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Marcus McEwen | Wilmette, IL | May 24, 2012

I was thinking of running for President so someone could tell me what I did in high school. I have vague memories of beer cans, Zig-Zags and Trojans. It is difficult to really put it all together. I am sure the press could sort it out for me.

Paul Hawkins | Wooster, OH | May 23, 2012

Intended or not I love how the art direction of your fourth panel today takes the visual flow of the eye from the phrase "hate crimes" to the microphone cover labeled "Fox News." I would hate for anyone to think this is an intentional act of bullying on your part... On the other hand; good job!

Steve | Medford, OR | May 23, 2012

Yawn. Oh my, the Romney bully thing is getting really old, Mr. Trudeau. Is that the best you can do?

Deb | Rochester, NY | May 23, 2012

If this incident didn't stay with Romney, it could mean that it wasn't cruel or demeaning enough to even be remembered. Or that he pulled so many "better pranks" that this one didn't rate saving. I, for one, did not forget the times I acted cruelly, and I was able to change because I remember and regret.

Jennifer Kepesh | Albuquerque, NM | May 23, 2012

The point made by Mark, that most people remember their mistakes with shame and remorse, rings very true. I received apologies from childhood bullies at my high school reunion. That Romney can't remember is truly troubling.

Joan S. | Medford, MA | May 23, 2012

Don't let Romney off the hook. Hearing of his "prank" reminded me of my friends' stories of harassment in high school -- being slammed into lockers, having their heads forced into the toilet bowl as the toilet was flushed, not to mention the verbal taunting. The guy on the receiving end certainly remembered it clearly. I already had made up my mind not to vote for Mitt (as if he could even be elected dogcatcher in Massachusetts, after the way he bad-mouthed the state on his way out of the Governor's office). Now I'm adamant. I can't vote for him for anything, ever.

Michael Kniat | New York, NY | May 23, 2012

"This one ain't goin' away, folks!" Thus declareth Garry Trudeau, via the voice of one of his favorite mouthpieces, Mark Slackmeyer -- thereby influencing the public dialogue about Mitt Romney's teenage bullying accordingly. Sorry GBT, but "this one" is hardly the most vital campaign issue you could have chosen to skewer. Not when there is so much low-hanging fruit available in the realm of actual policy. So save your comedic wit -- and your outrage -- for something more worthy of it. Go after Mitt's clownish policy positions instead.

Bette Jane Geraghty | Hollywood, FL | May 22, 2012

"Darn! Still blanking!" Classic. Bullying and intimidation are character traits, formed long before late teen years. They don't go away.

Will Hutchings | Happy Valley, CANADA | May 22, 2012

I commend you for highlighting this story, which everyone else seems to be sweeping under the rug. Either Romney's trying to cover up a dark moment from his past (which makes him a coward), or it was such a common occurrence that he genuinely doesn't remember the incident (which makes him a bully). Either way, it shows that that man does not belong in the White House.

Michael Richman | New York, NY | May 22, 2012

I don't know what you think are accomplishing. The story about Romney leading a mob that assaulted a presumably gay classmate is helping him far more than it's hurting him. If you really want to hurt Romney, make Michael Doonesbury a Romney enthusiast.

John | Washington, D.C. | May 21, 2012

Today's strip is pitch perfect, right down to the vaguely menacing "my friend." GWB's and BHO's youthful indiscretions largely went away when they acknowledged them, but Romney's peculiar memory lapse leaves us with an unpalatable choice: is he still a cruel bully at heart, or simply a liar?

Margaret | Littleton, MA | May 19, 2012

Re: MESSIN' : The innate sweeping cinematography of Doonesbury is what causes the shift in POV from panel to panel and day to day. Meticulously cropped from each scene is a team of tireless professionals with steadi-cams and fat fuzzy microphones documenting the real life drama that is the mystique of Doonesbury. Really.

Susan | Portsmouth, NY | May 18, 2012

I am enjoying Zipper and Jeff taking a bubble bath in the hot tub. It is visual confirmation of their wonderful immaturity. It could only be improved by them sipping Kool-Aid out of champagne flutes.

Jon C. | Salalah, Sultinate of Oman | May 17, 2012

Watching Jeff and Zipper commiserate at Jeff's pad, I hereby move that GBT commence a movie of the two taking a cross-country trip across America. He could call it "Zipp and Zipperer," or, since Jeff would probably be in the driver's seat, "Rascal and Rascaler."

K.L. Cooper | Seneca, SC | May 16, 2012

Since when does Jeff "live in the real world." Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. The irony. Kudos to GBT!

Jack Kelly | Wayland, MA | May 16, 2012

Whoa! On Wednesday, Zipper is on Jeff's right, and on Tuesday he's on Jeff's left. That's really messin'. At least put Red Rascal in character if he's going to make moves like that.

Joel Calhoun | Monticello, MS | May 16, 2012

There's something awfully ironic about Jeff trying to bring ZIpper down to reality. Then again, this could be seen as payback for him trying to stick a pin in Jeff's 'accomplishments' even if it was seemingly in jest.

Nigel | Leeds, ENGLAND | May 16, 2012

Supreme irony. Today's strip, Jeff:  "I live in the real world." The biggest laugh out loud in the strip for ages. Certainly had me wiping coffee off my computer screen.

Allan Levine | Toronto, CANADA | May 16, 2012

I see a (soon-to-be) classic statement in the current Mudline, by Cher, of all people. Worth re-reading, and re-noting!

Joel | Santa Cruz, CA | May 15, 2012

I'm wondering who will choose the music for Alex and Toggle's blessed event. And will Jeff appear as himself or as The Red Rascal on so prime a babe-spamming occasion? Given the potential encounters, this wedding deserves at least a month of strips.