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Sandra M. | Indianapolis, IN | September 11, 2017

I love the juxtaposition of today's 45-years-ago and 40-years-ago Flashback strips. Forty-five years ago we met runaway housewife Joanie, looking tired and drawn. Five years later, she's a confident Capitol Hill lawyer dishing out subpoenas. Love it!

Antonio Velarde | Mexico City, MEXICO | September 10, 2017

Wow. in today's Sunday strip Zonker has done it again! What great insight on things he has. Every time I see a Sci-Fi film or series about humans in space, one of the crew members either looses his mind due to long confinement or gets infected by some alien organism and eventually dooms the mission. So after seeing the last one I thought, "Why don't we just send robots?" Like Zonker says, they can do the job better and cheaper, they don´t need life support systems, their behavior is always logical and reasonable, they can transmit back all the data we need, and if they get sucked into a black hole we can always replace them. I know AI also has some dangers (sorry, Hal 9000) but it is the way things are going.

The great "Z" does not stop there. He also invites us to ponder our current technological society, where things just get thrown out instead of repaired. (So maybe the future of our planet is to be a great dumpster of broken-down robots.) I personally would like it if someday, one way or another, we do get to Mars. But we need to take care of our planet first! The one thing many astronauts have agreed on when they return from orbiting Earth is how small and borderless it looks from space. It is our only home, and we really should think about this before we think about living on another planet.

Shoosie Roberts | Dallas, TX | September 09, 2017

In Friday's 20-years-ago-today Flashback strip the president of Walden College deadpans one of the funniest lines i've ever seen -- a punch line that needs no straight man or setup. A four-word joke, complete! Trudeau's the man.

John Ghalt | Anchorage, AK | September 06, 2017

Normally the Duke strips are among my least favorite; the recent recycles are an exception. Duke is discovering that Honey is indeed a formidable "hooligan."

Amphibious | Donegal, IRELAND | September 06, 2017

The Classic Doonesbury reruns from prehistory bolster the retro sense of "everything old is new again," but I am less than sanguine about reports that "there are serious people" around the White House to stop DJT doing something really, rilly stoopid. A more recent example of Life imitating Art: Aaron Sorkin's "The West Wing" has a scene in which President Bartlett, worried about his MS causing him to act irrationally, is reassured that there are many people who would not let him do that. But he is informed that the Constitutionally correct reality is that anyone refusing to act on the C-in-C's orders would go to gaol. Looking back at what happened during Nixon's final days in office is not reassuring.

Pete | Hillsdale, NJ | September 04, 2017

R. I. P. Walter Becker. Expert purveyor of hard-earned cynicism and compulsively listenable songs about unspeakable characters. Outsiders are almost always looking in, but when it gets hot in there, it's the outsiders who are cool.

Edward Cherlin | Columbus, IN | September 04, 2017

Exactly! Not just @RealRBHJr. They all need to stop helping, especially @realDonaldTrump. But that's just it, of course. He can't help himself.

R.W.M., M.D. | Arlington, VA | September 02, 2017

As a member of both the American Psychoanalytic Association and American Psychiatric Association, I was pleased that you let your leaders know that members of the former are free to speak publicly about Trump's lack of mental health. Not to quibble, but the first diagnosis, malignant narcissism, includes the other descriptions of psychopath, anti-social personality, and sociopath. As a member of the American Psychiatric Association, I am not allowed to say that I agree.

Amphibious | Donegal, IRELAND | September 01, 2017

Today's music video with Donovan and Bobbie Gentry broke my heart for lost innocence. How many of us in the Sixties believed that The Future was gonna be good?

Chris | Saint Augustine, FL | August 31, 2017

Re today's 45-years-ago strip: I had to Google the name "Carol Doda" to joggle my memory. Nice flashback!

Thomas Ehrenberg | Brattleboro, VT | August 29, 2017

Full blown narcissistic personality disorder and sociopathy (in its various presentations) frequently overlap, with the grandiosity thrown in as well. Because the true narcissist experiences himself as superior, he is thus convinced that society's rules -- and laws -- don't apply to him. He imagines himself as above the law. The lack of concern for others and absence of any empathy are also characteristic, since the narcissist is entirely self referential (though often clever at figuring others out, and frequently charismatic as well). Narcissism is a different phenomenon from autism, having only the superficial similarity of non-relatedness. Paradoxically, the need for approval and admiration is constant and profound, as they substitute for genuine relationship.

Joshua Eliason | Givat Ada, ISRAEL | August 28, 2017

Your Sunday strip elicited more free psycho diagnostics than I could ever have dreamed to obtain anywhere in the world. America, you elected this guy. He's a reflection of your own current zeitgeist (strange I should be using another German word after what those Nazi flamers did last week...). What's wrong with you?!?

Susan Dawkins LCSW | Castro Valley, CA | August 28, 2017

Mental Health Professionals use different language to define the same condition. It just depends on their training, whether they have a pscyhodynamic or behavioral orientation, etc. But we all know what an elephant is when we see it.

Roger Webb | Little Rock, AR | August 27, 2017

Note the similarities between the behavior of recently convicted pharmaceutical executive, Martin Shkreli, and that of our president. Most of the suggestions in today's strip work at a descriptive level, but I suspect a more fundamental underlying pathology. My suggestion is the autism spectrum. Shkreli's lawyer pointed to his client’s incompetent social behavior, possibly in an effort to secure a lighter sentence. So far, none of Trump’s defenders have arrived at that point, but Trump has not been convicted yet. I live in hope.

Thomas Shoesmith | New York, NY | August 27, 2017

Hey, shrinks, there's no need to disagree: Just check "All of the Above." But you left out Borderline Personality Disorder and the desperate need for approval.

Donna Christopher | Lucerne, CA | August 27, 2017

What? No "All of the Above" regarding the Trump diagnosis?

Glenn Gordon | Racine, WI | August 24, 2017

"Renegotiate." Priceless. Today's Classic strip could have been written yesterday.

Donna Christopher | Lucerne, CA | August 24, 2017

Thanks for the moment of Merle -- it made a great start to the day.

Yeti | Hermatite Basin, CO | August 24, 2017

Uncle Duke is the first psychopath who ever made me laugh.

McAlvie | Baltimore, MD | August 22, 2017

I see I'm not the only one noticing that even the indomitable Austin at TRUMPFacts® is starting to get fed up. GBT did a great job at conveying that, in order to protect Austin, the conversations should be recorded "for quality assurance purposes."