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John N. | Aurora, IL | April 06, 2012

I can't believe I didn't pick up on this before. Of course Toggle would be entertained by Jeff -- he's myth-making the grind that Toggle went through. Perhaps we'll see a one-eyed accomplice to the Red Rascal in upcoming books.

Terry D. McGee | Syndney, AUSTRALIA | April 05, 2012

People underestimate the degree to which paternity is visible. Take 4-5 men, say a rock band, put them in a lineup with one of their sons, and you've got a 50% chance at seeing where the DNA link is. Take away some of the mother's characteristics and add the male grandfather and you'll get over 70%. Toggle should go to a Motley Crue 'event' and find his father.

K.P. | Chicago, IL | April 05, 2012

Motley Crüe would be the best wedding band ever. Just sayin.

Gillian | Katy, TX | April 05, 2012

Ah Joanie I love you and you are, without a doubt, my role model. Of course the whole band will come to the wedding.

Cam | Wellington, NZ | April 05, 2012

It's sad that Mike has such a restricted relationship with his daughter.

Brian Corby | New York, NY | April 05, 2012

Referring to Joanie Caucus as "Alex's Grandma" might indicate that this commenter is a relative newcomer to the strip. Yes, Joanie asked the question and yes, Alex didn't notice, but only because there was nothing to notice. There's a lot to know about Joanie. With Cliff for a first husband, J.J. for a daughter, and Jeff for a son, in Toggle she's hit the jackpot. Joanie is a truth-teller, but in no way high brow or a classist. It's a perfect punch line, no more no less.

Jonathan | London, UK | April 05, 2012

The progressive political campaigner, Alex's grandma, thrusts a stiletto between Toggle's ribs, crying "No working-class bastard is going to marry my granddaughter!" His fiance doesn't notice.

John A. Broussard | Kamuela, HI | April 05, 2012

Three significant events occurred today: 1. Mozart’s C-minor mass on local NPR station. 2. Connecticut Senate’s vote to abolish the death penalty. 3. The Doonesbury strip. Thanks to all of you.


Esther Lee | Culleoka, TN | April 04, 2012

I am so happy to see what's developing with Alex. I really can't express the multiple dimensions this rouses from the point of view of a woman born in (tadah!) 1939. What I have lived through and been supported by is so well inferred by this comic strip. Thanks.

April 04, 2012

Thanks to Zonker and GBT for putting Donorshoose.orgin the strip back in February. I gave pencils and books to a kindergarten class in Florida in my mother's name for Valentines Day, with a doubling of my contribution for mentioning Zonker. The supplies were just delivered and we got a nice note. I never would have known about them if you hadn't put them in the strip.

Nick | Yuba City, CA | April 04, 2012

Jeff does have some actual Iraq/Afganistan cred. He may have been a Nimrod but he did go over, and the Berzerkistan stint could have ended badly. But I'm still pull'n for Toggle all the way! The best character to come along, in my humble opinion.

Allan Levine | Toronto, CANADA | April 03, 2012

The complexity of the relationships of everyone in the strip is detailed, nuanced -- and goes back decades. How mortifying (mortifying, I tells ya) it is for me to realize that I know exactly who everyone is, and how they are connected. Now let's sit back, and watch worlds collide!

Jahn Ghalt | PENNSYLVANIA | April 03, 2012

"I thought you'd be bigger, more ripped." Toggle's not Special Forces, but those guys tend to be compact and wiry -- tough and able to function forever. Perceptions can be deceiving. Who is/was taller, President Reagan or President George H. W. Bush?

Maddie | Toronto, CANADA | April 03, 2012

Toggle, I am begging you, in the nicest possible way: please please please take that insufferable punk down.

Carl Schitt | Skamania County, WA | April 03, 2012

The December 2007 rerun of Toggle's wounding, which I had somehow missed: sweetness itself.

Steve Johnson | Edina, MN | April 03, 2012

Wow. Looking at the expression on Joanie's face when she announced "Jeff's home" and the impossibility of Jeff's world of mansion, literary agent and so forth actually existing in reality, I have come to the conclusion that you have decided to tackle the subject of mental illness. If so, Godspeed. My son is bipolar.

Patrick Sigel | San Antonio, TX | April 03, 2012

It's like seeing the manufactured image (John Wayne / Ronald Reagan) next to the real deal (Jimmy Stewart / Audie Murphy). Drive on, Leo!

C.J. Wells | Greencastle, INDIANA | April 03, 2012

The remarkable depth of these characters that the strip develops day after day in just four panels occasionally strikes me, especially when long-standing characters meet for the first time. It's hard to imagine a world that could hold the absurdity of Jeff's character and the harsher realities of Toggle's life, but then there they are, conversing in the same room, and it's perfect.

Dave Huntington | Houston, TX | April 02, 2012

It is hard to type (do we still call it that?) whilst continuing to chuckle about your take on pledges. I do not remember, ever before, laughing out loud at any Doonesbury strip, and I have been a fan since the 70s. Wonderful!

Laura Welch | Port Townsend, WA | April 02, 2012

I just got back home after attending the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle. Not a trace, not a hint, not a headwrap of the Red Rascal to be seen. I seem to recall a challenge being offered by a rival, to be taken up at Comicon. I realized at the time it was probably not mine, but I was hoping... I am so disappointed, dawg!