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Jesse Baker | Pound, VA | October 22, 2012

Oh God, this week is going to be great. Karma is finally catching up with Jeff!

Joe Bollhofer | St. James, NY | October 21, 2012

I have been reading your strip since I started delivering Newsday in 1971. I am amazed that you still come up with the things that you do. Rock on, Garry!

Carlton Colquitt | New York City, NY | October 21, 2012

Every morning, when I turn on my computer, my first stop is "Doonesbury Strip." That dash of humor braces me for the second link, "The New York Times," and the third, my email. Since the function to copy and send strips has been enabled, I sometimes email those out. Garry Trudeau and I are contemporaries. I hope I die before he does.

Thomas Moore | Long Beach, CA | October 20, 2012

Oy vey, Mark has some serious intimacy issues. He needs a workshop or something to move him forward out of his adolescent self-obsession. Getting a dog sounds like a good first move after doing some research on canine cohabitation, though he better damn-well commit to the dog. Perhaps it would be wiser if he starts with a talking daffodil and sees how that goes.

Warm Fuzzy Mom | Fairfax, VA | October 20, 2012

Maybe instead of going for the Anderson Cooper look, Mark should have been going after Anderson Cooper.

Al | N. Eastham, MA | October 19, 2012

Get with it, Mark. While you've been wandering around lost in a self-absorbed haze, my next door neighbors got married (as soon as Massachusetts made it legal) and have moved into a long-term loving relationship that puts most straight relationships to shame. They're also the greatest neighbors my wife and I have ever had.

Mark Kirby | Lake City, FL | October 19, 2012

What an engrossing current series of strips! As a fellow gay man named Mark also looking for a life partner, I so hope that Mr. Slackmeyer finds his Mr. Right. Since the beginning, Mark and B.D. have been my favorite characters in the strip. (I'm not hoping for anything to happen between them; I know B.D. is very hetero, but it'd be interesting to see him and Mark interact. I take it they are friends.) Banal as it sounds I care about those two guys a lot. Here's hoping Mark finds happiness -- me too, for that matter!

Christina Tucci | ITALY | October 18, 2012

I'm sure Mark would be a great Dad. He should ignore the suggestion to get a pup: kids are much easier, in that most eventually get toilet trained. (And you don't have to collect their poop from the floor, or at least not too often). If Mark gets to fulfill his dream, whether by adoption or by meeting the man of his dreams who happens to have kids, I'll be forever grateful.

Donna C. | Lucerne, CA | October 18, 2012

Oh dear! Mark, I think maybe you should adopt a pup if you want to just play 'catch.' Being a parent never, ever stops -- it is the most arduous, glorious, fabulous, worrisome job in the world.

David Cooke | Issaquah, WA | October 17, 2012

Mr. Trudeau, regardless of the fact I read Doonesbury for free each day on Slate I still feel we pay you too well for you to take any more vacations. I've already seen this week's strips and my modern day attention span demands new input at all times. Most everyone else is working longer and harder for less these days, so get back to work and entertain me! And don't even think about retirement. George Burns worked well into his 100's. We expect no less.

Allie | Gettysburg, PA | October 17, 2012

Will Mark ever learn that it's not about finding "the one," but being the one, and being comfortable in that, which makes life good?

Bob | St. Augustine, FL | October 16, 2012

Religions laughing at themselves? Ever been to a Presbyterian church when the pastor tries to get "God's Frozen Chosen" to sing a peppy Baptist hymn? Now, that's funny.

Jane Maze | Canberra, AUSTRALIA | October 14, 2012

What do women do with three 'extra' minutes in the kitchen? Clean anything that's dirty, put away dry dishes, tidy away mess, prepare something else at the same time...and wish that some men would do the same.

Normann Aa. Nielsen | Odder, DENMARK | October 14, 2012

Whaoo! The idea of pushing content to the micro-displays of the kitchen utillities that Earl came up with today strikes me as totally cool. And I'm a programmer! Good thinking!

Margaret | Kansas City, MO | October 13, 2012

I have to complain about the options offered in the current Straw Poll on HuffPo. I am a regular HuffPo reader and commenter and I agreed with all three of the choices describing the site. Everyone of them was dead-on.

Paul Hawkins | Wooster, OH | October 13, 2012

Ahhhhhhhhh...... There we go! I've been waiting for the punchline for this series all week long. Thanks, Garry. I knew this week wasn't about religion as much as it was going to be about politics and the man himself, whom I reject as well!

Sue Lester | Comstock Park, MI | October 13, 2012

You can add Unitarian-Universalists (God doesn't have multiple personalities and everybody gets to heaven eventually) to the list of those who can laugh at themselves. Of course that's because we're not a real religion.

Mrs .Grimble | Scotland, UK | October 13, 2012

All this week, GBT has been poking fun at the unwashed, slovenly, gauloise-smoking French. When is he going to give us Brits the same treatment?

Anne | Bath, MAINE | October 12, 2012

I am finding it hard to believe this current series, which is set in 1968. At that time no Parisian in their right mind would speak English to a person who was speaking English. Even if they knew English they would be dammed if they would use it -- make the Anglos squirm!

Ann Birdsall | Bedford, CANADA | October 12, 2012

Since when is Mormonism, or any religion, beyond poking fun at? Come on, folks, one of the biggest shows on Broadway is The Book of Mormon!