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Bernard | Washington, D.C. | July 24, 2012

I'm registered to vote in Virginia and have voted there in every presidential election for my adult life. When I go to the voting poll, the poll worker asks for a photo ID. I use either my Virginia driver's license or my federal common access card. The poll worker checks my ID against the voting roles, lines off my name, and then I go vote. No fuss, no problem. I was alive in 1960 when voting fraud in Texas and Chicago stole the election from Richard Nixon and put John Kennedy in office. Hello, Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile Crisis. I honestly don't understand why anyone would have a problem with a simple, effective system to safeguard against voting fraud. I've lived with one all my life, and I'm glad that Virginia has it.

Ray | Sandown, NH | July 24, 2012

Too much hate. Sorry, liberalism has become a license to hate, as clearly shown in your recent strips. No more Doonesbury for me after 40 years. I am truly saddened.

G. A. | Hershey, PA | July 24, 2012

Requiring picture ID to vote didn't seem unreasonable to me -- until a friend who recently moved to Florida posted about the frustrations and challenges she's been facing to get a Florida driver's license. Ol' James Crow is right. This is the biggest and most insidious effort I've seen in my lifetime to disenfranchise voters, and I'm ashamed to have once been a member of the party that's spearheading it. I live in Pennsylvania, and I'm worried about what I may run into at the polling place this fall.

John McQueen | Chantilly, VA | July 23, 2012

Had I read a novel (pre-2009) featuring a President saluting "post-racial America" while ripped by smear artists (up to and including the likes of Doug Lamborn and Rush Limbaugh) I'd have slammed the book shut. And yet, here we are, mired in GOP muck. If we're ever to have the 'audacity' to hope to close the book on those who cling to American Apartheid, we must make bold to broach the taboo. Scrape the Teflon. Hold the right-wing wingtips to the fire. And at long last make some incorrigible perps eat Jim Crow.

Lee | Roebling, NJ | July 23, 2012

Love the way you put it. Jim Crow is indeed alive and well in this country. Now all we need is a renewal of the "separate but equal" laws and we will indeed be back in the 19th century.

Sarah Vekasi | Swannanoa, NC | July 23, 2012

Mr. Jim Crow -- oh yes, he's been around these parts non-stop, sometimes lurking, sometimes out in the open, and clearly obvious in this election. Thank you for pointing this out; I hope you dive in more.

L. Lapp | Paoli, PA | July 23, 2012

I applaud you for bringing in the James Crow character just as the presidential election season moves into high gear. Voter suppression tactics that have recently crept into law in many states, including my own, are clearly fundamental to the self-entitled party's strategy to steal back Congress and the White House (which itself might be an aptly named character in this ugly drama). When we are alerted -- via comics and every other possible medium -- to the abhorrent Jim Crow tactics taking shape at polling places across America, we are more likely to recognize and disallow voter suppression when we see it at the precinct level. Thank you for what you are about to do.

T. Fox | Sherman Oaks, CA | July 23, 2012

Why can't I laugh at the return of Jim Crow? Racial profiling, plain ol' racism are so last millenium. Today's strip makes me cry.

Max Zimmerman | Houston, TX | July 22, 2012

I've been trying to figure out the math on Jeff's pad. I don't think J.K. Rowling could afford the place.

Frances O'Neill Zimmerman | La Jolla, CA | July 20, 2012

I have been enjoying Alex and Toggle's road trip honeymoon (except for Toggle's worrisome flashbacks) and I especially liked their visit to the ball of twine. I want to suggest they take a look at the Very Large Array of giant telescopes in the high desert of southern New Mexico. In a beautiful barren landscape, visitors can watch these huge dishes turn and listen to the cosmos, repositioning themselves according to whatever messages are incoming. It's pretty neat.

John Riley | New Brighton, MN | July 20, 2012

Jeff's behind on his mortgage? His downfall has already begun. Maybe it's time for another trip to Afghanistan.

Craig Berg | Romney, WVA | July 20, 2012

You've done a great job raising awareness about PTSD in vets. (Eighteen vets commit suicide every day in the U.S.)  I want to mention that some people have found Transcendental Meditation helpful.

Treva Obbard | Albany, CA | July 19, 2012

I think you've left something out in the options for your latest Straw Poll. The internet isn't cocaine, alcohol, or reefer: it's caffeine. It's 12:04 AM and though I'm not as alert as I could be, I'm certainly not going to fall asleep any time soon. Not while the monitor's still glowing. My creative juices are flowing! I could keep googling, chatting, etc. all night! And as soon as I shut down, I'm going to crash for like nine hours.

T.F. Gray | Charlotte, NC | July 18, 2012

Never mind the genealogy! I love the irony of Jeff talking about being overseas serving his country while Toggle me think. Oh.

David Stanford | | July 18, 2012

I am so excited to hear that the newlyweds have reached our state. Alex and Toggle, drive north a few hours and we can join you for dinner! Jeff, back off, your mother is Alex's grandmother! You may not be blood-related, but...ewww!
-- D.F., Fort Collins, CO

Wait a minute, back the truck up! Isn't Jeff the uncle of Alex? That's seriously creepy, GBT. just don't go there.
-- Mable, Burney, CA

Whoa. Did Jeff forget that Alex is his niece? Or just GBT?
-- Allie, Gettysburg, PA

Editor's Note:

 Neither. But GBT inadvertently mixed up the two boys during the course of the week. While Jeff is threatened by Leo's warrior bone fides, it's Zipper who's had the crush on Alex. Apologies to the many horrified, genealogically astute readers who noticed.

Joy | Colorado Springs, CO | July 18, 2012

Funny, I live in Colorado Springs and when I saw the strip about them being on Pikes Peak, I looked up at the mountain like someone I actually know was up there. I guess they kind of are. Made me smile.

Julie Leonard | Boulder, CO | July 17, 2012

That's just the biggest ball of twine made by a group of people. The biggest ball of twine made by one person is in Darwin, Minnesota. Everyone knows that.

Cheryl | Walton, NY | July 17, 2012

Please don't mess with Toggle and Alex! Some happiness is needed in this world, and if it has to come from Doonesbury, so be it.

Pete | Hillsdale, NJ | July 17, 2012

I'd worry about Jeff and Zip disrupting the new marriage, except for the ineptitude of Jeff and Zip. How many barbed wires will the newlyweds have to limbo beneath before the strip becomes Mary Worth?

Seven | Alexandria, VA | July 17, 2012

I would have enjoyed going to see the world's largest ball of string rather than spending my honeymoon visiting my new husband's ex-wife and daughter. Needless to say, my marriage was short and a valuable lesson!