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Jay Moore | Kelowna, CANADA | April 21, 2013

I knew all those years studying art history would pay off, even if only in a laugh!

Kathryn Szczepanska | Lawrenceville, NJ | April 21, 2013

I love today's homage to Marat. Does Jeff's ego know no bounds?

Jack Quick | Moorhill, SC | April 21, 2013

Nice reference (Jeff in his bathrub) to The Death of Marat. Yeah, social media threaten to do that to people...

Susan Adams | Kittery, ME | April 21, 2013

I hope the visual reference to The Death of Marat doesn't foreshadow bad things for the Red Rascal.

Noni Mausa | Winnipeg, CANADA | April 21, 2013

The Death of Marat? Really? This is promising. Jeff is achieving a higher class of self-delusion. He looks almost ... authorial!

Barb | Bend, OR | April 21, 2013

We weren't shown Zonker telling B.D. or Boopsie good-bye. He doesn't have to, as they know he will always be back. As for Sam, we see her standing there, alone, for the first time as a confident young woman now, and... oh, man, it reminds me so much of when Alex got married. We've followed Sam through her childhood, she always had her Zonker and her toys, and now she's the newest member of the next generation. When did that happen?

Pat Goudey O'Brien | Warren, VT | April 20, 2013

Little Sam says "Thank you for raising me!" Is that as sweet a thing as any girl could say, or what? And Zonker (from off-screen -- perfect!) says "It was a joy, young lady." No more gallant or sincere or respectful words could be spoken. Decency abounds everywhere you look. From a guy heading off the grow pot in Colorado. Oy. GBT does what he does very well. With a light touch, too.

Y.T. Sarah | SoCAL | April 20, 2013

Re: FLASHBACK. From the link I followed the one-of-a-kind mind of young, Titanic-obsessed Alex for a few days to 24 April, 1998. And I wanted to tell her, from almost 15 years in the future, that someday Leo would change from her "forbidden love that could never be" to happy hubby and father of her twins! (Okay, okay, so it's a different Leo. Still cool!)

Normann Aa. Nielsen | Odder, DENMARK | April 20, 2013

"it was a joy, young lady." Yes, Zonker, and for all of us readers. Although unconventional and sometimes more than a bit illegal, you were always ready to help Sam and her family. You gave her some values that reach farther out than the ordinary. You were never degrading to her, but always there on the same level. This departure is a milestone in her life.

Bob | MINNESOTA | April 20, 2013

I have a feeling this might be the first sign of the final breaking of the Fellowship of Walden. I wonder if GBT is moving towards retirement.

Lobo Bielich | Miami, FL | April 20, 2013

Sometimes you don't need social or political commentary to be brilliant. Sometimes it is just the human side. Today's strip, in which Sam thanks Zonker for raising her, is one of those times. Thank you, and congratulations on such a masterful, touching end to his week's series.

Ray Lampe | MASSACHUSETTS | April 20, 2013

While I always enjoy Doonesbury immeasurably, the Flashback strip from 15 years ago made me laugh out loud. And thanks for the clarification on the "stinkin' badges" meme, which I often use.

Samsam | Richmond, VA | April 20, 2013

I cried, darn it! Of course I'm a Sam too.

Donna Manning | Dartmouth, CANADA | April 20, 2013

Thanks, Doonesbury. Thanks for making me bawl my eyes out first thing in the morning. Yes, Zonker's an unconventional nanny and, I'm sure, maddening to live with. But as Sam's family struggled with the aftermath of B.D. losing his leg -- and she confessed to Alex, Zonker's former charge, that she was scared of her father -- my first thought was that those two girls could have had a worse caregiver. A perpetual adolescent, Zonker got his first-ever Real Life Job for these people. And now I find that I'm not so interested in his upcoming adventure and probable reversion to full-on man-child as much as how his going will affect the family he's left behind.

Hisham | Cambridge, UK | April 20, 2013

There is always the keen observation, the masterful satire and the razor sharp wit, while behind it all rolls on the quiet saga of the Doonesbury world that forms the backdrop and the grounding of it all. And you rarely notice it, for as it is with those you know, their history is always with you. Though at times recollection must be pushed hard to turn back the pages, I know who you were, but to me you are always as you are now. But then a chance remark, a fleeting snatch of music, and I remember another time, another place, another you, with fondness, with love and deep gratitude for the privilege of sharing your journey. "Thank you for raising me, Zonker." And I remember a baby girl who stared steadfast into the night sea: "No, no, one more, one more!" Thank you, GBT.

John Keefer | CALIFORNIA | April 19, 2013

Nice Treasure of the Sierra Madre reference! "We don't need no stinkin' badges" is the most famous line of the film, and has become a meme.

Editor's Note:

Like many beloved phrases, this one has evolved into its ideal form. What the Mexican bandit Gold Hat actually said in the film was "Badges? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges! I don't have to show you any stinkin' badges!"

Jason Thorn | Phoenix, AZ | April 18, 2013

Wow, Zonker. Leaving one or two items behind is forgetfulness, but this level of brain fade can mean only one thing. You are officially a Burnout. Too many brain cells on the injured list. Head back to California, you can't survive in the real world.

Chris Conner | Denver, CO | April 18, 2013

Welcome to Colorado, Zonker. Assuming you find your way here. And welcome to the cover of our alt weekly, Westword.

Charlotte | UNITED KINGDOM | April 17, 2013

Nice Robert Frost reference!

Gerald Martin | USA | April 17, 2013

Oddly enough, I'm on the same road trip. I will be watching for Zonker and nephew at the Denver Rally on 4/20. GBT is on the cutting edge here, folks.