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Maggie Norris | San Jose, CA | November 22, 2012

Usually I enjoy Doonesbury and turn to it every morning. However, I don't find the punch line in today's strip ("pregnant legitimate rape victims") very funny.

David Ferrier | Edmonton, CANADA | November 22, 2012

Re "pregnant legitmate rape victims" -- GBT has the guts to face the real issues. Thanks!

Peter Mork | Boston, MA | November 22, 2012

I thought this week's "Victory Lap" series was okay, but using the word 'rape' in a punchline made me shudder. Bad one.

David C. | Vancouver, CANADA | November 21, 2012

I wonder if anyone from the UK Met Office is marching in the math and science victory lap. They just released a report indicating that global warming stopped 16 years ago.

Mary Haworth | Montreal, CANADA | November 21, 2012

Today's strip refers to the 99% of climatologists who agree that global warming is man-made, to which I have to say "Good." Because that means we can also cool it, if necessary, the power to create being equal to and as great as the power to destroy.

Evan | Seattle, WA | November 21, 2012

Loving the strip. But since Mike and Kim are living here in the Pacific Northwest (aka Seattle), it's not fair that their weather should be sunny and cloudless all the time.

Don Poole | Youngsville, NC | November 21, 2012

This "reality based community" seems rather lightly populated. Sure would like to increase its numbers. Thanks for reminding us it's there, though.

Terry Loeppky | Victoria, CANADA | November 19, 2012

I have reached an age where I have difficulty remembering lots of things, but I do remember Studs Terkel's piece on the art of the supermarket cashier, in his fine book Working.

Dave | Abington, PA | November 19, 2012

...and Doonesbury comes out swinging, standing tall for reason, intelligence, and common sense. Thanks, Garry!

Fivegreys | Eddyville, KY | November 19, 2012

Just when I thought Doonesbury couldn't possibly get any better following the wonderful strip with B.D. and Toggle last week, you go and give us the "math and science victory lap"! Hoping for many more victories for the math and science team.

A.D.H. | New York, NY | November 19, 2012

Re MENTION: I think Mark Spitz was Zonker's bete noir because Spitz showed what self-discipline and ambition can do -- and that is the part of reality Zonker does not want to even acknowledge, much less admit. (Sorry, Z. We do love you!)

Lostin67 | LA, CA | November 18, 2012

Today's is possibly the best strip I have ever read. I still remember the day, 21 years ago, when I became just too old for a store employee to look at me "that way." Ah, nostalgia...

Molly Larson Cook | Seattle, WA | November 18, 2012

Today's "checkout" strip was right on the money and gave me a chuckle. Fortunately, even at the big local chain market where I shop, the cashiers are friendly, but at other kinds of chain stores, not so much. I occasionally stop talking until the cashier, usually a young woman like this one, makes eye contact. They may behave like robots, but I'm not gonna. They might also not "see" anybody over 50, but we're bold! We're old! Get used to it.

Joel | Santa Cruz, CA | November 18, 2012

Today's strip brings to mind the time a local chain grocery store installed an edict that all cashiers would conduct each check-out strictly by script. There was a cashier who'd been working there 20 years, and handled each customer conversationally like it was an art form; any kind of person walked away from this woman's register feeling better than when they walked in. The cashier wouldn't do the script that she knew most of her customers would regard as insulting (not to mention how she was supposed to explain the awkward transition without sounding like she was ripping her employer), so the store put her on notice for insubordination. Whether she was actually suspended, I don't recall. What was memorable was the customers starting a petition in the neighborhood, complaining to the store about the policy and their treatment of what should have been a prized employee.

Dennis B. Swaney | Oroville, CA | November 18, 2012

How appropriate that today's Flashback strip shows Mike and Bernie buying what looks like a loaf of Wonder Bread! That bread is also now apparently no longer "visible" in the stores.

Stephen M. | Westminster, MD | November 17, 2012

Good for Zipper! I always thought there was a little more going on up there than he let on, and today's strip affirms that. But if my daughter brought him home from college, I'd still have to kick his worthless ass!

J.G. | New York, NY | November 15, 2012

I've been mulling over last Sunday's strip all week (way to make me cry, BTW). See, he's the vet, and I'm the one with PTSD. I struggle, often, with doubts about my worthiness; he is undeniably the kindest and most honorable man I've ever met. In the four years we've been together, the scariest thing he ever said to me was, "I trust you," as he paid for my education. I live with TBI and don't entirely trust myself. I know it sounds silly to get inspiration from a comic strip, but I do. Thanks for some of the finest characters to spring from a pen, and thanks for showing me, again, that I'm not alone and I'm not crazy.

Maryhelen Posey | Calgary, CANADA | November 15, 2012

I would just like to mention that I am totally baffled by Zonker's night terrors about Mark Spitz?

Ela H. | SLC, UT | November 14, 2012

Re FRESHMAN. You jump, despite a lack of explosions, because you put your life on the line so the rest of us could have our safe little bubbles to live in. We screwed you up a bit to maintain our standards, and we know it. You risked not only your life but your mental stability for us, and so we owe you. You are entitled. You jump, therefore you are entitled. Even if one day you realize you can stifle the jump (because we all know you are tough enough to get there), you are still entitled. You earned it.

Rick V. | New York, NY | November 14, 2012

Re NEVER AGAIN. One of the most qualified people ever elected President had served in the Congress, the Senate, and been Secretary of State, was ambassador to Russia and Britain, and turned down a seat on the Supreme Court. That was James Buchanan, the 15th president. When he left office the country was in a civil war. The next guy after him was by far the most unqualified person ever to hold office. Self-educated, some minor terms in the Illinois legislature, one term in the U.S. Congress, had lost his Senate race. He is regarded today as perhaps our greatest President.