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F. Chester Miller III | Farmington, NM | March 09, 2013

With the splendid new business model, is not a radical and progressive name needed? Walden is, well, so 19th century. How about Hogwarts U? Motto: "Making your fantasy real since 2013."

Pete | Hillsdale,NJ | March 09, 2013

I'm relieved to see that this generation's cliches, such as "It's all good", get properly roasted. Perhaps the language won't decay as quickly as feared.

Michael Dee | Bernardsville, NJ | March 08, 2013

I wonder if President King will be replaced by a celebrity like The Donald, in order to up the earning potential of Walden. Maybe Newt or Cheney? I have been reading Doonesbury since '68 when it was Bull Tales, and I was present at the football pep rally when President Kingman Brewster, three sheets to the wind on his porch on Hillhouse St., declared that Yale was going coed -- so I know that history is often stranger than fiction.

Ian Weniger | Vancouver, CANADA | March 07, 2013

I can't wait to see if Mike and all the commune-ists fight the Dean to keep Walden not for profit. I wonder if B.D., Jeff and Zipper will connect on the conservative side. But I won't hold out for any Quebecois exchange students to join the fray with a "casserole." Or should I?

Jon | London, ENGLANDLAND | March 06, 2013

I have been reading Doonesbury since 1988 and once read all the back stories, and I genuinely believe that this week's storyline is your finest piece of work. You summed up the last 35 years of western history in the last panel of Monday's strip.

Caidy Charles | Ducor, CA | March 04, 2013

The term "grandmothered" is brilliant in regards to being taken care of. I once spent half an afternoon applying for a building permit in Elko, Nevada only to be told I could not as the existing building had been "grandfathered" in. "What?" I said, "Did someone famous die there?" No, the clerk solemnly told me, It was the first brothel. "Then", I replied, "should it not be grandmothered in?" He did not get it. Nor did I get the permit.

Jan | New York, NY | March 03, 2013

"Written under brutal conditions..." Which probably explains why we've been seeing Flashback strips for a week.

Freewheelin' Franklin | Corralitos, CA | March 03, 2013

Artisanal comics? Okay, but are they organic, too?

Fiona M. K. | Melbourne, AUSTRALIA | March 03, 2013

So if (as the Quakers posit) only God is perfect and if (as our boys in the strip posit) corporate comics are perfect, it must mean the corporates are God. Oh wait a minute, we knew that, right?

David R. Chamberlin | Laurel, MD | March 03, 2013

Artisanal comics??? Bravo, GBT!

Terry D. McGee | Sydney, AUSTRALIA | March 03, 2013

Great to see Mickey on board. it's like Freud would say, maybe, "Archetypes are part of our cultural sub-conscious."

Molly Larson Cook | Bellevue, WA | March 03, 2013

I'm falling off my chair this morning with "artisanal comics." If anything needed the Doonesbury touch, it was the current adoration of all things "artisanal." I was once almost thrown out of a restaurant in Portland, Oregon, for ordering a Heineken after the waiter's pretentious pitch about their "artisanal" beers. Thank you, thank you.

David | Hempstead, NY | March 02, 2013

Business should be booming for myFacts. Doesn't anyone else see the link between the failure of the Mayan Apocalypse and the Pope's resignation? Both sides of the political spectrum need facts to bolster their Sequestering arguments. Will the Sequester do to the economy what Godzilla did to Tokyo, or is the Sequester just what a clear-headed economist would order? I'll be calling Austin as soon as my credit card application is approved.

Dan | Rurrenabaque, BOLIVIA | March 02, 2013

Incredible. In four panels, GBT can deliver zingers at multiple levels and restore my faith in at least part of humanity.

Andrew Laine | Cape Cod, MA | February 28, 2013

I so love the compatability of inplausible facts and Fox News, and Austin just cracks me up!

Saskfan | Darkest Saskatchewan | February 28, 2013

I would have thought that even MyFacts has standards; even if it's "only" Fox News that wants to buy his product, Austin should avoid selling implausibility. What if the source gets leaked? MyFacts could be in trouble!

Barb | Bend, OR | February 25, 2013

Good ol' Austin, the call center character. Where would our world be without him? Ever cheerfully mellow, as bland as his clothing, he has all the necessary answers at his fingertips. Nothing upsets him, although he works in a bullpen where there aren't even cubicle walls between him and his co-workers, and where all the colors -- of desk, computer, floor, ceiling, backboard, and the duct tape that keeps any and all of it from falling apart -- are grey. I doubt if he gets to keep his own desk, chair and mouse from one month, one week, one day to the next, as the next or previous shift person may change it all around. I envy his callers, as his accent is probably third generation Northern Rocky Mountains, and his enunciation is that of a college theater major. He is ever grateful for his steady paycheck, and knows that as long as he meets call metrics of time and customer satisfaction, he is safe from the cruel world of unemployment.

I did call center work for a little over a month (not counting training), and I still feel bad for the people who were so cursed as to have me answer their calls.

David Ferrier | Edmonton, CANADA | February 25, 2013

Kudos on today's "everyone is entitled to their own set of facts" oblique comment on the illogic of climate change denial, creationists, etc.

Mark Gamon | Royston, UK | February 24, 2013

At last! Becca's back!! More!!!

DeAnna Burghart | SoCal | February 24, 2013

I'm in the middle of a couple of editing projects right now, and this came at exactly the right time. It's easy to forget that good editors do a lot more than just moving the commas around. Sometimes, you can't avoid inserting yourself in the story. It's all good, as long as the author stays front and center and always has the reins.