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Marcia | Longmont, CO | November 06, 2012

Let me be one of the first to congratulate Joanie and the team on a race well won and a well-deserved win. And thanks to Doonesbury for giving Dr. Warren a boost.

Treva Obbard | Albany, CA | November 06, 2012

CONGRATULATIONS to Joanie and the whole Warren campaign!

Susan | Big Piney, WY | November 06, 2012

Elizabeth Warren won! Thanks, Joanie! (And the rest of her staff.)

Theo | Ferndale, CA | November 05, 2012

Just one little thing about abandoning your nurse...

Andrea Barker | LUXEMBOURG | November 05, 2012

Re TELEPHONE CALL: One of the many, many joys of this Doonesbury site is its assumption that we will understand (and of course possibly apply) its use of the word 'approbation.' The whole thing is a little oasis of pleasure in a frequently depressing world. More power to your elbow, GBT, and fingers crossed here in Europe for Tuesday's outcome.

Anne Hormann | Pasadena, CA | November 05, 2012

This is just a note to express my eternal gratitude for making me laugh and saving my sanity throughout this ghastly election. Please keep holding people's feet to the fire. Love and thanks.

C.J.C. | Columbus, GA | November 04, 2012

That's truly a scary commentary today. Man...Now I'm worried about Tuesday.

Karen | Layton, UT | November 04, 2012

At the end of today's strip, the response to Leo's mother should have been: "Remember when you lost your house and had to move into this trailer?"

Fred Tyler | Stony Brook, NY | November 04, 2012

I wonder if there is really a humor-perceiving constituency for today's anti-Wall-Street strip. I won't trouble you explicitly with my accuracy concern because I did see the strip in the funny pages -- where editorializing is acceptable.

Sal Sciortino | Granada Hills, CA | November 03, 2012

What an awful woman -- leaves the hospital and doesn't tell her nurse? That's not cute, it's mean!

Margaret Lark | Littleton, MA | November 03, 2012

Whoa! Waitaminute! Poor Joanie? Fragile health? Dutiful wife and mother? Who the hell are we talking about here? As a woman of Caucus years (and a Warren volunteer), I must object. Joanie is anything but poor and fragile. It's my guess she isn't a dutiful wife and mother but rather one who is a good spouse and mom due to zest, humor, and balance rather than dry duty. Were she real, I'd be buying her flowers and bringing them to the Warren campaign office for us both to enjoy. Over coffee. While making phone calls.

David Huntington | Katy, TX | November 03, 2012

I sincerely hope that this is not going to be the end of the lady who hitchhiked a ride to Walden, enriched hundreds of children's lives at the nursery, entered law school, and served our nation. Please?

David Hesla | Decatur, GA | November 03, 2012

A predicate nominative! Oh, joy! And wouldn't it be Joanie who answers a telephone call in this old-fashioned and -- speaking strictly -- "correct" way.

J.B. | Nantwich, UK | November 02, 2012

Even total hip replacement patients are typically up and home within two or three days in the UK, walking with crutches. No driving, but they can be driven. Joanie attending the meeting is perfectly feasible.

Lisa W. Donovan | Concord, NH | November 02, 2012

Perhaps next time Joanie can get a minimally invasive anterior hip replacement. My husband had one last Thursday and was home in 23 hours. He used a cane, and we walked up and down our street. He started working at home on Saturday.

Jonathan Brown | Potsdam, NY | November 02, 2012

Seeing Joanie in the last panel seems, I don't know, triumphant? She has risen, sense of humor and drive and purpose intact. I think today's strip will inject a lot of enthusiasm into the Warren campaign and everyone who will vote for her. Hope so.

Chris Parkins | London, UK | November 02, 2012

I hope that when we see Duke and Honey in 2013 (only a few months away!) they don't look as old as they did in the "Coming, Summer 2013!" preview strip that appeared as the 10-Years-Ago Flashback yesterday.

Murray Reiss | Salt Spring Island, CANADA | November 02, 2012

"People get sick." But they still have to show up for work. Even in a caring political campaign.

Nancy Gee | Los Angeles, CA | November 02, 2012

Today's strip has a teensy tiny typo. Instead of "they get jobs," it should say "they look for jobs."

Paul Heisey | Baltimore, MD | November 02, 2012

Perhaps we are meant to infer that Joanie's trip back into the political maelstrom so soon after her surgery means she lives a "reality-based" lifestyle.