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    Doug Olenick | Commack, NY | October 10, 2012

    I have been a Doonesbury fan since Duke was governor of Samoa. This despite my conservative political stance. However, today I will sadly pull myself from the ranks as a fan because you are attacking a person's religion. Whether you agree with Mr. Romney or not, making fun of his religious activity is deplorable. Goodbye.


    Pam | Miami, FL | October 10, 2012

    The thing about Romney's military deferments is that he supported the Vietnam War -- so long as somebody else did the fighting. Last night's Frontline documentary The Choice 2012 shows Romney as a Stanford undergrad marching in protest against the anti-war demonstrators.


    Bert Prohaska | Binghamton, NY | October 10, 2012

    I had to come here to read today's installment, since our local Gannet paper, the Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin, deleted Romney's response in the last panel.


    Jeff Kleven | Johnson City, TN | October 10, 2012

    It is interesting that a French character is berating an American on the Vietnam War being criminal. I guess it wasn't criminal when the French were fighting in Vietnam from 1946 to 1954.


    McAlvie | Washington, D.C. | October 10, 2012

    Okay, now I get it. This particular series requires a little patience as it plays out. GBT is not, as it first appeared, mocking Romney's religion; he's mocking the fact that Romney used it as a deferment excuse. Twice, apparently. That he was selling religion door-to-door in Paris instead does lend itself to a good bit of mockery.


    Carol | South Glen Falls, NY | October 10, 2012

    In my opinion, using religion as an excuse for an angry putdown, and to justify a diatribe against someone's opinion, is not very honest. The strip would be just as funny if the Romney character were Episcopalian like me. By the way, I've got some pretty good Episcopalian jokes.


    Nancy | Lexington, SC | October 10, 2012

    I fully see the humor in the current strips. For me there is nothing more offensive than someone who believes that their way should be my way and that they are the true believers. My neighbors are a Kingdom Hall and I have had several visits from the Jehovah's Witnesses, Watchtowers in hand. There is no having any intelligent dialog with people like this so I simply tell them that they are not welcome and I will not listen to their spiel. There is no greater hubris than believing that you have the "word" and are the one "true religion." In my opinion that mindset is an abomination.


    Dave at Collinda | Johnson City, TX | October 10, 2012

    One of the most troubling traits of many religious people, regardless of which belief system, is a strong tendency to hyper-sensitivity; perceiving faults and slights where none are present. It seems to me that one has to stretch well past the point of reason to extract any disrespect to the Mormon faith in this week's string of cartoons. The target of the satire is so obviously the seriously truth-challenged Willard Romney.


    Bill Stubblebine | Houston, TX | October 10, 2012

    Great strips defaming the Mormon faith. I look forward to your equally derogatory commentary on Catholicism, Judaism and Islam. One more good thing thing about the Mormons is that they don't issue fatwahs. But you knew that.


    D.M. | Savannah, GA | October 10, 2012

    I read your strip faithfully for many years but will no longer. I am thoroughly disgusted by your attack on Mitt Romney's religion. No doubt you do not support him, but attacking a person's religion is a low blow for a political cartoonist / satirist. Even you are held to a higher standard. Shame on you.


    Daz | Philadelphia, PA | October 10, 2012

    "Your war is criminal" The French, eh? They dug their claws into Vietnam as long as they could and only gave it up when they were forced to.


    Toni Fish | American Canyon, CA | October 10, 2012

    Really? The worst you can say about Romney is that he tried to live his religion? FYI the government limited the number of draft age missionaries (who serve two years at their own expense) the church could send out during Viet Nam war. They got drafted pretty quick upon their return. I had a friend who spent two years preaching the gospel in Korea, followed immediately with serving as a soldier in Viet Nam. My husband was two years a missionary in Canada and then spent eight years in the Navy, including three tours in the West Pacific during Viet Nam. 


    Allie | Gettysburg, PA | October 10, 2012

    That Mitt is LDS is secondary to the fact that he's a competitive man who uses anything, including religion, to further his own ends. I don't necessarily condemn that (we're all guilty to one degree or another) but I don't find anything to commend in it either. My grandmother was Mormon, I dated a Mormon, and I had classmates who were Mormons. They all lived by the precept "Preach the gospel at all times. If necessary, use words." Mitt's actions speak for themselves, and they don't speak of charity, devotion to a loving heavenly Father or selfless determination to better the world. As to those who think GBT is tweeking on Mormonism itself -- no. At least, no more than anybody else's faith. He's an equal opportunity badger. Now, forgive me, but coffee's brewing and I need to pick a nice wine for dinner.


    T. Wilson | Tampa, FL | October 10, 2012

    I normally enjoy your strip despite your occasional over-the-top left bias. However your hypocrisy with this week's story line is reaching new heights. Not only are you going after Mitt's religion but his Vietnam era military deferments. The closest Obama ever got to the military was an anti-ROTC protest in college, and let's not even start re Clinton's outright draft evasion.


    Steve | Philadelphia, PA | October 09, 2012

    With all the fuss about the portrayal of Romney's religion, perhaps nobody noticed the portrayal of Romney. He's not invisible. How unusual.


    Michel Desjardins | Waterloo, CANADA | October 09, 2012

    As a typical Canadian, who supports U.S. Democrats over Republicans, and enjoys your skewering of Republican follies, I'm shocked and disappointed by the way your latest strip pokes fun at Romney's religious beliefs. Come on now: you can do better than this. This sort of discrimination does nothing to support your cause.


    Sean | Baltimore, MD | October 09, 2012

    Proselytizing is about sharing a Truth (TM), which may (and often does) have nothing to do with the truth. Having had numerous long discussions with missionaries and elders of the Mormon faith, I'd say that if anything GBT is holding back with considerable restraint. But I do find the current storyline is more a comment on Romney than the Mormons, at least so far.


    Michael Johnson | Austin, TX | October 09, 2012

    Perhaps you don't know the difference between funny and offensive. This is a new low. Try that with my Muslim brothers, see what their response will be. The violence will clearly be your fault. Or maybe you only mock those who turn the other cheek.


    Johanna | CALIFORNIA | October 09, 2012

    The whole concept of religious missionary work is disrespectful and ignorant of each and every culture it attempts to convert. I applaud this week's series as it exposes both Romney's insincerity as well as his background of missionary work which, as I see it, was a prelude to his present insensitivity to everyone outside of his own 'culture.' I see the French background to this as purely comedic and not a slight!


    J.T. | Palos Heights, IL | October 09, 2012

    As a practicing member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the current story arc (and Romney's campaign, for that matter) portrays the opposite of what I believe in many ways. Beck and Romney are not universally representative of the political and economic views of my faith. There are moderate and liberal Mormons, including myself and many others -- on the national stage, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.