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Eric Ahlsen | Cape Elizabeth, ME | November 14, 2012

Re MY DAD. Been there. Please don't give up on him. He needs all the love you can possibly spare. When you've been through hell there's nowhere to turn for support but from family.

John N. | Charleston, SC | November 14, 2012

I am a 51 year old military retiree. I served 30 years total, with two tours in OIF. In January, I will be a college freshman, studying Music and Literature. The post-9/11 GI Bill picks up the tab and supplements my retirement check. I keep waiting for the police to come and arrest me for embezzlement. Am I worthy of this benefit? To this day, there are still certain sounds that make me jump. It's been four years since anything has exploded nearby, but I still jump ("jump" being a euphemism for "choking down rage"). The lady at the Education Center told me to stop arguing, that I am entitled. I still don't feel worthy of it but F' it, might as well. Use it or lose it.

Bernard | Washington, D.C. | November 14, 2012

This is to tell you that I will never again read Doonesbury. By my count, Obama has been mentioned three times in the strip since November 2011, and all three were set-ups to take a swipe at Romney. (I have no idea how long Obama was absent from the strip before then; that was just when I noticed.) In a comparable time span, you frequently ripped the face off George W. Bush. Your contempt of any conservative person, program, policy, or ideal is about as subtle as a slap in the face. But for Obama or any liberal? Nothin' but love. Nothin' but softballs and kid gloves. Meanwhile, we elected the least-qualified president in U.S. history in 2008, and then re-elected him last Tuesday! This has been a long time building, but your rigidly one-sided strip has finally gotten on my last nerve. You have lost a long-time reader.

Richard | Olympia, WA | November 14, 2012

Sometimes the Blowback is more prolific and concise than the strip. I admit I struggled with 'unworthiness,' causing myself and my family many stressful moments. I thought it was just me, my FoO, and my issue. I didn't buy a house until our first child arrived. Our second, now 21 (I am sixty five now) was accidental (FWIW: turned out great!) and evolved our faith -- not opinion, belief -- in our abilities as parents. We became 'worthy' because it was demanded of us. Big picture? Worth, or unworth, we have another stage to go through.

I see the guys on skid row, the 99%, who have served, borne the injury, borne the suffering, and still bear up today. I wish I could change that. I can't. I've tried, but until the person confronts the issue, it's never questioned, never answered, so it's, technically, not there. I can kind of understand, this derelict thinking. It's easier to blame yourself than admit to involvement in some nightmarish engine of destruction. It's neither good nor right, but it is a way of handling things. Why in the world do our best and brightest repeatedly blunder us into these hopeless causes? Then leave us to blame ourselves for the damages done? Are we less worthy than the ones who sent us headlong into this mess? I am so glad you can show successful, if severely adapted, coping strategies. Brought a tear to my eye. Yes, yes it did.

Dan Duffy | Durham, NC | November 14, 2012

Hey, this happens. My roommate's cousin was left an income "until he finished school," and as far as I know he is still accumulating bachelor's degrees at Boulder. And in a case I read about, a man had married and was raising a family on his job earning undergraduate degrees. Faculty adored him. Who doesn't want a grownup taking your subject seriously?

Elizabeth Connor | Roswell, GA | November 13, 2012

Like many others here, I found Sunday's strip very moving. I can't be the only one who flashed back, if ever so briefly, to the insufferable B.D. and giggling, vapid Boopsie of decades ago. Thank you for showing us their journey, GBT.

Selene Cusping | Toronto, CANADA | November 13, 2012

I so want to have Zipper's position. To be at university, surrounded by ideas (I don't need pot or football), would be a dream. Instead, I have to face the real world.

Jason Thorn | Phoenix, AZ | November 13, 2012

And Zipper redefines the concept of "career student." I understand that some of Trudeau's characters have to be protected from reality, but this is a stretch. If Walden is actually paying him to be a student, this is no longer a college -- it's Neverland.

Angie S. | Stafford, VA | November 12, 2012

My dad was a career Marine with distinguished service and flying medals from Viet Nam. He came home, grew his hair, and put on the civilian clothes to hide who he was from the backlash. He left the military, joined the ranks of civilian life, and held everything together for 20 years to provide for our family until the first Iraq incursion brought waves of PTSD washing over him that no one knew he had been battling the whole time. He lost his mind and, sadly, our family, but for all of that I would give a lot to be able to tell him that he was, still is, and always will be, worthy. I hope he read your strip and maybe, somewhere in there, heard my voice, too. Thanks for telling him for me.

Rev. Dr. Bob Faser | Hobart, AUSTRALIA | November 12, 2012

Way to go, Zip. Your "excuse me" may be Jeff's first step on the road to a "reality based lifestyle."

Sally Evans | Flagstaff, AZ | November 12, 2012

I just want to say that for more than thirty years, I think it has been, I've been following, and loving, Doonesbury. Thanks!

David Ferrier | Edmonton, CANADA | November 12, 2012

Thanks for today's "guided cockroach" video. In university in the 1960s, I was a technician in a research lab that used cockroaches to investigate how information is encoded in nerve impulses. One of my less-technical tasks: cleaning the cockroach cage!

Margaret Delgatty | Vancouver, CANADA | November 12, 2012

Both B.D. and Jeff finally starting to grow up? Wow...

Gar | Oakland, CA | November 12, 2012

Things have come to a pretty pass. Until today's strip, who knew I would ever be rooting for Zipper? Jeff's descent continues.

Jim Milstein | New Uraniborg, CO | November 12, 2012

In the current Straw Poll I could not resist voting to put Rove into Hercules' and Prometheus' sandals on their worst days. Mythic gratification. Rove, however, laughs all the way to the bank.

Larry S. | Hilliard, OH | November 12, 2012

Disentitled! Brilliant! Who knew that Jeff had that much insight?

Pete | Hillsdale, NJ | November 12, 2012

At the other end of the Worthiness spectrum, Jeff's last words may serve equally as post-election analysis.

Peter Carlson | Foster, RI | November 11, 2012

After following the characters for many years they have become as real as my human friends, and your dealing with the many issues that confront us makes me smile and often weep. Today's strip is one of those that is so subtle and yet poignant. Thank you.

Paul-William Burch | Binghamton, NY | November 11, 2012

There are days I pretty feel good, even strong, but I always know my wife is my strength. I adore my children, but my wife is the rock. Not only for the good days but of course for the bad days. For a Viet Nam vet the message never gets old. But it is a pity that the anguish hasn't stopped. But thanks. I know I can always count on you. Live long and prosper.

Marty Plotkin | Concord, MA | November 11, 2012

I have always been amazed by your ability to create true emotional weight in a comic strip. But I think today (Worthiness) was the first time I actually wept. You suggest that to live in peace and to be worthy of the ones who love us is as great a challenge as to survive in war. I hope that nobody was offended. Far from devaluing the sacrifice of soldiers, you identify the only thing that is actually worth fighting for. Thank you.