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Niki | Montreal, CANADA | June 17, 2012

You did it again, GT, choked me up with that penultimate panel in today's strip. Keep up the good work re-humanizing the world, mate.

Nick | Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA | June 17, 2012

One word on Alex in her wedding dress: Wow. The butterfly emerges from the caterpillar.

Celinda Kate | Port Townsend, WA | June 17, 2012

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Father's Day strip. It was perfect.

Maria Latina | Cedar Falls, IA | June 17, 2012

It happens so fast, doesn't it, Mike? She's beautiful! And she's marrying such a nice kid.

Donna C. | Lucerne, CA | June 17, 2012

Boy howdy, do I recognize that look on Mike's face. Mental tornado: "That's my baby and when did she/he grow up?" How the heck did our kids grow up and we don't feel a day older (until we try to get out of bed). Hang in there daddy, when they place that first born babe in your arms suddenly becoming an "old fart" is the greatest joy since your now-grown baby was first placed in your arms. Grandparent is the best gig in the world! Well, we can't send wedding gifts -- is there a charity that we can donate to in honor of the soon-to-be newlyweds?

Jason | Shoreview, MN | June 17, 2012

I immediately empathized with Mike when I saw the last frame of today's strip; tears welled up in my eyes. The quote by Alex was pitch perfect, and brought me present to my daughter, who still calls me Daddy sometimes, reminding me of when she was a little girl, even though she is 22 and will soon enough be getting married and moving on with the next stage of her life. Perfect for Father's Day. Thanks, GBT!

L. Rodriguez | Guaynabo, PUERTO RICO | June 17, 2012

Thank you for the tear-jerker in today's strip, GBT! Best wishes on this Father's Day to everyone!

David Cooke | Issaquah, WA | June 17, 2012

Aaaaargh! But I wanted to marry Alex!

Steven Pollack | Silver Spring, MD | June 17, 2012

Father's Day. All the fears and hopes of a father in one simple statement. Thanks, GBT.

Birgitte Thomsen | Arhus, DENMARK | June 17, 2012

More real than life! The beautiful wedding in Walden almost makes me love my own family, ha, ha. I don't think Hans Christian Andersen knew more about about the human character than you do, GBT. Thank you for almost 40 years in your company!

Larry S. | Hilliard, OH | June 16, 2012

So. J.J. and Zeke are crashing the party. I anticipate quite the reveal and the epic ripping Alex is going to lay on Mom for it.

E.C. Koch | Littleton, CO | June 15, 2012

This week's strips are so great. It's not only Alex and Toggle's special event, it feels like a family reunion for me with all these characters I've known so long. All the same delights, surprises and worries of my real reunions.

Steve Bailey | Jacksonville Beach, FL | June 15, 2012

Not only are you an on-point satirist, you are a keen observer of character. Somehow I just knew, as soon as J.J. said there was no way in hell she'd attend her daughter's wedding, that she'd find some way to finagle her way in! I don't mind telling you, I have a sister-in-law just like that -- loves to make a dramatic exit, then sheepishly sneaks back in when she realizes nobody cares. (You can publish this verbatim -- even the sister-in-law knows she's like this.) Bravo for another great story arc!

Dave | Durban, SOUTH AFRICA | June 15, 2012

When GBT isn't being philosophically profound or polically astute, he resorts to being very funny. Today's strip is perfect comedy.

Catherine Dempsey | Flatrock, NEWFOUNDLAND | June 15, 2012

Garry Trudeau, you make me feel like I am right there in all the story lines. I read the strips so carefully, noting every detail. Right now, I want to see exactly what everyone is wearing at the wedding, especially Alex! Glad to see JJ show up. Best wishes to everybody.

David Kastrup | New York, NY | June 15, 2012

Well, hats off for managing Zeke. It was a reasonably safe bet he'd turn up at the wedding, but today's strip managed to exceed my imagination spectacularly.

Jesse Baker | Pound, VA | June 15, 2012

J.J. isn't the problem: I'm thinking it's going to be everyone's favorite cosplayer Jeff that will create the big "scene" that ruins the dinner/wedding. Note that Rick is MIA from the bash; perhaps he's guarding the Red Rascal so that he doesn't ruin Alex's big day by showing up in his garb and trying to highjack the festivities.

Carl H. | Tacoma, WA | June 15, 2012

Two things: Firstly, I've been in treatement for PTSD (and related issues) for awhile now. If I have any advice to those who are just coming to grips with it, it is this: be patient, it gets better. And quit drinking /drugging /self-medicating. You may be one of those people who can go back to drinking later, but for now it really gets in the way of what you're trying to do. Second thing: Why do I get the ominous feeling that J.J. and Zeke are gonna parachute into the wedding ceremony wearing gorilla suits and swim fins? Just sayin...

Deb | Rochester, NY | June 14, 2012

OMG! Toggle's Mom and Zonker are sitting together. Is there going to be absolutely mad dancing? A hook-up? A heart-felt meeting of minds? A smoke in the bushes? Anything?

Jim Payette | Ottawa, CANADA | June 14, 2012

Today's strip: I don't like it. It's quiet. Too quiet. I'm worried about what J.J. has planned.