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Sandra Meyer | Redwood City, CA | August 26, 2012

I worked for two years at Bain and Company during the reign of Bush the First. (At that time manufacturing jobs were disappearing from the East Coast while Bush said there was nothing wrong with the economy. Remember?) I just read today's comic. Bain does not downsize, they "rightsize."

Rev. Dr. Bob Faser | Hobart, AUSTRALIA | August 26, 2012

It's striking how fit your mature-age characters are. There are very few beer-bellies on the men, even fewer bingo-wings on the women. Must be something in the water.

Ben | Worcester, MA | August 24, 2012

I wish Joanie weren't so busy writing the convention speech! While I know it's a BFD, I'd love to have her come back to Worcester to campaign (as she did earlier this year). Worcester County is basically the Ohio of Massachusetts (in the middle, up for grabs), and no day spent campaigning here is a waste for the Warren team. Maybe a day door-knocking around here would provide Joanie a spark of inspiration?

Jahn Ghalt | University Town, USA | August 23, 2012

A belated comment on last week's for-profit-college theme: GBT has made bales of hay with Walden as an example of the sad state of too much of the college world, but the sort of corruption he exposed is not limited to investor-owned colleges. Sad to say, I have had close knowledge of a State University that prays at the Altar of the Full Time Equivalent (FTE). My wife taught at this "university" for some time and encountered considerable pressure to pass students who should have been somewhere other than an "academic" institution. Employers know this -- too many qualified students don't. And the unqualified are complicit in the growingly transparent lie.

Barb | Bend, OR | August 22, 2012

I am just a few years younger than Joanie, and I wish I had arms like hers, and be brave enough to go sleeveless. I have never see her working out at the gym or fussing over her diet; it must be the paper she's drawn on.

Maerzie | Florence, WI / Perdido Beach, AL | August 22, 2012

That picture of Zonker at the top of the Flashbacks page, lying out on the grass under the big, open sky, makes me nostalgic for the days before I had to think about the health of my lungs. But being alone would've never worked for me, as I expounded with so much brilliance! And I never did find out if brownies were just as good.

Kurt Mpoore | Denver, CO | August 22, 2012

I loved the "school as a business" strips, and thought other readers might appreciate this story.

Ann | West Chester, PA | August 21, 2012

Reading the FAQ strips about how Alex and Leo met made me cry!

Henry C. | New Haven, CT | August 19, 2012

In New York I had to sign my name in front of poll workers. They had a copy of my signature from my voter registration form. Comparing signatures seems a reasonable way to establish identity. In Connecticut I am required to show identification, but not necessarily a photo ID. There are lots of ways to prevent fraud without suppressing the vote.

Andy Jarrell | Newton, MA | August 19, 2012

In the event that it did not come to your attention, you may be amused/bemused to learn that there is currently a potential voter fraud issue in Massachusetts. It appears, however, not to involve a voter, but a politician running for office.

Pat Davidson | Cedar Park, TX | August 19, 2012

In today's strip Jimmy Crow mentions 86 cases of fraud. According to this New York Daily News story, there were 46,000 voters registered in both New York and Florida. It is not known how many may have voted twice, but the situation represents the potential for more fraud. There is no national registry of voters.

Margaret Farrell | Los Angeles, CA | August 18, 2012

As a long-time high school counselor in economically depressed neighborhoods, I can't applaud enough your current strips on for-profit "colleges." I've seen so many hopeful kids saddled with enormous debt and bitter disappointment by these heartless criminals. "Poke the pain," indeed! I wish we could put the strip on public transportation and, for that matter, blimp banners! Thank you.

Em | Cleveland, OH | August 18, 2012

Reading through the archives I once again find that Doonesbury ages like fine wine, or at least like surprisingly-well-made moonshine. Over a decade ago Alex, after watching Titanic one too many times, appears to have accidentally predicted her recent wedding.

Bradlee White | Kismet, NY | August 17, 2012

Re your recent strips on trade schools and colleges: I was involved in New York State hearings on such schools in the late 1970s -- same horror stories. Nothing has changed except there is more money available to these dishonest schools.

Beej | Morrisville, NC | August 16, 2012

In light of Mel's storyline, I thought readers of the strip might be interested to know that a web mini-series about sexual assault in the military has just started here.

Scooter | New Canaan, CT | August 16, 2012

I appreciated the recent series about for-profit universities -- and the abundance of SayWhat? quotes that accompanied it. Well done. Maybe, just maybe, one of our slash-and-burn congressmen will realize we could save billions by putting these rats out of business.

Gina Sclafani | New York, NY | August 16, 2012

I never thought about the Troops. Then a random event in 2009 changed everything. (I wrote about it in this post: A Sailor Wrecks My Indifference.) Inspired by that event, I adopted a Soldier, and that led me to eventually help over 800 Troops. My blog, called Gina Leaves The Mall, is intended to inspire and enable support for our Troops among civilians, and help make our Troops feel appreciated.

Jesse Baker | Pound, VA | August 16, 2012

BD should be thrilled that Walden is going public! More money in federal student loans means that he can now freaking demand more money for the football team from the college, budget-wise, and the team and the football culture at large can be used to recruit new students to go to Walden (especially since as a non-accreditted school, they need something to draw people in as well as keep their party college rep).

Chris Campbell | Overland Park, KS | August 15, 2012

The real shame is that online learning really is an effective, efficient approach to education. That the field is overrun with profiteers is entirely a result of outdated student financial aid laws. Too bad Congress is so busy with, um, whatever it is they do these days to address an issue that could actually help the long-term employment situation.

John McQueen | Chantilly, VA | August 15, 2012

I had no clue the 'for-profits' are so wont to take the money and run customers/students aground; call it a con job for job-seekers. At the very least, let's demand a sign at each 'campus' limning the cold, hard veritas: ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE.