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    Judy Gilbert | Concord, CA | October 20, 2013

    Today's strip is just great. I love it. Believe me, a lot of young moms can relate.


    David Ferrier | Edmonton, CANADA | October 17, 2013

    How did GBT nail a regal function mob scene so well? When I was living in the UK in the 1970s, I attended one of the Queen's garden parties. It was OK, but 10,000 Brits who were trying to get a glimpse of the Queen were being herded around by Beefeaters with long pikes. Police tape would not have been out of place.


    Seven | Alexandria, VA | October 15, 2013

    Wow! I can't wait for GBT's "Alpha House" to debut. Wanda Sykes was on the Ellen Show today talking about it. As expected, gonna be good!


    Rick Erexson | Gastonia, NC | October 15, 2013

    I just want to thank you for the Sunday strip on North Carolina. So often you say what I'm thinking, only much better. The NC state legislature needs to be slammed for what it is doing to our state. Thank you for taking them to task nationally.


    Robert Haywood | Raleigh, NC | October 15, 2013

    Your cartoon on the state of things in North Carolina is a typical elitist Northeasterner's take on something that you don't need to experience or understand. Stay where you are. We are happy here. We would not be happy living where you live, but I will not try to tell you how you should live or think.


    Shelley Lundborg | Escondido, CA | October 15, 2013

    I just want you to know how much we miss your incisiveness during this time.

  • DUKE

    Jason Thorn | Phoenix, AZ | October 15, 2013

    "If you do." That's an expected response. Due to the fact that Duke's done enough drugs to rival Keith Richards, his grip on reality's got to be a little slippery.


    David Cooke | Issaquah, WA | October 13, 2013

    "If you do." Best Doonesbury punchline ever.


    Roger Webb | Little Rock, AR | October 10, 2013

    I never find The Donald funny, even in Doonesbury, but today's rerun reminded me: Donald Trump and Sarah Palin together -- funny.


    Dana Lee | TEXAS | October 09, 2013

    I was stunned by what I read about North Carolina in Sunday's strip. Although I rarely read your strip, I happened to glance at it and kept reading. I truly had no idea that NC had all those rules in place and I appreciate you putting all that out in print for people like me to read. I have a brother in NC that I wish would move to TX. After reading your strip, I wondered if that's why he won't leave NC. I would love to live there if what you printed about that state is really true. I will keep NC in mind if I ever decide to leave TX.


    Sally Yocum | Columbus, OH | October 09, 2013

    I wrote this poem inspired by Sunday's strip:


    For young folks here, we can’t allow
    Their vote preregistrations.
    They’re just too immature to know
    Our voting expectations.
    And teachers in our public schools
    Already have it good.
    Our funds will help academies
    That teach the way they should.
    The unemployed don’t need our help.
    We want to make it clear
    Their benefits are just too great.
    No loafers welcome here.
    And women say they know what’s best.
    They think we men are cynics.
    But we will pass restrictions that
    Will close abortion clinics.
    Minorities should not have rights.
    We’re not their wants promoting.
    So we’ll impose restrictions on
    Sunday and early voting.
    To college students, we’ll set out
    Some new and needed rules
    That make it hard for them to vote
    While at their chosen schools.
    And law enforcement has it wrong.
    They’re missing all their marks.
    We think that guns should be allowed
    In playgrounds, bars, and parks.
    Those scientists of climate change
    Who write of warming thaw
    Can’t put it in reports, or they’ll
    Be punished. It’s the law.
    So come on down and visit,
    where Our “NO” is much preferred.
    North Carolina’s epigram:
    Progress – a dirty word.


    David J. | NORTH CAROLINA | October 08, 2013

    Well, it's now official. North Carolina is the new South Carolina. For the moment, at least, and until some other unfortunate state takes the title, we're the nation's joke state. For anyone who wondered what life would be if Republicans ruled the world, here's your lab experiment. Not pretty is it? Our spineless GOP governor's PAC is now running in-state PR ads in an attempt, I imagine, to diffuse some of the anger. In the ads he says, "We've stepped on the toes of both the left and the right." The right? Who in the state is so far to the right their toes were injured -- secessionists? If anyone asks, I'm originally from Canada.


    Deb | Wilmington, NC | October 08, 2013

    Tons of thanks for Sunday's cartoon about the NC legislature. I sure hope you are planning a series; there is so much more. It's eerie to live here and watch it all unravel right in front of our eyes. Maybe your attention will curb their enthusiasm for ruining a perfectly good state.


    Jeff Sunbury | Austin, TX | October 08, 2013

    The Party of No: If the California Highway Patrol is called CHiPs, is the North Carolina Highway Patrol called No CHiPs?


    J. Reynolds | Clemmons, NC | October 07, 2013

    Thank you Doonesbury, for highlighting the idiotic things going on here in NC. Your one strip will do more good than 1,000 letters to the editor of my hometown rag, The Winston-Salem Journal.


    Bobby Padgett | Gastonia, NC | October 06, 2013

    As a teacher in NC, I thought today's Doonesbury was a devastingly accurate summation of the downhill slide of one of the most progressive southern states ever since Art Pope bought himself a legislature. I am four credits short of my master's degree, only to find the ignoramuses in the legislature have decided to devalue my profession by doing away with master's pay and tenure. Yet, no one is offering the help me pay my student loans, which were taken out in good faith.


    Dennis Plyler | Concord, NC | October 06, 2013

    I would like to thank you for today's cartoon depicting North Carolina as a politically backward state. If it keeps even one liberal from moving here, then it was well worth the effort.


    Barbara Lawrence | Bath, NC | October 06, 2013

    Thanks for the NC expose in today's comic. I am disgusted and dismayed at the antics of the NC legislature, but what can we expect when the state is run by Art Pope, a pal of the Koch brothers. It is a shame that we have sunk so low that we are on the funny pages, but we deserve to be laughed at. Keep the satire coming, and perhaps it will make the voters think.


    Deb | Kannapolis, NC | October 06, 2013

    As a proud native of the great state of North Carolina, this past legislative session just about killed my soul. Your strip said everything I have been feeling -- anger, disgust and sadness about the restrictive laws that have been passed. Thank you, Garry!


    Steve Brown | Winona, MN | October 06, 2013

    I never read Doonesbury, but for some reason today's strip caught my eye. This is a great advertisement for North Carolina. It's easy to see the liberal slant (lies) saying NC is anti-woman, anti-minority, etc. I did not realize they were standing up to outside pressures. I plan on taking my family there soon to vacation, thanks to this comic strip.