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Jack Cerf | Chatham, NJ | May 04, 2012

When did Alex develop a devious, manipulative side?

Joel Calhoun | Monticello, S | May 04, 2012

Looks like Alex used the old "reverse-psychology" trick to head off her biological Mom's bid to attend her upcoming nuptials. Though I get the feeling, given the latter's previous history, she's gonna wind up there anyway. With "Uncle Stupidhead" in tow, naturally.

Alex the Bold | Brooklyn, NY | May 04, 2012

I want to get my bet in right now. Alex's mom will crash the wedding, Perthaps wearing a wedding dress in black and widow's weeds.

Deric | Colorado Springs, CO | May 04, 2012

What joy! Lacey Davenport is introduced in the 35-years-ago Flashback strip. These time capsules are a wonder, repeatedly making my morning shine -- before I spoil it, repeatedly, by turning to current news in the Times.

Allie | Gettysburg, PA | May 04, 2012

Everyone blesses us. Some by their presence, others by their absence. Way to stand up for yourself, Alex!

Dave Huntington | Houston, TX | May 04, 2012

I love it when the old 'Please don't throw me in the briar patch' trick of Brer Rabbit is re-introduced. Nice one, Alex!

Tom | Brisbane, AUSTRALIA | May 04, 2012

Zeke's alright. He's just misunderstood. Often. Always by perceptive people.

Paul Shepherd | Toronto, CANADA | May 04, 2012

Zeke's comment to Alex referring to Drew made me laugh out loud. GBT juggles his wide range of characters expertly. People we don't see for months or years show up in perfect context. Three cheers.

Pierpaolo Pirona | Trieste, ITALY | May 04, 2012

Tell Alex we love her even though her mother is so nasty.

Larry S. | Delaware, OH | May 03, 2012

I like how even though Alex has her own runaway imagination, she doesn't buy into her mom's extravagant flights of fancy.

J. Bowman | Silverton, CO | May 03, 2012

What is it about Uncle Duke that never fails to amuse me and Zeke that never fails to annoy me? Is it that Duke is simply much more interesting? Even the clueless Zipper is more appealing than Zeke.

Stef M. | Madison, WI | May 02, 2012

I stayed at sweet little inns in Afghanistan back in the seventies, when it was part of the overland trail to Kathmandu. I rode on top of a bus with the baggage, in an open truck and on top of a tanker over the gravel road and roadless plain between Herat and Mazar-i-Sharif; I took green tea on red carpets in wayside inns and under mulberry trees; I rode a horse out from Mazar and found a garden of purple poppies in a hidden gully; I saw the crumbled hillocks that were ancient Balkh, the terraced lakes of Band-y-Amir, the green valley of Bamiyan over which those giant Buddhas watched with their faceless calm; I read Michener's Caravans and Kessel's The Horsemen; I saw buzkashi finals in Kabul, goat-corpse polo, with horses like dancing thunder; I ate porridge and hamburgers in tourist shacks with tiny kitchens and enormous menus; I bought lapis lazuli, embroidery, an ancient flintlock; I dropped in on an army camp where amused young soldiers shared their bread-thickened stew with me; once as I ate in an upstairs dining hall a man who had been politely staring caught sight of a curve in my baggy overshirt and said to his friend "Khanum!" ("It's a girl!"). I was alone and never afraid. Someone copped a feel in the market once, I turned on him, he backed away so fast he knocked over a big display tray, the seller yelled, the whole market lane burst into laughter. I love that land. I would go back in a minute, if they want us. God willing, someday they will have peace, and share it with us again.

Steve | Issaquah, WA | May 01, 2012

JJ's plans for the wedding (scuba gear, Siamese carp, etc.) reminds me of one of my favorite Uncle Duke storylines, when he wakes up in a hotel after an apparent plan to assassinate members of the Washington Redskins ownership has gone awry. If I remember right, Duke was struggling to reconstruct a scenario that involved grapefruits, volleyball nets, and a golf cart in the bathtub.

T. North | Washington, D.C. | May 01, 2012

As a veteran of OIF, having taken part in the 2003 ground invasion of Iraq, I remember quite vividly Geraldo Rivera's public ejection from the official press pools after he had broadcast operational information on our frontline troops' positions. He passed back through Camp Virginia in Kuwait thinking he was some sort of movie star, but was met with mockery and derision from the soldiers in the chow hall. But somehow he continues to the present day in his same irresponsible vein, unchanged, unchallenged, unchecked, unbelievable. Ethics? Integrity? Moral responsibility? There is no room for such luxuries in his rucksack. At least Roland Hedley has kept his signature hat all these years...

Judy | Cincinnati, OH | April 30, 2012

How sweet life's little victories are -- you burrowed under O'Reilly's skin and stole a bit of his airtime!

David Keeney | Oak Lawn, IL | April 30, 2012

As a town drunk, I also am deeply offended by being compared to Fox News. I assure you, my intoxicated, incoherent rants are far more balanced and factual than anything on Fox, and my imaginary friend here agrees 110%.

Jay Moore | Corona, CA | April 29, 2012

Jeff and Sid -- what an obvious pairing! One can provide the superficial guidance that the other never received from his parents.

Retired Sleuth | Yuma, AZ | April 27, 2012

It is unfair to tie Roland to only Fox News as he truly exemplifies all reporters from every organization. As a long time homicide detective I would frequently read news accounts of cases that somewhat resembled the case I was working on. Keep up the good fight. I have enjoyed your strip since it started.

Casey Stennick | Clatskanie, OR | April 27, 2012

Fox News is unbiased; unbiased by facts, unbiased by journalistic integrity, unbiased by basic human empathy -- classic yellow journalism, made worse by the fact that they're using the sensationalism to push a political agenda rather than just gain circulation. The worst part is that their competitors aren't much better.

Jonathan | Edison, NJ | April 27, 2012

Re OFFENDED: I am not sure that the military is "supporting" Doonesbury or Garry, but from what I can see he is supporting Veterans. I may not agree with you on your feelings about Fox News, but if you are a Vet I still thank you. After all, the wars that have been fought by America were fought just so this conversation could take place.