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Terry McLeod | Dahionega, GA | October 07, 2012

Mike's search for real news underscores my belief that choosing to watch any network news source is like spraying perfume on a pile of horse manure. It may smell different, but we all know what's underneath.

Joshua | Givat Ada, ISRAEL | October 07, 2012

Today's strip filled me with real dread. How will we, the little people, defend ourselves against the ruthless onslaught of capitalism and unchecked government once the inevitable demise of the free press as we know it is complete? Where will our investigative journalists publish their wares? And who will put bread on their tables? It's a cooold wind of change blowing out there.

Jan Zavala | Baja California, MEXICO | October 07, 2012

Mike's hopeless quest for real news echoes my own. During the Arab Spring I found the best source to be Al Jazeera. Now I turn to Democracy Now. I access preferred newspapers on line, as the only paper in Baja worth reading is Zeta, published weekly. It bravely publishes in spite of two editor assassinations. What do CNN, FOX et al. have to fear, an attention-deficit-challenged public?

Chris K. | Littleton, CO | October 07, 2012

I feel ya, Mike. Today's strip sums up the news media very well, for me. It's getting worse by the day. All the wrong info for all the wrong reasons.

David Fenimore | Truckee, CA | October 06, 2012

Likie many long-term fans, I had to search for "sideboob" to find out what the hell it is. I clicked on a likely link and was promptly infected by a Trojan virus. There's a lesson there, as well as a metaphor.

Barry | Port Orchard, WA | October 06, 2012

I have decided to think that sideboobs ( I am sorry to say I needed Google to help me with the definition ) are a sort of coda on American Exceptionalism. Since some of us cannot be relaxed about the human body, we will make a fetish of that which approaches being risque, without revealing any real secrets. Loving it.

Richard | Duluth, MN | October 06, 2012

Boobs, side or otherwise, will save journalism.


Kimboi | San Francisco, CA | October 06, 2012

I wish I could change my Straw Poll vote to "Hate it." The HuffPo "sideboob" feature is purile, inane, and barely middle-school level titillating. Nudge nudge, wink, wink. It insults both my intelligence and libido. Brings to mind the classic Fugs tune "Boobs A Lot." 

Dave | Abington, PA | October 06, 2012

You know, it's great that Rick has been offered a coveted slide show on "sideboob," but I really preferred not knowing that such a thing even exists.

Kerryn | Adelaide, AUSTRALIA | October 05, 2012

This is not Rick's first experience of professional humiliation; he ended up working at People for someone called Brenda, back in 1977. Of course, this is worse.

Stephen | Baltimore, MD | October 04, 2012

Re GALL: Why assume that the campaign volunteer Rick is talking to is a Mormon? Just because he is clean-cut and nicely dressed? I assumed he was Republican and his contacts were political, not religious. And while the volunteer may have been right, Rick was also right -- he was bad at spinning. On the other hand, so are most people, including the professionals.

David R. Chamberlin | Laurel, MD | October 04, 2012

Rick Redfern has a lot of gall to criticize the young Mormon gentleman who was gracious enough to invite him to watch the debate. The strip was very close to the mark too, given the actual outcome.

Roland Gonzales | Artesia, CA | October 03, 2012

Rick is going to continuously spiral downward until he has a moment where he stands on the edge of a bridge while pondering suicide. An angel will then show him how much worse life would be for everyone else if he were gone. He will then have an awesome turn-around on Halloween Day, and Jeff will say something like "Every time you hear a kid scream, a bat gets its wings." Faaaade to black.

Under Employed | NORTHWEST OREGON | October 03, 2012

I can relate to what is happening to Rick. He's in a changing industry in a bad economy, and so am I. There are not many similarities otherwise -- he has to compete with an Internet full of amateurs while I work industrial construction in a country that no longer wants industry -- but I don't doubt that the frustration is the same. I'm reminded of something I heard from a younger person the other day; "If I just work hard and do my job, shouldn't I be able to feel secure?" Absolutely, but that just isn't the case!

John N. | Charleston, SC | October 03, 2012

Watching Rick is like watching a very slow car crash. I can't keep my eyes off it and I can't tell who's at fault.

Noemi | Lafayette, IN | October 02, 2012

Some of the best journalism out there today is done at Rolling Stone. I could so see Rick joining the ever-profane but deadly accurate Matt Taibbi. Mother Jones would be a good fit, too. Go, Rick!

Pete | Hillsdale, NJ | October 02, 2012

Even when Dave Marsh was at Playboy, he was also fronting Rock & Roll Confidential. Rick must know other outcasts who could contribute to a newsletter. He could do that and work with Mark at NPR.

Dan Duffy | Durham, NC | October 02, 2012

When PM went down and I.F. Stone found himself on the beach he started a subscription newsletter. He relied on his sources and took the opportunity to stop going to press events and flattering suits for access. His product referred to government documents other reporters weren't using. Subscription newsletters are older in Washington than the legitimate press, which appeared late in the 19th Century. If Rick can afford to volunteer he can surely afford to sink time and money into developing a paying audience for his expertise.

Kimbol | San Francisco, CA | October 02, 2012

Surely a smart veteran journalist like Rick would be well aware he's being blown off without having his nose rubbed in it by Roland being called in. Too bad he's too intelligent and professional to take it out on Roland's makeup. I long for the day that Hedley gets his comeuppance...

Matthew Bailey | Los Angeles, CA | October 02, 2012

It breaks my heart to see what's happening to Rick Redfern! The guy really deserves a break, with all those years he gave to the Washington Post. The New Yorker would be a great fit for him.