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Susan Marsten | Fort Myers, FL | February 02, 2013

Mike tells us to stick to print, but my local newspaper has moved farther and farther to the right in recent years. I'm not willing to pay for the paper simply to read Doonesbury in print (very small print on the editorial page) and the grocery ads. I subscribe to the online version of the New York Times instead, and I'd subscribe to Doonesbury too if it came down to it.

Editor's Note:

 Actually, you already are. Little-known but fun fact: Doonesbury has been on the New York Times web site for years. You can find it under "cartoons" or click here.

Karen Zemnickas | Clarkston, MI | February 02, 2013

Power to the press. I loved today's strip. People just don't get it. I hope they wake up before there are no more ink smudges with morning coffee.

Terry D. McGee | Sydney, AUSTRALIA | February 02, 2013

Today's strip raises the ancient question of the glass -- is it half full or half empty? -- and of life itself. We have to keep our priorities; laughter mixed with wisdom first, everything else second or third.

Joe | Tokyo, JAPAN | February 02, 2013

What happens to comics if newspapers go away is that the successful ones become less like Doonesbury and more like The Oatmeal, XKCD, and all the other thriving web comics whose creators are earning a living from new media, rather than the archaic, tree-destroying newspaper model.

Raoul | Knoxville, TN | February 02, 2013

Your strip was interesting today, exhorting your readers to "stick with print." There is a reason that print is dying. It's the same reason that the Wall Street Journal is, and will be, the top print news for as long as print news stays around, and it's the same reason that Fox is the top broadcast station.

Ami J. | Edison, NJ | January 31, 2013

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. Why shouldn't life happen to Toggle and Alex? Sure, GB could have given them a magical, obstacle-free storyline, but doesn't the recent development make them more real? While I love Zonker talking to plants, and Jeff's Red Rascal persona, what grounds the strip is the real things, the actual complicated daily-life things, big and small.

Xupa K. | Digisphere, USA | January 30, 2013

I hate to use such strong language, but... AAACCKKK!! You can't tell your audience you're taking feedback via Tweet and not give them real accounts! Ravenous Twits are highly self-trained to snap to and respond when they see one of those things. You must be wreaking havoc on poor @Zipper (a defunct game designer) and @Redrascal (a parked account?).

Joshua Rey | London, UK | January 30, 2013

Ah, it was ever thus. Culturally destabilising characters are best played by British actors -- Charles van Doren, Nixon, Sgt. Brody... Zipper.

Paul | NEW JERSEY | January 29, 2013

Interactions via Twitter? Does this mean Doonesbury is getting a new account? Oh man. Last time, when Roland Hedley was tweeting like crazy, was the best! (So sad that it's all gone now.)* Today's strip even lists an actual Twitter name! Let me try it: @zipper is... a defunct video game company? *sigh* I knew it was too good to be true.

* Editor's note: Roland's prodigious output of 140-character reportage has been preserved in old-media format. Click here to order "MY SHORTS R BUNCHING. THOUGHTS?" : The Tweets of Roland Hedley.

Larry | Honolulu, HI | January 29, 2013

4 GBT frames beats 140 chr twitter snark.

Ellen | Atlanta, GA | January 28, 2013

Today's mailbox-week interruption of Drew's big news? Not cool GBT, not cool. (But well played, kind sir.)

Ian | Frankfurt, GERMANY | January 28, 2013

What a shame the mailbag interrupted today's strip. I've been wondering where the Drew character was going. She is the only recurring character in the Doonesbury world who has no story or social commentary associated with her and her actions. She has been used solely to articulate Alex's insecurities and give an insight to her relationship to Toggle. My guess is that her big news is related to the lack of guys in her life. Maybe a coming out, or a hookup with another character.

L. | Eureka Springs, AK | January 28, 2013

Thanks for linking to the Sandbox post NIGHTMARE in Blowback yesterday. When I got to the phrase "Suck it up..." I broke out in a cold sweat. My husband, a Vietnam vet, has used that expression periodically over the years. I did not know that it probably came from his military experience. This explains a lot. He is now suffering from Parkinson's Disease as a result of Agent Orange exposure, and every day is a battle of wits between the two of us. I know that his best physical defense is our twice-daily walk in the countryside near our home. He fights it. Every day. He wants to sit in his chair watching television. Every day. All day. He was offered depression meds and refused them. He said he doesn't want to be spaced out or dulled to the world. I shouted "DO I SEEM F***** 'SPACED OUT' AND 'DULLED TO THE WORLD' GOD DAMMIT??" (I take a low-dose depression med.) I think he's been "sucking it up."

Perry Rutter | New York, NY | January 28, 2013

I just finished reading Doonesbury from the very first comic up to the present. It's an incredible journey and wonderfully educational. As a child of the 80s I didn't learn much about the 70s or 80s in school and the 90s was when I was just starting to pay attention. Thanks for the hilarious, moving, human journey.

Alex | Brooklyn, NY | January 28, 2013

I've had some ideas for budget cuts for a very long time now:

1. TSA is to be eliminated.

2. War on Drugs is to be eliminated.

3. Eliminate plea bargains. All the plea bargain does is to hide how many people are being shoved into prison on trivial cases. If someone's done something severe enough to warrant arrest, then it warrants trial. Such a change would force the police to stop arresting people on nothing charges because juries would simply be far too needed for real crime cases. It would also reduce expenses for courts.

4. The U.S. military is to be reduced in size and budget by 90 percent. As we saw with 9/11, modern warfare is asymmetrical, and cheap for the smaller side to wage. All we do with a giant military apparatus is help the other side wear us down faster.

5. All military/penal/government suppliers will be required by law to make no profit. That's right. And all salaries (including benefits) are to be capped at twice the minimum wage. You want to supply toothpaste to the military? Then you'd better be doing it because you want to help the soldiers, not because you want to make some money.

6. The big cost saver: All elected officials are to lose their pensions and life-time health care upon completion of public service. They will simply have to make do with what all of us get: a lecture on how we should have saved more and pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps.

Roger Cooke | Burlington, VT | January 27, 2013

I've had a budget-balancing plan figured out for years: For each of his or her constituents, every representative should be required to specify $10,000 of cuts in his or her own district. I'm sure they'll be lining up on both sides of the aisle to embrace this eminently practical plan.

Marcia Doscher | Tampa, FL | January 27, 2013

And other ideas for cuts? How about all elected federal officials, i.e. the President, Vice President, and members of Congress, take a 10% salary cut for two years, starting now!

Linda Weinberg | Anmore, CANADA | January 26, 2013

The latest Sandbox post should be required reading for all political leaders, and for anyone who has had contact with a service person -- past or present. It was incredibly moving to me, but also very positive about healthy results from unimaginably awful events. 

Karen L. Hale | San Diego, CA | January 26, 2013

Twins aren't always early. Mine were full term, each weighing in at 6 lbs. Congrats, Toggle and Alex. Twins are a blast.

J.E.Q.P. | Pindimar, NSW | January 25, 2013

So Alex did wait until the second trimester to tell somebody; that dissipates my exasperation with her yesterday.