not follow the German, authoritarian tradition as many scholars in the United States do. I am also mindful of the failure of the doctorates in China, Korea and Viet Nam to defend their people against foreign empires in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Finally, I ask myself, "Would would Dick do?" That is, Richard Feynman, who did not wear funny hats.

Seven | Alexandria, VA | June 04, 2013

I was out of the loop for last 10 days and am just catching up. Three comments: 1) I l loved the May 28th strip outlining the time Congress spends "governing." I live in the greater D.C. area, and all they do is look for ways not to work for the people! 2) I equally enjoyed the Benghazi strip. While some farmers do care about that, more worry about farming and eking out a living! 3) I cannot believe the outcry over the fantasy bottle-feeding strip. Sheesh. Have one be allergic to breast milk and the other not -- or, as they say, "split the baby" and all can quiet down! That is all -- carry on! Thanks.

Lisa | Brooklyn, NY | June 04, 2013

While it may be better to breast feed, it's not a crisis if someone doesn't. I adopted twice. Both of my children were older infants when I adopted them, and I had to bottle feed. (Yes, I know adoptive moms can do things to breast feed, but not only do the babies get minimal nutrition from it, but bottle feeding is what my daughters had been used to. They had a big enough transition when I adopted them, and it was important that some things stay the same.)

I had to endure on a constant basis nosy people coming up to me in the drugstore to lecture me for buying formula. Breastfeeding may be "better" but it's not essential. I was bottle fed as an infant, as was a whole generation of baby boomers. I survived it! Today, both my daughters are teenagers. They are healthy, intelligent young women. It didn't seem to have hurt them that I bottle fed them.

Fiona | North Wales, UK | June 04, 2013

I'm surprised everybody is getting so excited over Alex bottlefeeding. For one thing, it could be breast milk in those bottles. Plus it was a fantasy frame; the twins haven't been born yet.

Benjamin Smeall | Green Bay, WI | June 04, 2013

The Ph.D. doesn't necessarily guarantee one a job, which I know from personal experience. It may make you "over-qualified" -- which should not be a real word in America.

Heather | Minneapolis, MN | June 04, 2013

Breastfeeding is great, lots of benefits, blah blah blah. Did it myself, even. That said, the second I saw Alex with bottles in the strip, I thought to myself, "Here come the outraged comments about breastfeeding or the lack thereof." Each mom has her own circumstances and her own rationalte for how she raises her children. I'm pretty sure Alex's spawn will be just fine.

M.F. | Providence, RI | June 04, 2013

Gen X moms breastfeed their babies -- especially educated ones like the new Ph.D. Remember, June Gale breastfed Sara in Rex Morgan. Let's see those new twins breastfeeding! I'm a lactation consultant, and have been reading the strip since the early 70s. Love it. Don't ever stop.

Elizabeth Connor | Roswell, GA | June 04, 2013

I'm disappointed at the prospect that Alex will bottle-feed her twins, but I support her right to do with her body what she wants.

Heather | Berkeley, CA | June 03, 2013

In the first panel of today's strip our friends are sitting at a round table. By the fourth panel the table is clearly square. Political commentary?

Rosie Edelson | Washington, D.C. | June 03, 2013

Hello! I drew some fanart of Alex for you. You can see it here. The other girl in the picture is Sulla from O Human Star, it's a really good comic which you should read if you have the time. It's less than 150 pages right now and it's about love and robots.

L.S.L. | Ann Arbor, MI | June 03, 2013

I know exactly how Alex feels! When I received an M.A. (as the first in my extended family to graduate from college and the only one to go beyond) I was told by family that it wasn't a "real degree." When I graduated from law school a year later (M.A. and J.D. programs simultaneously as a single parent) the entire family initially had excuses not to attend the graduation, and only attended after serious coercion. It still stings after 25 years! J.J. just has to set aside the experiment in extreme narcissism for a moment and show up! C'mon!

Keith Robinson | Calgary, CANADA | June 03, 2013

Well, it has taken all these years but now I truly hate J.J.  Genius line, GT.

Donna C. | Lucerne, CA | June 02, 2013

Doonesbury: Next Generation!  I love the concept, but I have a feeling we'll need to factor in GBT's willingness to do two strips. Get Sid's lawyer to amend that contract! I want to see the twins grow, and I want to see if Zonker ever ages.

John V. | Milton, MA | June 02, 2013

I am amazed at how well you maintain a balance of the characters, but please don't break it up. It's one universe, one extended family, one story, one Doonesbury!

Jean Latz Griffin | Arlington Heights, IL | June 02, 2013

Fantastic idea to do a spin-off. Then the characters can visit each other in the two strips. Can't wait!

Betsy Hoffmeister | Seattle, WA | June 02, 2013

Please, please, please let the twins breastfeed! Please!

Tony Phillips | Chicago, IL | June 02, 2013

Is Gen-Z supposed to be the last generation, the generation of End Times -- as in Z, the last letter of the alphabet? How about suggesting a leap towards a new beginning with Gen-A -- the generation that will figure out how to undo the nasty beast in us, that will realize both the attitude and the technologies that will balance our relationship with the rest of nature, with a sense of renewal in sharing its resources, that will realize the human in humanity -- or at least bring it into some consummate perspective by which we may envision, empower and live by what we all share as beings over what are our differences. If not, Gen-Z is an apt bet.

Eliezer Spaeth | NEW JERSEY | June 02, 2013

Please. Alex should be nursing the twins (if possible), not giving them formula. It's better for the new arrivals physically and psychologically.

Diane | Poughkeepsie, NY | June 02, 2013

No bottlefeeding! Alex is much too savvy. She would know that "Breast is best!"