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Brian Walker | Fremantle, WA | March 13, 2017

I have so missed that ragged helmet! You brought a smile to my face, coupled with the awful and unexpected prospect of seeing the helmet move up a place.

Wanda Schmidt | Prospect, KY | March 12, 2017

Today's strip: A great comment on the sea of repercussions awaiting Donald Trump and his band of Republicans hell-bent on destroying all that Obama did for our country!

Q. | Takoma Park, MD | March 12, 2017

It is only perfect that Trump has a photograph of himself on his desk. Good one.

Paul Parsons | Montpelier, VT | March 09, 2017

I know a guy who did just what Mike describes in today's strip -- when he found his wife was with child, he reregistered as a Republican, started drinking scotch, and bought a "really cool" minivan.

Shooshie Roberts | Dallas, TX | March 08, 2017

So cool! Today's Classic strip, which originally ran on May 4, 1988, was our first awareness of Alex! Alex is a little younger than my daughter, it turns out. My daughter was about 2 months old at that time. They were both kicking the collective butts of the boys at all the computer games like Doom, Quake, and others at the same age. And they were both shopping for colleges at the same time, so Alex must have skipped a grade somewhere.

When we were shopping for colleges, it was spooky. Alex was sending off her applications exactly at the same time we were, and she heard back literally on the same day we did. My daughter, like Alex, got accepted to a lot of colleges, some of whom were quite aggressive about having her. She settled on Alex's maker's alma mater: Yale University. Even though Alex went to MIT, there was an ongoing similarity to their lives. I once wrote Blowback asking where the hidden camera was, (jokingly) certain that GBT had been spying on us for the Alex strips. They've gone different directions now, but it was fun raising my daughter while Mike and JJ were raising Alex. To think that it all started with this strip!

Melinda W. Capozza | Augusta, GA | March 07, 2017

For those of us who have been in long-term relationships, legally married or otherwise, yesterday's Classic strip definitely provides an LOL moment. Thank you, GBT.

Edward Cherlin | Columbus, IN | March 05, 2017

Oh, wow. I didn't realize that Roland has a real-world Twitter account, @realRBHJr, until just now. I particularly liked the one about the Chinese hoax that is causing cherry blossoms to come out three weeks early in the DC area (due in actual fact to warmer climate).

Bruce Bendix | Saginaw, MI | March 05, 2017

First Trump accused Democrats of attacking him to cover up for Secretary Clinton's loss to him in the Electoral College, now he's accusing President Obama and his administration of leaving intel behind in Russia on him, and wire-tapping Trump Tower during the campaign. There will be no shortage of material for GBT while The Donald is in the White House. I look forward to Trudeau's take on Steve Bannon.

Hauksdottir | Oakland, CA | March 05, 2017

Ooooh, subtle! Roland tweeting about 'Falafel Boy' while in the shower is neatly done. (Chuckle.)

Melinda W. Capozza | Augusta, GA | March 05, 2017

Last Sunday's strip was definitely LOL. Today's strip just brought an "Oh my." Go for it, GBT.

Steve Singer | Iowa City, IA | March 05, 2017

Wait! Roland Berton Hedley, Jr., has someone he sleeps with? Or at least shares a bed with, while tweeting out his gratitude for the latest news cycle? It's about time something truly good happened to Roland, given all the thankless gigs he's accepted over the years, from Vietnam to FoxNews, et al.

Roger Webb | Little Rock, AR | March 01, 2017

President-for-life Bmzklfrpz was never one of my favorite minor characters. In previous storylines I assumed he was used to convey the depths of Duke's and some PR firms' depravity. It seems now, however, that his time has come. He will fit right in with our new administration.

John Ghalt | Anchorage, AK | February 28, 2017

For my money, GBT has always been the most real, and the most relevant, when he walks us through the lives of the long-graduated (and dropped out) Yalies (uhh, Waldenites?). The 1988 reunion has highlighted the wisdom and sensibilities of Trudeau -- at that time within spittin' distance of forty. No doubt Zonker is right to say that Boopsie has matured to become more appealing than she was as a "college woman." Twenty years has not added any rose-colored fondness for him and B.D. A new suit certainly does not "make" him anything other than the same old fun-loving, let-it-hang-out "hippie" (though a haircut and shave might render him un-recognizable). And Mike confesses marital doldrums to the Rev -- all leading up to Nicole as a "dramatic turn-of-events." It's Shakespearean rom-com 400 years later, one strip at a time.

Yeti | Above Howardsville, CO | February 26, 2017

No bog is too slimy for Uncle Duke -- the Iran hostage compound where he played soccer with his guards, the Caribbean where he ran a leisure med school, DC where he represents fallen despots, etc. He is a man who can take lemonade and turn it into toxic waste. New lows await him in the Trump White House.

David Hallett | St. John's, CANADA | February 26, 2017

I'm on my fourth reading of the complete Doonesbury archives. It never gets older ... just wiser.

David Patterson | Boulder, CO | February 26, 2017

As a brilliant and cogent observer of America, and of humanity, you have few parallels. You are the Bob Dylan of comics, at least.

Gideon Wraigh | US of A | February 23, 2017

I started reading Doonesbury as a kid in the mid 1980s, and have recently had the notion to go back and read your work through from the beginning. However, you seem to have at least 50 books, so what is the order I should follow to read your work clear through chronologically? Thanks for the assist.

Editor's Note:

 A comprehensive answer to this question is provided in an FAQ which was first posted on September 11, 2011, and has been updated since. It appears on page six of our FAQ archive (the seventh entry from the top), and you will be placed in proximity to it via this link.

Karen | Alberta, CANADA | February 22, 2017

I'll have what she's having...

Editor's Note:

For a plethora of Gudetama toons, with subtitles, look here.

Glenn Gordon | Racine, WI | February 20, 2017

In the 25-years-ago-today Flashback strip: "I don't like this negative 'America First' thing that's being put out there by that negative crowd that we're seeing." Holy s***!

Grant H. | Hamilton, CANADA | February 20, 2017

I am fine with "Oh God" being used. I think I have heard other people say it in everyday converse, even atheists. I first read the BLOWBACK comment as objecting to using "Oh God" as a causal explanation. I would object to this. Our present mess shouldn't be blamed on any of the many gods humanity has created.