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Edward C. | Denver, CO | April 01, 2013

B.D. and Zonker! Thirty-eight years since it started for me, it's so cool to still have them in my life.

Allie | Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC | March 31, 2013

It's good to see I'm not the only mother that lives to embarrass her children. Lucky for my kids we didn't have video camera access back then. Not that this stops me.

Pat Goudey O'Brien | Warren, VT | March 31, 2013

Ah, I just love those two. GBT draws Leo as such an awesome, complex, and inherently decent person. But one with a huge dollop of 'fun' in his soul. Leo's relationship with Alex and their interplay is so much fun to contemplate. I keep thinking one has to be at least a bit of a really, really nice person to create such characters. They could not come from the mind of a mean person, even if the mind they do come from is also capable of creating Duke. Thanks to Garry for such fun people to spend time with on a quiet Sunday morning in late March.

N. Fraz | Woodland Park, CO | March 30, 2013

Interestingly, "Kevin Colorado Springs" makes sense! The Springs has embraced medical marijuana as a terrific source of tax revenue. There are dozens of dispensaries within the city limits. I'm not a card-carrying "member," but I appreciate that the revenue it has generated allowed the city to re-open public toilets and re-install trash cans within the city parks and trails system; yes, those amenities were gone for a time. Get out here, Zonk! KCS is welcome in the Springs!

Jan Cunningham, | New Haven, CT | March 29, 2013

Frame three today: I've never seen B.D. smile. And this hint of a smile -- alert self interest, drawn with so little information between upper lip and nose, but conveying perfectly the lack of information in B.D.'s character; eyebrows tilted in unexpected pleasure. It's amazing.

Jason Thorn | Phoenix, AZ | March 29, 2013

Zonker, B.D. had to listen to all of your game-derailing diatribes when you were on the team. And now you complain when he actually enjoys the conversation?

Marc H. | Boulder, CO | March 28, 2013

Kevin Colorado Springs? Colorado Springs, home of Focus on the Family? Are you kidding? How about Kevin Boulder (The People's Republic of Boulder) or even Kevin Teluride or Aspen or Ward (a smaller People's Republic higher up in the Rockies above Boulder.) Zonker is just too East Coast pseudo hip.

Bill Shortell | West Hartford, CT | March 27, 2013

I'm a union activist and a long-time fan. I'm already nervous about your "strike" theme. A strike is a very carefully considered, democratic action by deeply dissatisfied workers, who have attempted to negotiate with their managers before taking such a serious step. We don't chose our strike leaders like that. There's a vote. Stoners would not be likely to win. Your strip is very influential. Please treat us with truth and justice. Do you have experienced advisers for this?

Ed Cherlin | Columbus, IN | March 27, 2013

Uh, oh, I think Zonk's blown his cover. What's this about "normally" not being stoned?

Duffy | Kookville, NY | March 27, 2013

Zonker leading a strike? Now that's rich!!

Scamp | Sandy, OR | March 26, 2013

As a Springs native I don't think Zonker or his plants would thrive in "The City of Wide Streets and Narrow Minds."

Barb | Bend, OR | March 26, 2013

I wonder if this incident was one of the inspirations for last week's story arc. After this prime example of video-bombing, I'm sure that a number of aides were told to comb their hair, put down the smart phones, stay focused and in control.

Tony Phillips | Chicago, IL | March 26, 2013

Zonker would do a lot better as "Ben Boulder."

Jim Milstein, General Astronomical Officer | New Uraniborg, CO | March 26, 2013

Colorado Springs is so wrong for Z. Please allow me to offer New Uraniborg, home to the Keplerian Institution, which would be honored to have Zonker as its Horticulturist in Residence.

Tim Eastman | Lee's Summit, MO | March 26, 2013

Zonk will not be happy as "Kevin Colorado Springs." I suggest "Martin Manitou Springs" as a little better match.

Bob Herlihy | Milford, MA | March 26, 2013

Far out!

Dan Duffy | Durham, NC | March 26, 2013

John! I last saw him in Ha Noi, 1994, weeks after Viet Nam granted Americans with visas permission to travel freely there. He played the Soviet Youth Friendship Palace, biggest venue in town, with surely not enough seats to make his nut. We were doing the same thing, opening up our countries at personal expense. I would not have been caught dead at a John Denver show under any other circumstance. I married the Foreign Business School student who invited me to that concert. We're divorced, John is dead, and his music that night remains a lovely memory.

Deric | Colorado Springs, CO | March 26, 2013

All right! Some of us in the Springs will welcome the Zonk man, as well as his industry -- we need jobs not funded by the Defense Department or the VA.

Jack Wallick | Colorado Springs, CO | March 26, 2013

Please send Zonk, I mean Kevin, to Colorado Springs! GBT could shred this place.

Barb | Bend, OR | March 26, 2013

How sweet it is, to see John Denver mentioned in the strip again. Poor Duke, he never did appreciate his musical neighbor. I am saddened to see that Mr. Denver is not mentioned in either Duke's or Zeke's biographies, nor are they listed on Mr. Denver's Wikipedia page. But again, it's good to see his name in the strip once more, and just in time for his tribute album! "It's a Colorado rocky mountain high/ I've seen it rainin' fire in the sky ..."